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Collaborate With A Writer

Painting by Rebecca Chaperon


Consider collaborating with a writer. It can bring out something different in your work. There are many writer's in your midst no matter where you live, get to know them and perhaps you'll find an opportunity for a collaboration!

Recently I was approached to collaborate with a writer. As a partially blind collaboration we both made a piece. I created a painting and she created a short story, then we exchanged work for the next step…

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My Journey Into Sculpture Via Wavy Rainbow

Installation at Rebecca Chaperon art exhibit 

Lately I have launched myself into creating some sculptural elements in my art practice. It feels rather cheeky like I'm doing something I'm not really allowed to do. It's a silly sort of feeling - like I am betraying painters and painting in general, or myself - I'm a painter not a sculptor. And REAL TALK: I hated sculpture class - so messy and hectic! But this time it felt so right - it couldn't be denied. 


So how does someone…

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Summer Trips Equal Art Inspiration

Cabin in the woods by the beach


Getting away can feel irresponsible when there are many pieces of art that need to be made with deadlines looming - but every time I push those pressures aside in favour of a little jaunt out of town I am royally rewarded with a creative burst! 


I know people love to talk smack about smart phones and how they suck away at our attention but I am really grateful for the ever-improving camera features on smartphones. Quick candid…

Promoting Your Illustrated Book

Author standing in the doorway of a book shop


I recently had the opportunity to read my illustrated book to a group of people in Vancouver at a fancy little book shop called The Paper Hound. Here are some tips for promoting your illustrated book by engaging the public.


1. I was late : ) Don't be late - but don't arrive too early as this can make you feel a little flustered if you get a little nervous about public speaking. The best option is to arrive 30 minutes before and…

San Francisco Bound: The Awesome Combination of Art + Travel

red city scene with white text overlaid that says San Francisco bound


I was recently invited to participate in a group show in San Francisco. I've never been there before and though it will be a short trip I know I'm going to get the most out of it. Truth time: I've never been much of a travel bug. My mom is the opposite in this regard and when I asked her why travelling to another place was so great she told me that you just never know how you will feel when you are in another place. It's kind of…

Front-loading Frames: Perfectly Modern Finishing Touch

painting of black geometric shape in a rainbow winter scene


I recently framed some work for an upcoming art show in L.A. . The work is rather modern feeling and has great geometric elements which lends itself well to a simple frame rather than an ornate one (in my humble opinion). The pieces are on canvas so I decided to use a front-loading frame - which means that the art is dropped in through the hole at the front of the frame rather than through the back. 


This means that you can see…

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Collaborating for Promotion of my Illustrated Book with Weekdays From Scratch

woman holding book in front of her face

I recently met up with my friend Sharilyn who writes the blog Weekdays From Scratch so I could give her one of my books to give away on her blog. We met at Nelson The Seagull Cafe which is a great place for coffee and fresh bread that you can watch them make. It was awesome to work with someone that I know so well, oh and relax with an almond milk latte at a super sweet cafe. Not too shabby. It's great to be able to promote each…

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Engage Your Community With Your Art

drawing of a woman on a wooden table with many pencils and pens sitting in jars in the background

How do you engage your community with your art? Outside of the gallery setting you may need to get creative with your approach but the reward will be that you can engage people who wouldn't go to gallery exhibition because they don't have time or aren't comfortable at that type of event. I was fortunate enough to be invited to hold an event at a local arts and crafts shop that sell a wonderful array of illustrated books that are…

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"Putting Yourself Out There" With Ease: Gallery Openings and Studio Visits

detailed photograph of a rope net

Artwork by Connie Sabo


You want to be connected to your local art community, artists and dealers. Artists help you keep your ear to the ground, give you grass-roots support that is unparalleled and introduce you to new ideas. Arts organizers, buyers, fans and administrators are some of your greatest assets for business connections. They understand the lay of the land and buy your work or facilitate sales. 


I propose that you take…

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Art Inspired by Books: How Books Inspired My Creativity

two people in a bookstore


Is your art ever inspired by books? It's a great source of inspiration next time you get a bit of a creative block. I just love books and I believe this passion for the bound page has made me the artist that I am today...and even lead me to create my own book. It's been an exciting few months since my book Eerie Dearies: 26 Ways to Miss School was published in North America. I have been tracing it's steps as it turns up in favourite…

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Women Art Wine: Hosting an Art Studio Visit

Rebecca Chaperon in her painting studio


women | art | wine


I recently had the pleasure of entertaining some guests from Women Art Wine, fantastic new organization that hosts studio visits with artists and helps connect female artists with female collectors. These types of groups are a phenomenal way to connect with people in the studio, giving them the opportunity to ask questions in a comfortable and casual setting. It is a remarkable way to have a direct connection with potential…

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Art Work Life Balance

letters on a beach that says work life balance


Art work-life balance is just like work-life balance. It's an easy oversight when you make your own hours, but none of us can escape this necessity.A few months ago I made a decision that was counter-intuitive but ended up being the one of the best high-risk decisions I have made in my art career thus far. I made the choice to go away for three days despite that fact that I would only have just over a week to complete a small…

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