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Highlight and Shadow: Paintings by Lully Schwartz

A colourful painting of a wooded clearingHow Long is Forever?, oil on linen

Born in Beverly, Massachusetts, Lully Schwartz is a painter who specializes in landscapes and still-life, while occasionally exploring portraiture and figure painting. Her painting style is loose yet controlled, resulting in paintings that emphasize the highlight and shadow of their subject matter.


Lully’s works are beautiful to look at, and the scenes she paints are quite diverse. I particularly…

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Constructive and Destructive Artworks by Kenn Raaf

An abstract black and white paintingDeeper

Our featured artist for the day is Kenn Raaf, a multidisciplinary artist located in California. Kenn originally started working in paint and sculpture, and more recently has added metalwork and printmaking to his resume in the process of creating his constructive and destructive artworks.


An abstracted sculpture of a torsoTorso 1

The first thing I notice about Kenn’s body of work as a whole is the intensely dark mood that comes with it. The colours and tones…

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Traditional Meets Commercial : Art by Sonny Assu

A graphic image emulating a popular style, showing traditional indigenous art stylings.There Is Hope, If We Rise #3

Montreal-based artist Sonny Assu is well known for his body of work that uses the iconography of traditional indigenous art, while still working with contemporary materials and aesthetics, and tackling important, socially charged subject matter.


A series of prints on foam core, putting an activist spin on well-known cereal mascotsBreakfast Series, digital print, foam core


#NoFilter Artwork on Sonny Assu's website#NoFilter on

Much of Sonny’s materially varied work comes from a conceptual standpoint of…

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Paintings Bursting with Life by Allen Wittert

A brightly coloured acrylic painting of a city skyline, with imaginitive perpectiveI'll have a Manhattan, acrylic on canvas

Allen Wittert’s figures and portraits have something almost Cubist in them – perhaps the way the artist composes his subjects using coloured shapes and dark outlines, or perhaps the scenes that seem to combine many different physical points of view into one imagine in which the perspective is slightly and interestingly skewed. Either way, Allen creates paintings bursting with life.


An abstract painting with layered shapes and bright coloursOrbiting…

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Spaces both Real and Imagined: Paintings by Margaret Bowes

A series of small oil paintings, each depicting one letter of the word "nowhere"Sometimes You Have To Go Up Really High To Realize How Small You Are, oil on canvas

Margaret Bowes, our featured artist for today, uses her artwork in a unique exploration of spaces both real and imagined, and our relationships to those spaces.


Working primarily in painting, Margaret crafts exquisite images that evoke feelings of familiarity and a certain, poignant lonesomeness. These are not all happy places, though some of them are…

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Information and Aesthetics: Design by Sara Gonzales

A magazine advertisement for a hair salonBeyond Salon

Sara Gonzales is a designer from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and she’s also our featured artist today! Working as a graphic designer, Sara creates advertisements, brochures, invitations and other communicative objects that are a perfect mix of information and aesthetics.


A billboard advertisement for LegoRobot Billboard


Website of Sarah Gonzales' design workAdvertising for Lego on Sara Gonzales' website

Designing primarily for advertisements in magazines and brochures, Sara must create layouts that…

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Stark Charcoal Drawings by Leah Biggs

A charcoal drawing of a woman sitting in a chair, smoking and waiting for a phone to ringBusy, charcoal


Portfolio website of Leah Biggs' charcoal drawings.A gallery of Leah Biggs' charcoal drawings on her portfolio page

The artworks of Leah Biggs – particularly her stark charcoal drawings - echo the imagery of film noir of the 1940’s and 50’s. The drawings are in black and white and feature lone, faceless figures, placed near telephones.


An ink drawing of a rotary telephoneTelephone, ink

There is a palpable sense of unrest and loneliness in Leah’s drawings – the fact that the faces of her…

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The Wonder of Nature: Prints by Nicole Richards

A print on a wood panel of a flock of birdsFlock Bomb

Nicole Richards makes artworks that reflect the wonder of nature and her own enthrallment with it. She often uses print media, and delves into the patterns of tree rings, flight formations of birds, and the growth patterns of leaves to create dynamic prints that speak to the complexities of the natural world.


A trio of woodcut prints of fossilsHomage to the First Prints, woodcut


The front page of Nicole Richards'

The works that strike me first in Nicole’s…

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"Allegorical Realism": Paintings by Kevin Sloan

A painting of a monkey tipping coins out of a vase onto a flamingo, painted in a classical realist styleThe Donation

Our featured artist today is Kevin Sloan, a painter who specializes in what has been dubbed “allegorical realism” – paintings which are as beautifully detailed as they are surrealist and absurd.


Attempting to create a conversation about the delicate balance between modern society and ancient, natural process, Kevin’s paintings - which are available as prints on his web portfolio – use an apparently complex and…

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Environmentally Concerned Works by Edie Marshall

A loose oil painting of plumes of grass in yellow and pink tonesPlumes, oil on canvas

Edie Marshall is a painter from Saskatchewan. Her often environmentally concerned works are painted with a loose, gestural hand and put the focus on colour, tone and mood rather than capturing every detail of a scene.


Painting with both acrylic and oil, and using these on different types of substrate, Edie’s impressionistic images are defined by notable skill in the medium of paint. While landscapes and the…

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Beautiful Form and Efficient Function: Designs by Joel Yatscoff

A photo of a set of picture frames sold at UmbraDwell Multi Frame

Here’s something a little different for today’s featured artist post – Joel Yatscoff is a product designer currently located in Toronto, Ontario. Joel’s designs for everyday products are a great examples of what modern design should be – a marriage of beautiful form, and efficient function.


Website of Joel Yatscoff's industrial

A small, clean-looking game with plastic rabbit-shaped piecesBunny Hop Solitaire Game

Even the design of Joel’s website is simple, attractive, and…

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Dizzingly Intricate Artworks by Robert Schroeder

An abstract work of ink drawing with colourful shapes defined by overlapping linesCloo, black ink and marker

Robert Schroeder’s dizzingly intricate artworks are coloured marker drawings that seem to reference a variety of art-historical figures, with an exuberance that shows a great love for a simple medium.


I can’t help but compare Robert’s abstract compositions to works of stained glass – and by that logic it should come as no surprise that Robert is also a skilled glassworker. His glass creations are…

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An Exciting Collision: Artwork by Giuliana Grande

A primarily blue abstract painting with straight, geometric line artPrairie Lake Sky No. 8, oil and oil-based spray paint on canvas

The vividly colourful and formally packed paintings of Giuliana Grande draw my eye all across the surface – I find new details with every fresh viewing.  Giuliana’s abstract works create a visual space where geometry interacts with clouds of pure colour in an exciting collision.


I’m fascinated by Giuliana’s paintings – in particular those that combine small…

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Domestic Exploration: Art by D'Andrea Bowie

A plaster sculpture of sleeping rabbits in a pie tinSleeping Bunnies, polished plaster

D’Andrea Bowie is an artist who studies at Toronto’s OCADU. She works in drawing, ceramics, sculpture, and installation, often combining several of these mediums, to great effect. There is an interesting undercurrent of domestic exploration in D’Andrea’s work that is at times inviting and at times subtly critical.


A series of ceramic money banks with the coin slots formed to look like mouthsMoney Banks, earthenware

I find D’Andrea’s installation work really…

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Fragmentary, Ethereal Work by Ellen Hunt

A collage with a single photo made ghostly with layers of gel mediumStatue, Anthropologie catalogue, other found images, gel medium, ink, graphite, chalk

San Francisco artist Ellen Hunt creates fragmentary, ethereal work that has the affect of old photographs found in attic boxes.


Ellen’s work has a personal centre that shows through a lot in her treatment of subject matter and materials. The idea of memory, past, and reflection runs deep through the artwork, while the vagueness of each subject…

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