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Painting and Playful Abandon: Art by Allyson Malek

An abstract image with pastel coloured brushtrokesWestward

Allyson Malek is an artist located on the California coast. Her paintings are primarily abstract, and use pastel colours and rounded forms to create peaceful, relaxing images that express a pure love for painting and playful abandon with materials.


An encaustic collage with images of kitchen implements and patternsMonk Memories, encaustic, toner transfers and pigments

Allyson mainly paints in acrylic on canvas, though she has also produced some interesting works using encaustic, a medium…

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Nature's Art Materials: Work by Sarah Martin


Three clumps of cotton and thread dipped into ceramicPorcelain, cotton and thread dipped into porcelain


Sarah Martin goes by the studio name Falling Moss, a moniker which fits perfectly with her use of natural materials, such as unprocessed wood, organic fibres, and even tea leaves. Sarah’s work has a distinctly natural feel to it, and it reflects a desire on the part of the artist to appreciate nature’s art materials.


A clump on knotted linen dyed green to look like a clump of mossLand, rug knotted linen, felted wool, acid dye


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Smooth, Layered Forms: Art by Ashleigh Bartlett

An abstract painting composed of flat, coloured formsBig Curl, oil on canvas

Ashleigh Bartlett, our featured artist of the day, currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts, where she creates her fabric-like and painted artworks. Smooth, layered forms dominate her paintings, which echo her canvas paper works yet are somehow more voluminous. Usually working with a mixture of acrylic and oil paint, Ashleigh paints images that are glossy and vibrant.


A sheet of painted canvas paper that has been cut and hung on a wallPink Wig, acrylic on canvas paper

I like…

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Monoliths and Portals: Painting by Rebecca Chaperon

A painting of a black parallelogram on a pinkish landscapeLogic, acrylic on canvas

Today we’re featuring the art of Rebecca Chaperon! Based in Vancouver, BC, Rebecca creates paintings and sculptures that combine dark fairytale scenes with monolithic geometric symbols.


I love the combination of different moods and tones that Rebecca puts into each painting. Her human figures, as well as her larger crystalline “glacier” forms are often somewhat whimsical, inviting and even friendly in a…

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Patterns and Deconstructions: Art by Jason Fielding

An oil painting of a buffalo in front of a strange geometric landscapeHome on the Range, oil on canvas

Our featured artist for today, Jason Fielding, holds a BFA in Media Arts from Vancouver’s Emily Carr University. His paintings often feature patterns and deconstructions of familiar shapes and objects.


Jason’s primary mediums are paint and performance. He has produced work at SNAG, a weekly live painting event in Vancouver, where artists produce an original work in front of spectators. He has also…

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Grotesquely Playful: Art by Ben Duncan

a heavily stylyzed album cover artwork with several figures standing in the oceanOmnipotent Riffs, acrylic on hardboard

Our featured artist today is Ben Duncan of Occasional Headbunts. Ben’s grotesquely playful imagery spans illustrative mediums including drawing, painting, comics and sculpture. He has a clean, refined style that takes well to the bulbous, intricate detail that explodes out of every piece.


Ben’s portfolio is stuffed with work, including several short comic stories. His surreal cartoon drawing…

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Exploring Connections: Artwork by Radhika Mathews

A blue and gold-toned abstract painting with pieces of a silk sari attached to itUntitled #3, acrylic and silk on canvas

Radhika Mathews currently lives and works in Newton Massachusetts. She uses her artwork as a means of exploring connections between objects, environments, people, and experiences. In some of her recent work, Radhika uses scrap material originating from traditional Indian saris to explore her own personal cultural background.


A dark-coloured abstract painting that imitates patterns in traditional batik dyeingTHANNI, acrylic on wood panel

Most of Radhika’s works are…

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Broad, Clean Landscapes: Photography by Jim Friesen

A photograph of the ocean on an overcast day, with a hint of sunSun Dog

Jim Friesen is a prolific photographer who specializes in broad, clean landscapes, drawing out the colour and atmospheric mood of each location that he captures.


a photo taken out the window of a car while driving through canola fieldsDriving 1 (Canola Field)

On his website at, Jim categorizes his photographs by location. A viewer can browse through a whole collection of photographs of Japan, or of the prairies, or even the beaches of the west coast in British Columbia. In…

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Design With Sound by John Greg Ball

A design project that comprises a sleek chair with subwoofer speakers embedded

Subsonic Chair


Currently based in Calgary, Alberta, John Greg Ball is an industrial designer and our featured artist for today! John produces design for household and commercial products as well as outdoor public art and spatial installations. He is currently completing his Master’s of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary, where he is researching new ideas in design with sound and sound-related products.


Two lighting features designed to look like water currentsCurrents of…

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Playful, Psychedelic Paintings by Phil Cummings

A painting made to look like an endless spiral of colour and patternSpiral Abstract, acrylic on canvas

Our featured artist today is Phil Cummings. Phil’s works are extremely striking and at first might appear to have heavy outlines and simplistic shapes – but the way that the artist chooses to repeat shapes and create complex patterns out of simple figures makes these playful, psychedelic paintings almost fractal-like at times.


An ink painting of a jaguar in bright, psychedelic coloursJaguarundi, ink drawing

Phil uses a variety of media including acrylic…

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Public Art and Social Change: The Priority Boxes Art Project

A photo of a young Argentinian boy holding a Peace BoxBuenos Aires, Argentina, 2012

Today we are featuring not just one artist, but an entire organization! The Priority Boxes Art Project, also known as the Peace Box Project, was founded in 2006 by New Jersey-based artist Franck De Las Mercedes – who is also one of our Artist Run Website users. Since the project’s inception, Franck has mailed over 12,000 peace boxes to recipients all over the globe.


A photo of a Peace Box sitting beside a planter on a balconyAllston, MA

Each small box is hand…

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Snow and Ice: Watercolours by Lisa Goren

A watercolour painting of a mushroom-shaped icebergMushroom Iceberg, Clayboard, watercolour on clayboard

For today’s feature, let’s take a look at the watercolour works of Lisa Goren! Fascinated by snow and ice, from a young age, Lisa has made several trips to the arctic to further her understanding of her favourite subject matter. She continues to paint beautiful arctic landscapes, challenging opinions of the arctic environment, and of the limitations of watercolour as a medium.…

Lisa Goren's website of whale bone paintings

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Expansive Photographs by Eric Deis

A photograph of a cluster of well-kempt trees in front of a skyscraperLovers

Eric Deis’ expansive photographs demand that the viewer examine the entire image to fully understand what has been captured. Eric’s subject matter ranges from clean landscapes and cityscapes to crowded sporting events and interiors. The former allows the viewer a rare look at the details of nature – with Eric’s photographs, I can take the time to examine the shadow on each leaf of a tree, for example – and the latter, a…

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Deep Shadows: Painting and Photography by Jordan Weisenauer

A painting where the subject appears to be painting the background around himselfIvan, Unfinished Series

Today’s featured artist, Jordan Weisenauer, is equally talented in both painting and photography. Jordan’s artworks deal with many different subjects, but the artist seems to have an affinity for faces, pop-cultural references, and a somewhat subdued palette.

A dimly-lit photograph of amateur phootographsUntitled

Many of Jordan’s paintings feature familiar subjects – well – known celebrities, movie characters, and references to famous artworks all…

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Frantic Imagery: Paintings by Jarmila Kostliva

A painting made up of strange, bacteria-like shapes and linesKriterion, mixed media on board

Today we’re featuring the artworks of Jarmila Kostliva. Originally from Prague, Jarmila now works as a painter, creating colourful, frantic imagery that draws from her experience in music, dance and theatrical arts.


Jarmila’s paintings and mixed media works often take on an appearance that is fascinatingly organic, sometimes recalling the patterns of moss on trees, or bacteria under a microscope.…

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