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Sculptural Assemblages: The Art Portfolio of Gary Eleinko

A sculptural assemblage featuring branches, stones, and other natural elementsRemnants, oil on wood, rock, branches

Gary Eleinko is a Detroit-based artist who works in a mixture of two and three-dimensional media, producing works that are as much paintings as they are constructed, sculptural assemblages

A painting of trees with a spring atmosphereSpring Awakening, oil on paper


I really enjoy the artist’s use of plants and floral motifs. There’s a lush, almost tropical atmosphere running throughout Gary’s prolific body of work, enforced by shades…

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Coastal British Columbia: Painting by Thomas Kero

A pencil drawing of a treeCoastal Giant, pencil and india ink on paper

Thomas Kero is an artist originally from Vancouver, and now based in the Heiltsuk village of Bella Bella, on BC’s westernmost coastline. In his practice, Thomas is primarily a painter, capturing the landscape of coastal British Columbia with an aesthetic that hearkens to the Group of Seven.

A painting of a raven sitting in a treeRaven's Call, oil on canvas

I really love Thomas’ series of Crows and Ravens. The works in this…

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Gesturally Figurative: The Art Portfolio of Dick Roberts

An oil painting with an abstracted, ladder-like formThe Ladder, oil and mixed media on canvas

Dick Roberts is an artist from Durham and now based in Wilmington, North Carolina. In his artistic practice, Dick works in a style that ranges from totally abstract to gesturally figurative. The artist adapts his style expertly to different media and subjects. 

A collage made with a body-print paintingTorso or So III, collage


It’s really interesting to see an artist with such a wide range of media in their portfolio. Though it…

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Collaboration and Interactivity: The Art of M. Simon Levin

A photo of an installation using a cart of booksWhispering Volumes (installation view at Surrey Public Library)

M. Simon Levin is an artist based in Vancouver, BC. In his practice, Simon interrogates public and social systems through a lens of collaboration and interactivity. Many of the artists works have a performative aspect to them, and utilize shared spaces to ask and answer conceptual questions. 

An installation view of a collaborative conceptual artworkMappings and Musings


Many of Simon’s works involve collectives of individuals…

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Sweet Siren: The Tattoo Portfolio of Erin Burge

A tattoo of a steam train

Erin Burge is a tattoo artist based in Kelowna, BC. Working out of Sweet Siren tattoo studio, the artist produces works primarily in a black and grey, realistic style. Erin has been tattooing for over a decade, working first as a guest in Australia before opening her own studio. 

A floral tattoo with an Om symbol

It’s really interesting to take an up-close work at Erin’s tattoos to see the kinds of techniques that the artist uses. In full figurative sleeves,…

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Colourful, Stylized Artworks: The Portfolio of Cécile Blanche

A watercolour painting of stylized eyesViews 5, watercolour and gold paint on 240mg watercolour paper

Artist Cécile Blanche was born in Cameroon and is now based in Canada. The artist draws on her varied background and experiences with many different cultures in creating her colourful, stylized artworks

A watercolour painting of stylized eyesViews 2, watercolour and gold paint on 240mg watercolour paper


The artist’s works cover a wide range of themes and subjects, but the common denominator is a joyful…

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Nature, Flowers, and Portraiture: The Art of Liba Labik

A painting of blossoms against a blue backgroundEverything Changes I, oil, mixed media on canvas

Liba Labik is a Czech-born artist who currently works between the Czech Republic, Alberta, and British Columbia. The artist’s current portfolio is packed with deeply saturated, partially abstracted paintings that use nature, flowers, and portraiture as motifs. 

An encaustic painting with berries and plantsTime of Berries I, oil, mixed media on canvas


I really enjoy the overall atmosphere that’s created by Liba’s artworks.…

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An Experimental Eye: The Art Portfolio of Kristin Leigh Calhoun

An artwork with printed rectangles and abstracted colourMakhana, collographic monoprint

Kristin Leigh Calhoun is an artist currently based in Austin, Texas. In her portfolio, Kristin deals with abstract patterns, geometry, and text, using a wide range of media and an experimental eye

A handmade artist book with abstract imagery on the pagesBequest, handmade artist book of wax monotypes


I really like the kind of scientific edge that permeates most of the works in Kristin’s portfolio. Through colour, composition, materials, and titling, the…

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Intricate Geometric Designs: Painting by Howard Hastie

A painting with geometric patterns and figuresUnknown Star Chasers, oil on canvas

Howard Hastie is an oil painter. In his current artistic practice, Howard uses compositions that reflect tapestries, textiles, and intricate geometric designs to produce multidimensional, abstractly narrative artworks. 

A painting inspired by geometric rug designs and tapestriesThe Alchemist's Swan Song, oil on canvas


The artist’s influences range from traditional Persian geometric designs to paintings by Mark Rothko, and looking through Howard’s…

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Creativity and Social Change: The Art of Pamela Schuller

A handmade mask painted in bright red with patterningShadow Mask -- Shaman 2

Pamela Schuller is an Ontario-based artist who works in a range of creative media, using her artistic skill and experience to connect with others and teach art in a way that fosters both creativity and social change. The artist’s portfolio includes works of papier-maché, sculpture, and mural art. 

A paper-mache doorway made as part of an art workshopDoorway Workshop 2


The artworks in Pamela’s current portfolio represent a blend of technical skill and wild…

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The Portfolio of Printmaking Artist and Painter Mary Crockett

A monoprint of an abstract colour fieldSouthern Evening, monoprint

Mary Crockett is a printmaking artist and painter based in the UK. In her practice, Mary creates works on paper that use well-defined colour schemes, abstract geometric forms, and dynamic compositions to tell a variety of stories. 

An etching of a pattern of circles in a dark wine colourCircle Grid #1, etching (edition of 5)


The majority of Mary’s artworks are produced on paper, and it’s interesting to see how various mediums behave on the same substrate.…

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Sculptural Mixed Media Constructions by John Turner

A painting with bright prink stripes over a textured white ground#5, Radiant Pink, acrylic paint, Radiant Animation paint, canvas, string, polyester ribbon on canvas

John Turner is an artist originally from Montreal, who now lives and works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In his practice, John expresses an affinity for bright colours, large, confident marks, and sculptural mixed media constructions

A painting with colourful canvas scraps layered over a textured white backgroundUntitled, acrylic paint, rocks, sand, canvas on canvas


I really like the energy that’s expressed…

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The Art Portfolio of Brónagh Corr

A photo of a rope pulled across a red landscape1 GAIL BorderLINE (with CAAKE Collaborative Artists Group)

Brónagh Corr is an artist currently based in Derry, Northern Ireland. The artist works in a variety of media, including photography, and multimedia collaborations. Brónagh’s photographic works often centre on candid shots of people and places. 

A photo of an indoor photo installation on a wallBringing Nature Inside


I really enjoy the works in Brónagh’s recent series of photographs, both black and white and colour.…

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The Art Portfolio of Oil Painter Greg MacNair

An oil paint portrait of a young girlUntitled

Greg MacNair is an oil painter who works in a photo-realistic style, producing portraits and landscapes with equal care and attention to detail. The artist’s use of colour and expert blending techniques produces images that hearken to classical and romantic artworks. 

A landscape painting of a green meadow with a creek running through itUntitled


I really like the way that Greg uses classical art techniques to paint modern subjects -- the contrast is particularly visible in his works of…

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The Portfolio of Mosaic Artist Linda Biggers

A mosaic artwork of three female figures dancing in moonlightBy the Light of the Moon, eggshell mosaic

Linda Biggers is a mosaic artist who uses coloured eggshells to build beautifully textured images. The artist is currently based in Upstate New York, and regularly participates in exhibitions in the surrounding region. 

An eggshell mosaic depicting a murder of crows in a treeMurder, eggshell mosaic


I’m impressed by the level of detail in these works, especially when considered in contrast to the amount of detail one might expect from a more…

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