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Studio Sunday: Pablo Picasso

A photo of Pablo Picasso in his studio with Brigitte Bardot


Spanish artist Pablo Picasso dabbled in all sorts of media throughout his career, including visual arts, theatre, music, and writing – though he remains best known as the painter who brought cubist abstraction to the forefront of the art world.


Picasso spent most of his adult life living and working in France, out of a home studio like the one pictured above.


The studio in this photo looks suitably busy – it’s definitely…

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Studio Sunday: Phyllidia Barlow

A photo of Phyllidia Barlow working in her studio


British sculptor Phyllidia Barlow has been working as an art teacher since the 1960’s. Only since 2000 has Barlow become publicly recognized for her works on a larger scale. Known for her imposing large-scale sculptures made from scrap materials including cardboard, foam, plastic, and plywood, the artist generally works in an abstract style, creating large, monolithic shapes as well as drawings that reflect a similar aesthetic…

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Studio Sunday: Ida Applebroog

A photo of Ida Applebroog in her studio


Our studio Sunday feature this week is Ida Applebroog. Applebroog is a New York-based artist who is best known for paintings, though she has also created sculpture and a number of films over the course of her decade-spanning career. Having originally worked as a graphic designer in the 1950’s Applebroog turned to feminist, political art partly as a way of expressing her dissatisfaction with normalized workplace sexism.…


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Studio Sunday: Albert Oehlen

A photo of Albert Oehlen working in a custom designed studio


Our feature this Studio Sunday is Albert Oehlen. Oehlen is a German artist who creates paintings that address the process and materiality of painting itself. The artist is currently based in Buhler, Switzerland, where he works out of a two-story art studio that was designed by a collaboration between two swizz architecture firms.


Atelier Albert Oehlen, looks like every painter’s dream studio. The interior of the studio space is…

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Studio Sunday: Emily Mae Smith

A photo of Emily Mae Smith in her Brooklyn studio


Studio Sunday artist Emily Mae Smith was born in Austin, Texas and is now based in Brooklyn, New York. As a rising contemporary artist, Smith is known for her highly conceptual figurative paintings that use metaphorical imagery to explore themes of female representation and psychology.


Smith’s art studio looks warm and bright. Though we can’t see much of it here, the artist appears to be hard at work on a painting. I find it…

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Studio Sunday: Agnes Varda

A photograph of Agnes Varda in her studio


This week, let’s take a look inside the studio of Agnes Varda. Varda was born in Belgium but has spent the majority of her artistic career based in France. As a film director, photographer, and sometimes-installation artist, Varda has made a name for herself using her artworks to create social and feminist commentary on a variety of issues.


This is an older photograph of Varda’s studio, and it appears to be set up to…

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Studio Sunday: Judith Baca

A photo of Judith Baca in an outdoor studio setup


This Sunday we’re looking at the artistic process of Judith Baca. Baca is an American artist of Mexican descent, well known as both an art educator and an activist for Chicana feminism. In her art practice, Baca is frequently involved in the creation of large-scale public murals, and is credited with the design and creation of one of the largest outdoor murals in the world, the Great Wall of Los Angeles.


While the outdoor space…

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Studio Sunday: Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons

A photo of Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons in her studio


Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons was born in Matanzas, Cuba, and currently lives and works in Boston. Her practice encompasses a variety of media including video, performance and sculpture (as seen in the above photograph). Campos-Pons is known for work that explores subjects of identity and gender politics.  


The artist’s studio looks quite clean and simple in this photo, though we can’t see a great deal of it. I like the way…

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Studio Sunday: Ree Morton

A photo of Ree Morton's art studio


Ree Morton was an American artist who became known in the 60s and 70s for her abstract installation and sculptural works that expressed themes of women’s liberation and feminism. Her works often used soft, decorative household objects to make commentary on more serious sociopolitical subject matter.


Morton was associated with the postminimalist movement, a movement of the 70s that sought to build on the styles and trends of…

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Studio Sunday: Gladys Nilsson

A photograph of Gladys Nilsson with Jim Nutt in her studio


Gladys Nilsson is an American painter who is associated with the Hairy Who Chicago Imagists, an art group who in the 1960s and 70s opted to created representational art despite the overwhelming industry trend toward abstraction.  Nilsson is pictured here with Jim Nutt, her husband and fellow member if the Hairy Who.


Nilsson’s studio is in her home, and houses her own artwork as well as artwork by Nutt and a few other artists…

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Studio Sunday: Thomas Nozkowski

A photograph of Thomas Nozkowski at work in his studio


Thomas Nozkowski is a painter based in the Hudson Valley region of New York. He is best known for his small-scale abstract works that the artist produces in some way as a deliberate departure from the extremely large abstract works that he was exposed to in school.


Nozkowski’s works often feature bizarre figures with a focus on composition and color within a very constrained space.


Nozkowski’s studio looks pleasantly homey…

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Studio Sunday: Heinz Mack

A photo of Heinz Mack in his studio


Heinz Mack is a German artist who is known as one of the founders of the ZERO art movement, a movement that reacted to the trend of abstract expressionism by decreeing that art should be devoid of color and emotion.


Despite his associations with ZERO, Mack’s studio looks bright and colorful, with the paintings behind him adding a certain cheerful aesthetic to the whole room. They’re large enough to have the presence of a…

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Studio Sunday: Arakawa and Gins

A photograph of the late Arakawa and Gins in their shared studio


Shusaku Arakawa and his partner Madeline Gins were a husband-and-wife duo who created site-specific architectural constructions that served both a practical and artistic purpose. Going by the simplified name of Arakawa and Gins, the pair began collaborating in 1963 and later founded the Reversible Destiny Foundation, a sort of conceptual architectural firm that designed and built buildings with the intention of extended the human…

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Studio Sunday: Tokushin Yoshioka

A photograph of Tokujin Yoshioka working in his studio


Tokujin Yoshioka is an artist and designer originally from Japan’s Saga prefecture. Yoshioka works as a designer and has collaborated with numerous well-known companies throughout his career. His visual artworks often take the form of room installations, and have been collected by institutions including MoMA, Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Yoshioka’s office and studio space is located in…

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Studio Sunday: Francis Picabia

A photograph of Francis Picabia in his studio


Francis Picabia was a French artist who created artworks in a variety of media throughout his life, including writing, typography, and painting – as shown in the above photo. Picabia began painting around the time that Impressionism was becoming popular in France, and later moved into experimentation with Cubism and Surrealism. He is perhaps best known as a member of the Dada art movement of the 1910’s and 1920’s.…


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