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Fantastical Ceramics by Bent Oaks Pottery

ceramic sculpture


Danny Young, the face behind Bent Oaks Pottery, is a ceramics artist from Texas. His work shows an obvious celebration of nature, and an appreciation for traditional ceramic techniques.


Danny’s work walks the line between art and craft, often falling into both worlds at once.

His more conventional pottery is burnished and smoke-fired to create a surface clouded with rich earth tones. Many of these pots and vases also have…

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Vibrant Nature Paintings: Marty Husted

oil painting of trees in the fallFalling for Ohio, Oil

Marty Husted is a painter and mixed-media artist located in Columbus, Ohio.  Her oil paintings are beautiful in their simplicity. The loose, broad brushstrokes lend the works a sense of ease and relaxation that fits perfectly into the pastoral scenes of small towns and wilderness that Marty favours. I find the combination of soft lighting and deep, colour in these vibrant nature paintngs at once reassuring and…

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Mixed-Media Installation: Craig Brumwell

drawing of railway tracksRail (Consumption Hollow), charcoal on paper


Craig Brumwell is a Vancouver-based artist who received his BFA from Emily Carr University. His mixed-media installation, Rail, looks exploring objects - in this case, railroads, with particular interest in the way they, and other objects like them, are becoming obsolete. Craig has done a series of charcoal drawings of railroad tracks accompanied by a sculptural installation of several…

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Art Portfolio: Lori Sokoluk

abstract painting with red and black colors

"A Way of Knowing" 


Today we are taking a look at the art portfolio of Lori Sokoluk. Lori is a Vancouver based artist whose work explores colour and variety of application. The paint in these works is alive: brush strokes add sheer layers of colour while other colours are applied wet and draw long lines as they flow down the canvas. Quite a wonderful use of colour is explored by the artists within these works. To me it seems…

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Fashion Photography: Jared S. Rosenbaum

photo of blond woman holding a glassUntitled

Check out some photos by Toronto-born photographer, Jared S. Rosenbaum. His photography ranges from modern fashion photography, to intimate model shoots and artistic, abstracted photographs.


photo of asian woman holding a knifeUntitled

While I can see the commercial fashion industry stylings present in his photographs, many of them also have a certain candid, almost unfinished feel, and portray everyday scenes.


There is something familiar about these…

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Pastel Landscapes by Robin Street-Morris

Robin Street-Morris grew up in Michigan and now works in San Diego, California. Her works are strange, eerie yet calm watercolour, and pastel landscapes. They evoke many a dark foggy night or misty morning.

pastel landscape of a foggy lake

Dawn Parts the Mist, mixed media on paper


These images could be described as vague, or hazy, but I find that they remind me of impressionist works, in that they depict more of a glance at the landscape, a feeling, rather than a…

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Artist Website: Veronica Rojas

two panel artwork showing five snails"Cementerio de Caracoles" (Snail Cemetary)  Mixed Media 24”x48”, 61 x 122 cm.

Here are a few selected works from the artist website of Veronica Rojas. Veronica is based in Berkeley, California but was born in Mexico City. The subject matter in these works is delightfully strange. The artist uses her imagination to create odd and beautiful vignettes that leave me wondering and pondering - in a good way! Hands seem to participate in…

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Painted Rectangles: Ben Stansfield

painting of geometric shapes that looks like piles of confettiLucas


Ben Stansfield moved all across Canada as a child, and has been living and working in Toronto for the past seven years. In his artwork, he likes to explore complex patterns, often using simple geometric shapes and combining them in multitudes to create large, colourful images.

In his Confetti series, he uses painted rectangles and similar parallelograms, repeated in many different colours and directions, to build abstract…

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Artist Website: Liba Labik

painting of a hand with an aqua blue background"Aqua Vitalis II"


Today we are presenting a few examples from the artist website of Liba Labik. Many of the paintings by Liba feature hands. The hands are rendered in a fairly realistic approach to proportion, perspective and colour. I like that the artist shows that transparent quality to the skin on the hands which is quite a feat to portray. Also, there is a nice contrast in the realism of the hands and the surrounding loose and…

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Artist Portfolio: Sonya Stefan

photo of man jumping in the airATSA Performance/Choreography & Danced by Sylvain Poirier. Photograph by Sonya Stefan.

Today we feature photographs from the portfolio of artist Sonya Stefan. The photographs that I have selected to share with you show various dancers who were photographed by Sonya between 2004 and 2011. These photographs capture dance perfectly as they "freeze" a heartbeat moment of a movement that defies gravity. These moments seem to capture a spirit…

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Artist Portfolio: Gilly Russell

landscape photograph taken from a hillside overlooking the city with the sun's glare in the lensFrom "One Walk East" Series by Gilly Russell


Today we are featuring photography from the online portfolio of artist Gilly Russell. Gilly is an art director based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. She also works as a stylist for online and print media. Her photographs tlet me take in the landscape with a broad scope and seem to observe somewhat enigmatic moments. From an epic and surreal mountain that shapes the backdrop of an otherwise…

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Artist Portfolio: Timmothy Innamorato

Painting of a bee as scene through a fence"Coney Island Bee"

Today we are featuring some artwork from the artist portfolio of Timmothy Innamorato. Timmothy takes a variety of approaches to painting but the images I have selected are some of his more realistic works. I like that these pieces have a snapshot like quality of a moment frozen in time but a slightly surreal quality due to very saturated colours.


"Taken from what has become the everyday reality. He uses…

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Online Portfolio: Karine Molloy


Abstract painting with ink drops and squigglesArtwork by Karine Molloy.

Today we feature artwork from the online portfolio of Karine Molloy. These works dazzle with their vivid hues and incredible movement. Karine's palette blasts retinas awake with a startling vibrance. Her abstracted paintings show many layers of application of colours but also layers of different types of mark making which I find to be interesting.


"Born in New Carlisle, she touched various art forms…

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Art Portfolio: Jess Richter

silkscreen image of a horse"It's a part of you whether you like it or not" Goldleaf, UV silkscreen by Jess Richter


Today we are featuring the artwork of artist and printmaker, Jess Richter. Jess brings drawing into a new realm creating work that has a super unique look and feel to it. These works are created with silkscreen, uv silkscreen, copper/gold/silver leafing and application of ink. They seem to stake a claim in drawing, printmaking, painting and…

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Art Portfolio: Erin Rae

Abstract painting of swirling purple and white lines above a mountain top

"Semen Stains The Mountaintops" by Erin Rae.

Today we are looking at the online portfolio of artist Erin Rae. Her paintings seems to celebrate the nature and texture of paint and the impact of colour. Erin's work varies as it seems to sometimes embody a busy composition of marks and other times a pattern-like abstraction that highlights her choice of colours. I really love to see painters let loose with paint and Erin's work reminds me…

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