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Neon Assemblages by Kelsey Kimmel

An installation view of two sculptural pieces made of bright synthetic materialsConjunction Junction and Wrinkle in Time (installation view 2), projection on styrofoam sculpture

These eye-catching neon assemblages are the work of Kelsey Kimmel. Kelsey investigates human interactions with digital space and uses synthetic materials to create bizarre, almost alien forms and sculptures in the context of the gallery.

An abstract sculpture composed of synthetic materials and painted neon pinkWrinkle in Time, wood, plaster, chicken wire, epoxy, spray paint, rubber

Kelsey’s sculptures are…

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Colour and Clean Lines: Fashion Styling by Karen Kleber

A photo of a model wearing a patterned sweater and black pantsUntitled

Karen Kleber is a New York-based fashion stylist, and she’s also our featured artist today! Karen has styled numerous clients from well-known personalities like Whoopi Goldberg and Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, as well as athletes and private clients.


A promotional photo of Liza Minnelli surrounded by other performersUntitled

Karen’s styles capture the individuality of her subjects, as well as helping to emphasize the mood and tone of the photograph as a whole. In the Music gallery of…

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Exuberant Colours: Artwork by Jordan Dunlop

An abstract painting featuring large strokes of colour and ladder shapesHigh Rise 1.2

Jordan Dunlop’s paintings are playful and heavy with colour, and seem to revel in the process and materials of painting.


An abstract drawing with strokes of black and grey inkUntitled

Landscapes of urban gardens as well as buildings and architecture often form the basis for the layout of his works, but then Jordan works to deconstruct these familiar images until only the barest hint of a structure remains in the finished work.


A screen capture of Jordan Dunlop's painting websiteJordan's paintings on his website


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Water as a Motif: Photographs by Dean Osgood

A panoramic photograph of oak trees in a grassy forest clearingLive Oaks Grand Coteau Panorama

Our featured artist today is Dean Osgood. Dean is a photographer based in Lafayette, Louisiana. Dean photographs diverse subject matter, with water as a motif that recurs in many of his images.

A photo of a fleet of ships at harbour in twilight or early morning light.Delcambre Shrimp Fleet - Delcambre, LA

I’m really drawn to Dean’s panoramic photos of trees. He gets quite close to his subject matter, and often the trees extend beyond the top border of the photograph,…

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Installations and Interventions by El Celso

An installation view of La LuzLa Luz (The Light), installation view at Temple of the Stars - Qorikancha, Cusco, Peru.

El Celso is a conceptual installation artist. Currently working in both New York and Los Angeles, the artist creates installations and interventions that are performative, sculptural, and sometimes both.


Art Shred,  performance 


The artist’s most recent works are recurring installations of a piece entitled La Luz, which can be translated as…

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Beachside Shop Fronts: Paintings by Don Bernhardt

A painting of the interior of a boat repair shopBoat Shop

Our featured artist today is Don Bernhardt. Don is a native of the Jersey shore, and his paintings feature loving portrayals of beachside shop fronts and coastlines. The paintings are rich with classic kitsch aesthetics and deep, subdued colours.


A front page screen capture of Don Bernhardt's

Coastlines, shops, and images of boat races dominate Don’s oeuvre, demonstrating great love for his hometown. He creates his works in watercolours, oils,…

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Pots for People, Flowers and Pets by Jacqueline Sheridan

A series of ceramic bowls with built-in slots for yarnYarn Bowls, stoneware clay with white speckled or matte black glaze

Jacqueline Sheridan is a potter, and our featured artist of the day! Jacqueline’s website,, features pots for people, flowers and pets. Jacqueline’s functional art pieces include coffee mugs, bowls, plates and food dishes for pets. She even has a range of special “yarn bowls”, with stylized cracks for yarn to be fed through.…

A hollow ceramic ring with holes where flowers can be placed

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Western Canadian Landscapes by Lisa Printz

A landscape painting of a prairie under a blue skyHay Sheds III, oil on board

Lisa Printz is a Vancouver-based artist who works in a number of mediums including oil, pastels, encaustic and acrylics. Her western Canadian landscapes are rich and layered with colour.


A pastel drawing of poppies in a fieldCotignac Poppies, chalk pastel

Lisa’s decadent oil paintings are made with large, textural brush strokes in colours that perfectly balance blending with contrast. Her subjects are mostly pastoral prairie scenes but her…

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Illustrations of Houses by Joel David Abramson

A black and white ink drawing of a large, stately houseLake of the Isles

Joel David Abramson is our featured artist of the day! Joel makes lovely illustrations of houses, storefronts and landscapes.

A painting of a army surplus shop windowArmy Surplus Store Brill Building, acrylic

A gallery of house portraits on Joel David Abramson's websiteHouse illustrations on Joel's website

Joel does a great job of imbuing each of his buildings with personality. His style is highly detailed, but retains a sketch-like essence. The drawings are mainly done in pen and ink, and most of them are in black and…

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Coastal Ecosystems: Painting by Vicki Beamish

A painting of still water in a sloughSlough

Vicki Beamish, our featured artist of the day, is a painter who is fascinated by coastal ecosystems. Her photorealistic style of working goes well with the documentary sensibilities that drive the artworks.


Born in British Columbia, Vicki takes photos whenever she is travelling or outdoors on the west coast, later using the photos as reference for her paintings. The way she paints is smooth and even, with great attention to…

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Traditional and Experimental Techniques: Art by Clayton King

A painting with traditional First Nations style painted in luminescent inkGuardians, ultra violet luminescent acrylic

Today we’re taking a look at the artwork of Clayton King. Clayton is a member of the Beausoleil First Nation in Ontario, and uses both traditional and experimental techniques to create his art.


A stylized digital drawing of a cougarCougar, digital drawing

In some recent works, Clayton uses UV luminescent paint that adds a second appearance to each painting, with figures that glow under black light. I love the idea of…

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Alien Structures: Sculpture by Abbie Weinberg

A clay sculpture with many indents and spikes coming upward to a pointTopanga Spire

Our featured artist today, Abbie Weinberg, works in clay to create gnarled, alien structures that appear like weird trees or bones. Abbie’s sculptures combine nature and architecture in new and interesting ways, allowing for a narrative to open up as the viewer contemplates the origin or purpose of each of these structures.


A sculpture made to look like a curling, blue-tinged spike

Little Blue Wave


I like being able to see the progression in Abbie’s works from a few…

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Photorealistic Portraits by Judith Elsasser

A painting of a young woman sitting on the floor of a dance studioAli, oil on canvas

Judith Elsasser’s incredible photorealistic portraits capture the heart and soul of her subjects. Most of her portraits appear candid, with her subjects immersed in everyday activities or work.


In Judith’s Soul of the Market series, the artist paints shop owners and artisans at a food market, at work or surrounded by their wares. Judith’s other series include portraits of children and family members, still…

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Sharp, Sculptural Paintings by Pierre-Luc Deziel

A side view of a painting with sculptural elements on the surfaceThe Saberwings (Perspective), mixed media

Pierre-Luc Deziel is interested in exposing the constructed nature of reality, and he does this through sharp, sculptural paintings that are part of the canvas and yet seem bent on escaping it.

A painting made up of schematic-style lines that jut out from the canvas in a sculptureFlowship Flips the Fool, mixed media

I find that Pierre-Luc’s three-dimensional works have an almost street-art, graffiti-like aesthetic. The sharp lines of material have the look and feel of a steel…

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Drippy, Half-Abstracted Paintings by Laura Flowers

A painting of a young girl sitting on a man's shoulders in a forestUntitled, oil on canvas

Laura Flowers creates drawings, paintings and sculptures that beautifully combine abstraction and representation. Drippy, half-abstracted paintings echo the techniques that Laura uses in her drawings, bringing together interesting objects, portraits and styles.


Some of her drawings seem like they might have been ideas for her installations. They have a structure that echoes both the rigid sculptural forms, and…

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