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Featured video artist, Guillaume Vallée

Analog Hellraiser: Excerpt


"Using horror footage from a VHS tape of Hellraiser II , I’ve been working directly on the magnetic tape in order to create a chaotic and unstable imagery depicting some sort of narrative structure based on a nightmarish mind struggling with his inside demons and past traumatisms.


Using the materiality of the magnetic tape, I want to create a short experimental video based on a nightmare structure,…

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Featured Glass + Jewelry Artist: Laura Dawson

Glass jewelry"Can't see the forest"


Kiln-formed glass, mosaics, jewelry making (with and without glass), and chain maille by glass artist & jewelry designer Laura Dawson.


"Nearly all of my jewelry pieces you see that have etched designs on them were all done by hand. I specialize in hand etched tree designs but you will see cats and birds and bugs and more, all hand etched. Some of my pieces may also be painted with glass enamels. The enamels…

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Online Portfolio: Ted Diamond

Photo of building with American flag in the window"E of Charleston, IL"


Photographs from Ted Diamond's "American Flag" series.


"I have had a lifelong interest in American Popular Culture. Growing up in suburban Long Island, I grew up surrounded, immersed and participating in it.   This showed in photographic series on human facades and shopping malls.


 In the late 1990’s I started photographing simulations of the American Flag.  I was not used to them or the atmosphere in…

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Portfolio Website: Philip John McDermott

Landscape painting"Electric"


I had the pleasure of meeting Philip for coffee and gave him a personal tutorial on how to easily build a website using Artist Run Website. I think we spent a good part of an afternoon chatting - lots of great art related topics on our minds. Philip has recently quit working as a full-time scenic painter for the movie industry and made the jump to earning his living from his art. He has been a key-figure in the movie…

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Featured Designer: Martin Ruel

Martin Ruel is talented Art Director, Photographer, and Designer from Montreal.



Poster design for ToyotaVoiture outil
Photo montage de la voiture construite à partir de pièces de voiture et d'outils de mécanique.

Agence Drive Dentsu /Arabie Saoudite
Direction Artistique : Patrick Larochelle
Photos et photos montage : Martin Ruel

Photo of a bug taken in Costa Rica

Costa Rica - Microcosmos

Photos: Martin Ruel

Ad for president's choice with a shrimp

Publicité commandite Le Choix du Président pour les XI championnats du…

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Online Portfolio: Phil Cummings

Painting of LA traffic with men shooting

Acrylic on canvas


Painting of Rax holding a mouse

Acryic on masonite

Painting of pilots in cockpit before hitting twin towers

"ATTACK! (The cockpit a second before they hit the tower)"
Acrylic paints on masonite


Phil is an interesting guy who works in many mediums. His work is influences by his worldy travels - to New York, New Mexico, London, Paris, Kenya and Egypt. I can see how his life experience has informed his art making while reading his bio. Life has taken him many places - inlcuding winning…

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Artist Portfolio: Lesley Goren

Painting of a house in Los Angeles
I began Survey of Los Angeles Dwellings to explore the concept of "home" in Los Angeles. I  wanted to observe the uniqueness and similiarities of our dwellings throughout this vast metropolis.

The project consists of creating a series of small paintings and drawings of homes from each of the 200+ cities, unincorporated areas, and communities within Los Angeles County. This includes Malibu, Compton, Beverly Hills, Silverlake, Long Beach,…

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Portfolio Website: Thomas Kero

Painting of a crow on a light blue background
Thomas Kero is an artist originally from Vancouver, B.C., but who is now living in Bella Bella on B.C.s central west coast, where he teaches art.


Thomas studied art in Vancouver at Langara College and at U.B.C.where he earned a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts (1989). Since then, Thomas has enjoyed exploring a variety of media including drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, stained glass, and wood design. Thomas enjoys nothing more…

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