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A Digital Frontier: Ceramic Sculpture by Darien A-Johnson

A ceramic artwork with a digital glitch aestheticAscending across what's pushed, porcelain, mixed media

Darien A-Johnson works in ceramics, creating abstract works that push the ceramic medium toward a digital frontier, emulating “glitch” aesthetics most commonly associated with digital media such as GIFs. The artist’s ceramic works are simultaneously chaotic and fine-tuned in terms of craftsmanship. 

An up-close image of a porcelain scupture with many patternsReceding to the point (detail), porcelain, mixed media


Looking at one of…

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A Portfolio of Colourful Paintings by Arquimedes Mejia

A potrait of a woman with long brown hairretrato 2

Arquimedes Mejia is a painter and artist born in Seíbo, Dominican Republic. In his art practice, Arquimedes produces colourful paintings of faces, landscapes, and still-life subject matter. The artist’s style is easily adapted to both smooth, soft blending techniques and more textural brush marks. 

A painting of a half-peeled mandarin orangeUntitled


The artist’s most recent paintings showcase Arquimedes’ skill with facial features -- many of the works in his

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Abstraction, Collage, and Colour Theory by Erin O'Brien

A mixed media collage with a central figure of a dogAccompaniment, mixed media collage

Erin O’Brien is an artist based in San Diego, California. In her current artistic practice, Erin uses mixed media to create complex abstracted works that utilize elements of abstraction, collage, and colour theory

A mixed media artwork with red and whiteOvercast, mixed media on canvas


Much of the artist’s portfolio feels like there is an emphasis on exploration -- even in works that are visually heavy, or dark, there’s a sense…

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Life Without Lines: The Art Portfolio of Matthew Haynes

A painting of a faceless human figure and a lightbulbStagnation, acrylic on wood

Matthew Haynes is a painter who works in a brightly colourful, graphic style. The artist’s illustrative paintings seek to present scenes of life without lines -- whether those are outlines or dividing lines. The artist’s portfolio addresses the psychological and philosophical through a dreamlike, fantastical lens. 

A painting of a woman in a boat with birdsCast Away, acrylic on wood


I really enjoy the way that Matthew emphasizes the…

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Geometric Motifs: The Art Portfolio of Lisa Berkman

An abstract geometric painting with textured elementsUntitled

Lisa Berkman is a painter based in Seattle. In her artistic practice, Lisa is primarily an abstract painter, focused on composition and colour, building works that utilize contemporary geometric motifs and heavy, raised textures. 

A black and white abstract painting with large brush marksUntitled


There’s a great sense of weight and presence with Lisa’s artworks -- some pieces in the artist’s Black and White gallery evoke Lee Krasner, while some of Lisa’s more colourful…

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Therapeutic Approach: The Art Portfolio of Corla McGillivray

An alcohol ink painting with bright red huesUntitled, alcohol ink

Corla McGillivray is an artist from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan who takes an intuitive, therapeutic approach to her art practice. The artist’s works use a range of two-dimensional media and saturated, layered colour palettes. 

An abstract artwork with tones of yellow and purpleUntitled

Though Corla uses a variety of colour in each of her artworks, she still manages a fairly cohesive colour scheme across her entire portfolio. Blues, greens, and teals feature…

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Portrayals of Cycles: The Art Portfolio of T. Dave Vincent

A pared-down drawing of a motorcycle1946 Indian Jawa CZ125 inspired

T. Dave Vincent is a Vancouver Island-based artist who uses his artistic practice to express his love of motorcycling. The artist’s illustrative style lends itself to portrayals of cycles both realistic and abstracted, as well as other artistic subject matter. 

A drawing of a motorcycle with focus on negative spaceMorning Airhead Ride along Old Island Road


I like the balance of composition and detail in Dave’s gallery of motorcycle drawings. The…

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The Art Portfolio of Debra Disharoon

An oil painting of a cloud formationClouds and Virga, oil on canvas

Debra Disharoon is an artist from Shannon, Georgia. The artist’s practice encompasses a wide range of media, from charcoal and coloured pencil to metal fabrication. Though varied in terms of style and subject matter, the artist’s portfolio as a whole exudes a sense of quiet confidence, energy, and ambition. 

A coloured pencil drawing of an orange rosePerfect Rose, coloured pencil on multimedia paper


I’m really enjoying Debra’s recent…

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All Things Tiki: Art by Ken Ruzic

A drawing of a tiki mask7 (from 100 Tikis series)

Ken Ruzic is a California-based artist who specializes in all things tiki. Drawing on a background in graphic design and commercial art, the artist produces densely detailed two dimensional works as well as designs for mugs and other drinking ware. 

A tiki-style bowl with custom design and ultramarine blue glaze'Eka 'eka bowl with Ultramarine Blue Glaze (collaboration with Tiki Farm)


I really enjoy the overall aesthetic of Ken’s art portfolio. The artist is great at…

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An Original Visual Language: Art by Michael Kilgore

A stylized and abstracted portraitUntitled

Michael Kilgore is a mixed media artist who works in paint, pastel, collage, and other materials. In his practice, Michael builds stylized images that draw on the aesthetics of 20th century art movements such as Cubism and Expressionism, blending these styles with a modern take on traditional African art to create an original visual language

An abstracted painting of a woman in purple platform shoesWoman in purple platform shoes

I really enjoy Michael’s figurative works in mixed…

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Organic Subject Matter: Art by Peter Barron

A dyptich with abstracted painted figuresThe Conversation (diptych), acrylic and oil on panel

Peter Barron is an artist based in Ontario. In his decades-spanning artistic practice, Peter has worked in oil, watercolour, ink, and other traditional media, producing abstracted works that are densely packed with colourful forms, evoking florals, geological features, and other organic subject matter

An abstracted painting with thick, textured brush marksLovers with Green Fish Under a Dark Moon, acrylic and oil on plywood


I like the…

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Organic Brush Marks: Art by Ken Herren

An abstract painting with a textured purple overcoatCarioca, acrylic-infused pumice on canvas

Ken Herren is a painter who blends wildly abstract, organic brush marks with strict, geometrically patterned compositions and cohesive colour schemes. The artist’s body of work speaks of contrast and visual reconciliation between the artist’s rural upbringing and his current urban lifestyle. 

A painting with textured, coloured pumice as a top coatDjango, acrylic-infused pumice on canvas


I really enjoy the thick, heavy textures of Ken’s…

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Quietly Exuberant: A Drawing Portfolio by Tony Ziegler

A painting of a bouquet of flowers on a tableflowers with chair

Tony Ziegler is a traditional artist and illustrator who has exhibited mainly in New York and Massachusetts. In his practice, the artist uses a variety of two-dimensional drawing materials -- such as graphite, pencil crayon, and acrylic paint-- to produce thoughtful, quietly exuberant slice-of-life scenes and portraits. 

A portrait drawing of a figure holding a small childsara


I really enjoy the way Tony uses colour in his works -- the artist goes beyond simply…

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Symmetrical Compositions: The Art Portfolio of Carolyn Trotter

A painting of a niche with traditional Indian art stylesIndia niche #2, acrylic on stretched canvas

Carolyn Trotter is a Vancouver-born artist whose work is inspired by natural forms and organic energies. The artist often takes a meditative approach to her work, using symmetrical compositions and repeating patterns to express the unique shape of plants and other biological subjects. 

A painting with a mandala and moon phase imageryMexican Moon, acrylic on canvas


The artist’s gallery of sketches provides an interesting insight into…

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The Interdisciplinary Art Portfolio of Marie-Hélène Tessier

A photo of a pair dressed in bright colours in a gallery space

Froment fromenté, cabaret inside an exhibition by Aurélien Fromen

Marie-Hélène Tessier (aka Marianne Tisserand) is a Vancouver-based multimedia artist who uses elements of writing, performance, and collaboration in her works. The artist’s practice is prolific, deeply philosophical and occasionally esoteric, with Marie incorporating elements of a range of disciplines to examine relationships, social mores, and language.… 


A still from a performance art piece

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