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Paintings of Water Lilies by Sandra Martin

A mixed-media painting of water lilies viewed from belowWater Lilies 34, mixed media on canvas

Today let’s look at the art portfolio of Sandra Martin! In her most recent work, Sandra focuses on water lilies, which in her paintings are portrayed from underneath the water, putting an interesting perspective on a traditional subject.


A painting of swirling, lightly abstracted clouds with deep coloursAmethyst Clouds, mixed media on canvas

The paintings of water lilies are created with a series of layered washes, and in the finishing touches, Sandra adds a…

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Interactions with Space: Multimedia Works by Shawn Olin Jordan

A photograph of a piece of a car's headlight, with a logo sticker on itVanitas: Shrapnel 4, digital print

This multimedia work is by Shawn Olin Jordan, today’s featured artist. Shawn’s works span a variety of concepts and concerns. I notice a theme of interactions with space, whether that be human interactions that happen in very particular settings, or the manipulation of spaces and settings themselves. Shawn uses the mediums of video, installation, photography, and painting to explore these ideas.…


A photograph of a sun-dappled field of green grass

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Mythical, Lively Pottery by Leanne Schnepp

A stoneware sculpture of a happy monster in a striped shirtInnocence, stoneware clay, underglazed, glazed and stained

Leanne Schnepp’s portfolio is filled with beautifully crafted sculptured and ceramics. Each piece of Leann’s mythical, lively pottery is bursting with personality!


A wall-hanging sculpture of a woman representing the element of waterDive In (Water), wall-hanging sculpture

Leanne’s artworks are the type that I feel compelled to touch and hold. They all seem to have a lovely, satisfying texture to them, appearing smooth and perfectly…

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Seasonal Textile Art by Sarah Tremaine

Two hand made knitted pillow casesKnit and Entrelac Pillows, peruvian merino

Sarah Tremaine is a painter, an avid textile artist and our featured artist for today! Based in Charlottesville, Connecticut, Sarah creates works that are both beautiful and functional.


A painting of a flower market in front of an old buildingFlower Market

I really like the way Sarah categorizes her fibre arts into seasons. Whether you’re searching for a light spring scarf, or woolly winter home accessories, Sarah makes it all. The artist mainly…

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Identity and Technology: Artworks by Wynne Palmer

An installation view of fingerprint made of luminous cable attached to a tree trunkLight Pulse, Galvanized wire mesh, EL wire, "strong" driver, twist ties, duct and electrical tape

Our featured artist today is Wynne Palmer! Wynne’s work uses varied mediums that often come in the form of installations with audio-visual, electronic, and digital components. Many of Wynne’s works focus on senses of identity and technology within a collective consciousness.


A photograph of sea anemones underwater.Polyp, photograph

The front page of Wynne Palmer's art

I can see a thread of…

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Stained Glass to be Admired: Catherine Hart

A stained glass window with flowers made of chandelier crystalsVictorian Garden, water glass and reclaimed chandelier crystals

Today’s featured artist is Catherine Hart! Catherine is a skilled artisan who produces wonderful stained glass to be admired and used. On her art website, Catherine has a portfolio filled with works of glass art in different categories.


A stained glass panel with squares of black and textured clear glassWinter Moon

Catherine makes geometric glass panels, as well as abstract designs and mirrors with stained glass accents. Some of her…

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Performance of Identities: Art by Liza Montgomery

A painting of a woman with heavy makeup pulling a strand of beads from her mouthHungry Ghost II, oil and mixed media on wood panel

Liza Montgomery is an artist born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her current practice looks at representation in both art and life, and the performance of identities, particularly in feminine aesthetics.


A painting of two costumed woman on an un-primed wood panelDoppleganger, oil and mixed media on wood panel

"Artifice" gallery on Liza Montgomery's websiteArtifice gallery on Liza's website

On Liza’s website,, current work is split into two galleries: rituals, and…

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The Outdoors, Walking, and Maps: Art by Marilyn Joyce

A collage piece made of strips of a cut-up map glued to birch paperIntersections #4, map strips and cold wax on birch ply

Our featured artist today is Marilyn Joyce. Located just outside of Portland, Oregon, Marilyn currently focuses her art practice on the outdoors, walking, and maps. Her soft, evocative drawings on tea-coloured paper offer a nice compliment to her collages of fragmented maps.


An art piece made of different materials collaged on tea-stained paper to look like a map45122e8, ink, tea, coffee, pencil, casein and wax on Arches paper

Marilyn’s map collages look like birch…

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Interior Design, Architecture, and Food: Alice Coyle

A photo of a room in a restaurant with modern interior designThe Dickens Room - House of Saint Barnabus, London, design by Grainne Weber Architects

Alice Coyle, our featured artist today, was raised in a family of restaurant owners, hoteliers, and cooks. She is interested in interior design, architecture, and food – and combining the three to great effect.


An architectural sketch of a building in a future collegeThe English Market - College Project

A screen capture of the goodies gallery on Alice Coyle's design websiteA gallery of "goodies" included in Alice's Wrap Artist at The Market project

On Alice’s website,

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Large, Loose, Bombastic Brushstrokes: Painting by Noah NJ Bowman

A large abstract painting with bright yellow tonesDespite Sunshine, acrylic on canvas

Vancouver, BC artist Noah NJ Bowman likes to paint with bright colours, pastel background, and large, loose, bombastic brushstrokes. Looking at his paintings I can see a huge amount of enthusiasm for the painting process and a genuine affection for the finished works.


An abstract painting with a background of multi-coloured polka dotsContemplation of Universal Complexion, acrylic on canvas

Noah’s method of working favours the gestural and the spontaneous. In a…

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Personal and Natural Environments: Art by Michael McEwing

A landscape oil painting of a grassy meadow overlooking marshlanLooking Down from the Meadow, oil on canvas

Artist and illustrator, Michael McEwing hails from New Brunswick and makes art about personal and natural environments. On Michael’s webpage you can view a variety of his different projects, all of which speak to different yet cohesive elements of Michael’s interests.


A woodblock print with images of a young boy looking at the moon, and schematic diagramsDans La Lune No. 13, woodblock print and mixed media

Michael’s artworks range from paintings, to printmaking to…

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Scenes of Urban Sprawl: Paintings by Shawn Demarest

A painting of a snowy suburban street at dawnSnow Day Morning, oil on panel

Featured artist Shawn Demarest paints scenes of urban sprawl, specializing in highways, overpasses, and industrial areas. Originally from Boulder, Colorado, Shawn captures aspects of city life that we might not immediately think of as beautiful, but through her paintings she imbues them with a certain, moody intrigue.

A painting of a parking lot in an industrial areaSE 2nd, oil on panel


A screen capture of the You Are Here gallery on Shawn Demarest's websiteYou Are Here gallery on Shawn's website

I adore Shawn’s…

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Dancers in Motion: Photography by Luis Pons

A photograph of two ballerinas performing on an underground train platformUntitled

Today’s featured artist is Luis Pons, a photographer who specializes in capturing images of dancers in motion. Luis’ photographs are really beautiful meditations on the acts of both dance, and photography. Luis says in his artist’s statement that his photography began as a way to combat depression and capture a moment of beauty and clarity.

A photo of a ballerina dancing along a seawall in an urban areaBallerina Galen Bolard

I can certainly see how these photographs also spread that…

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Charcoal, Typography, and Jewelry Design: Gamelle Fitzgibbon

A charcoal drawing of a young Afghan boyEffects of War series: Afghanistan, charcoal and conte on paper

Gamelle Fitzgibbon is an artist and designer who is especially interested in charcoal, typography, and jewelry design. She is also our featured artist for today! Gamelle’s charcoal works express a variety of subjects, ranging from figures and portraits in her Effects of War series - serious portrayals of the ravages of conflict – to her Contemporary Eros series which…

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Innovative Layered Glasswork by Don Golden

A handmade glass dish with clear glass and confetti embeddedStrings of Confetti, confetti, clear-fused glass with a strip of clear, slumped and cold-worked

Located in Scott Valley, California, Don Golden is an artist who works in glass, occasionally combining it with other materials such as leaves and photography to create innovative layered glasswork.


Don’s glassworks are really interesting. I especially like the ones where he uses a layered technique and embeds other materials within the…

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