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Art Portfolio: Trevor Pye


painting of two small houses in a hilly landscape"Dwelling in Landscape 4" Acrylic on Paper by Trevor Pye


Today we feature the art portfolio of painter Trevor Pye. These pieces are from Trevor's recent works and they are excellent works of style and colour. I love the soft coziness of these pieces and I think of the idea of the safety of community and the harmony of life away from the city. The range of patterns used to stylize the forms is really quite delightful and helps…

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Chaotic Colour: Jeffrey Newman

acrylic painting of a city with black paint. The background is a rainbow of colors painted in vertical stripesDiverse City, acrylic on canvas

Today’s artist, Jeffrey Newman, is a painter whose art portfolio is filled with frenetic, paint-splattered abstract images that I find to be at once dark and playful.


words and paint on paperMy Feelings Embarrass Me, mixed media on paper


Jeffrey’s works range from densely packed canvases that are entirely coated in paint, to those he has left almost completely white, with lines of dripped paint crossing the surface.…

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Sculptural Paintings by Douglas Moulden

painting of a grove of treesThe Space Between

Douglas Moulden was born in Washington, DC, and received his BFA in sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University. He now lives and works in Frederic, Maryland. Looking at Douglas’ paintings, I can certainly see the sculptural influence. His paintings are unique in the way that they are produced – rather than using a brush, Douglas uses a tool to pipe acrylic paints onto a plywood surface, rather similar to using…

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Delectable Food Photography by David Grenier

Today's featured artist is David Grenier. David has a significant culinary background, which, combined with a visual arts MFA, makes him a highly skilled food styllist. David's delectable food photography is the product of his strong visual sensibilities and his clear love of cooking.

food photography of french fries and red ketchupUntitled


The photographs on David's art portfolio website are polished and clean, and yet still maintain the idea that food itself isn't perfect. These…

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Art Portfolio: Deborah Carman

water-color of woman in red boots looking at her phone

 "Red Boots"


Here are a few selected works from the art portfolio of artist Deborah Carmen. Deborah is based out of Mount Juliet, Tennessee. I'm not sure what it is about her work but I got a doll-like impression from the my surprise I then found out that this artist also creates tiny furniture for doll-houses. I know you are curious about tiny furniture so check out her etsy store here. Perhaps it was the sweetness…

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Portfolio Website: Donna Bruni

oil painting of human figures"Figure Study 2" Oil on custom built canvas by Donna Bruni

Today we feature work from the online portfolio website of painter Donna Bruni whose work explores a delightful range of colour choices and combinations. These works seem to embody an ephemeral essence throughout the application of both abstract and figurative techniques. Bruni offers multiple methods of mark-making from soft painterly strokes to surfaces that look like they…

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Wood Sculptures of Andelko Oliveric

wave-like wood sculpture with a ball inside

Olive Wood Bowl


Currently working out of Oslo, Norway, Andelko Oliveric produces pieces of fluid woodwork that walk the line between fine art and industrial design. His website contains many examples of beautful and functional objects in the form of bowls and tables.


wood table sculpture with a ball on topOlive Wood Table

Andelko acquires all of the media he uses in his projects by himself, walking through the forest and collecting wood from dead tree stumps, or large…

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Peaceful Drawings by Kelly Leichert

drawing of trees and hillsYellow Currents in Winter

Kelly Leichert produces drawings and paintings that I find calming and cheerful in their simplicity. Kelly's uses an almost naive-like style in some works, particularly his black and white ones, such as Happy Pike, that lends to the images the sense that the artist is truly enjoying their work - the kind of enjoyment that I might often see in children's drawings.


brush painting of a pikeHappy Pike

This is not to say, however, that…

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Featured Web Portfolio: David Maxim

David Maxim recieved his MA from UCLA and now lives and works in San Francisco. His web portfolio is large and varied, often featuring David's love of mountainous landscapes and the materiality of his various chosen media.


On one end of this spectrum is abstract paintings, which give me the impression of some underlying darkness, with thick, almost carelessly appled splatters of paint, and sinister-looking ojects constructed of wood…

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Illustrative Artworks by Joey Feldman

Today we are featuring the images of Joey Feldman, an artist based out of Los Angeles, California. Joey uses mixed media to create energetic, grotesque illustrative artworks.


drawing of two monsters2headsrbetterthen1, pen and ink on paper


His works are figurative, often featuring animals and people, drawn in a frenetic, cartoonish style. Joey utilizes line art to its fullest extent, allowing his sketchy, quick drawn lines to become part of the finished…

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Portfolio Website: Stéphane Gilot

architectural drawing

"C'est en suivant la surface..."

Take a look at these art pieces that I discovered when perusing the portfolio website of Stéphane Gilot. I enjoyed seeing all of the drawings which act as concept plans for the installations he builds. Some of these installations are quite playful - like the piece below with the red stairs called "Libre arbitre" or "Free Will". This installation makes a nice visual impact with the structure a bright…

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Online Art Portfolio: Erin K. Milks

Our feautured artist today is Toronto-born Erin K. Milks, who is currently studying fine arts at the Ontario College of Art and Design. Erin's illustrative and sculptural practice offers an interesting focus on line and materiality.


wire sculpture of a figureR&R, 18 gauge wire


Many of Erin's sculptures use wire in a way that seems to reference the sometimes-intricate, sometimes-simplistic line art found in her sketch work. The wire, coiling outward and in…

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Online Portfolio: Cameron McLellan

ink drawing"Sinew"  Ink on Rives BFK 19"x25"

Today we bring you a selection of work from the online portfolio of Cameron McLellan whose work is inspired by landscape and architecture found along Canada's beautiful west coast. Cameron is an artist based out of Vancouver BC Canada and his sense of this place is a strong influence in his work. His artwork is made up of incredibly delicate line work that really draws the viewer into the piece. While…

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Fantastical Ceramics by Bent Oaks Pottery

ceramic sculpture


Danny Young, the face behind Bent Oaks Pottery, is a ceramics artist from Texas. His work shows an obvious celebration of nature, and an appreciation for traditional ceramic techniques.


Danny’s work walks the line between art and craft, often falling into both worlds at once.

His more conventional pottery is burnished and smoke-fired to create a surface clouded with rich earth tones. Many of these pots and vases also have…

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Vibrant Nature Paintings: Marty Husted

oil painting of trees in the fallFalling for Ohio, Oil

Marty Husted is a painter and mixed-media artist located in Columbus, Ohio.  Her oil paintings are beautiful in their simplicity. The loose, broad brushstrokes lend the works a sense of ease and relaxation that fits perfectly into the pastoral scenes of small towns and wilderness that Marty favours. I find the combination of soft lighting and deep, colour in these vibrant nature paintngs at once reassuring and…

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