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Portfolio Website: Maria Angela Reyes

oil painting of a leopard drinking from a swimming pool

"Leopardo En La Piscina" Oil on canvas. By Maria Angela Reyes.


Today we are featuring the artwork of Maria Angela Reyes who favours cats as her subject matter, all of which are rendered with a luminous palette.These paintings seem to capture those amusing expressions of our furry feline friends, from the sideways glance to the blank cat stare. I sense a jovial spirit in the application of the paint as it renders the subjects. These…

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Artist Portfolio: Lisa Lackey

textile artwork of anonymous figures, several people sitting around a table but missing their facesTextile art by Lisa Lackey. Fabric, embroidery floss, buttons, beads and acrylic on canvas.


Today we are featureing the online art portfolio of New York city textile artist Lisa Lackey. Her figures possess an element of anonimity as each face is made up up varying toned quadrants. With identity obscured there is somehow more familiarity to these scenes.


"A graduate of the University of Kansas in Architectural Engineering and the…

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Portfolio Website: Olga de Klein

painting of grid of color on wood"Block Party" Mixed Media on Wood Panel by Olga de Klein.


Today we are featuring the artwork of Olga de Klein.  Olga works with a wide variety of media in general from sculpture to painting, drawing and collage. I enjoy the kinetic energy of her mark making in these 2-d works. These grids seem to vibrate on the verge of explosion an effect that seems to be born from her vigorous mark-making and sheer colour layers that contrast with…

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Art Portfolio: Emily K. Grieves

Painting of a red serpent with tongue sticking out and sun setting

"Cuando se Abre el Cielo"  (When the Heavens Open) Acrylic on canvas by Emily K. Grieves


Today we feature the portfolio of Emily K. Grieves. She uses incredibly warm colours and likes to choose very symbolic subject matter. I like the contrasting fresh blues and hot orange tones. Emily is based out of Teotihuacan, Mexico.


"Emily K. Grieves received a BFA degree in art from the University of Montana in 1993, followed by study…

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Artist Website: Jose Pardo

Oil painitng of skull next to toy robot, dinosaur and books"Evolution" Oil on canvas by Jose Pardo


Today we feature the artist website of Jose Pardo whose oil paintings seem to reference a classic still life vignette but with the insertion of classic toy dinosaurs and tin robots. Jose is a master at dramatic lighting within his work and each piece seems to glow as though lit with a small antique lamp in an otherwise completely dark room. I really like the intimate vibe that is supported by…

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Art Portfolio: Erin Mackeen

Abstract painting on raw canvas with blue, pink and yellow strips"Miami Day" Acrylic on raw canvas. By Erin Mackeen.


Today we are featuring an artist from Toronto by the name of Erin Mackeen. Erin works with a focus on colour and minimal geometric areas of colour that are woven with stripes of all shades. I really enjoy Erin's colour combinations, they do good things to my brain. I'm inspired by her ability to really go with the flow of paint on the raw canvas.  I love the combination of opaque…

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Artist Website: Michael Gaudreau

Painting of large house with tower next to large tree"Cylburn Mansion" by Michael Gaudreau 

Today we are featuring the artist website of Michael Gaudreau whose landscape works are filled with a sense of movement and light. Michael uses oil paint and pastels to create these works that showcase the ability for both these mediums to be fluid and soft. The loose brush strokes lend a fresh and kinetic energy to the work while the details of the subject seem carefully reduced to their essence…

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Portfolio Website: Boudewijn Korsmit

Painting with expressive brush strokes of man head with dark features

By Boudewijn Korsmit.


Today we are showcasing work from the online portfolio of Boudewijn Korsmit. I really enjoy the watery layers of paint application in these pieces. Boudewijn allows marks to be created by extremely wet application and dripping creating ephemeral marks that come together to form faces. The white of the paper is frequently preserved to create light in the works which creates nice contrast particularly in the…

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Artist Website: Susan Mackey

Photo on archival paper of Brighton Pier

"Brighton Pier" Photograph printed on archival matte paper. By Susan Mackey.


Today's we feature artwork from the website of photographer Susan Mackey from London, England. Her photographs dance between drawing and painting while hinting at the magic of the world. There is a subtle magic that lingers in the images that Susan creates, as though she is giving us the opportunity to peer into a secret version of the world that we thought…

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Portfolio Website: Izzy Vera

Charcoal drawing of five chickens

"Pensive Chicken" Charcoal on paper by Izzy Vera 


Today we feature the portfolio of Izzy Vera. Izzy is from Denver Colorado and we chose to feature her nice renderings of Nepal chickens. These works are charcoal on paper and convey the soft fluffiness of the chicken's feathers. The chickens in these images were inspired by seeing some chickens while she was in Nepal where she spends time volunteering regularly.


"I am an artist…

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Online Portfolio: Bogdan Cheta

Photo of art installation inside gallery "I like it here, don't you?" Installation by Bogdan Cheta 

Today we feature the online portfolio of the enigmatic artist Bogdan Cheta whose work has been exhibited at Pith,  Avalanche! and Emmedia in Calgary.  His installations are material rich and form dense worlds of varying textures. In this work found objects are a critical mass of information. The cluttered displays seem to speak to the cozy squalor of home. I can't help but…

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Artist Portfolio: Amie T. Rangel

Drawing by Amie T Rangel

 "Through and Through" Drawing by Amie T. Rangel


Today we feature the artist portfolio of  Amie T. Rangel. Her portfolio contains these incredibly executed drawings of a highly realistic nature. Though the work is representational there is softness to the line work that works against a sharper, more photographic approach. I am enjoying these works on tinted paper as these disembodied objects maintain a certain mysterious…

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Portfolio Website: Tania Willard

three wooden spheres with colorful ribbons

Art by Tania Willard 


Today we feature the portfolio of artist Tania Willard. Tania's work crosses many mediums and I love her mixture of organic with elements of synthetic colour. Tania also works as a designer and illustrator under the name Red Willow Designs. The work I chose for this feature comes from Tania's series called Claiming Space.


"Tania Willard, Secwepemc Nation, works within the shifting ideas of contemporary and…

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Artist Website: Amber Macgregor

Digitally altered photo of painting

"Kaleidoscope C12" Digitally altered photograph of an original painting by Amber Macgregor


Today we are taking a look at the artist website for Amber Macgregor. Her portfolio features some of this psychadelic kaleidoscopic effect. These works are digital photos created by digitally altering her paintings. It a very interesting way to create a different version of artwork from the original and the effect is quite stunning. There is a…

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Art Portfolio: David Tycho

Acrylic painting on canvas of body of water with mountainBlue Fuji #1 Acrylic on Canvas by David Tycho


Today we feature the art portfolio of painter David Tycho. His sweeping brush strokes foster energetic marks of colour and offer the sensation of movement. Colours contrast nicely in these pieces from David's series called "Japan Series". There is a delightful calmness to these "portraits" of Fuji.


"David Tycho was born in Vancouver in 1959. He studied painting under renowned artist…

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