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Cigarettes, Candies, and Other Trinkets: Art by Liz Magor

A piece made of a folded-up shirt in a box, with some candy wrappersBeing This (M + M's), paper, textiles, found materials

Liz Magor is a Canadian artist who is currently located in Vancouver. Her works explore objects and their usefulness, and the accumulation of various material vices over a person’s lifetime. The motifs of cigarettes, candies, and other trinkets that one might find in the pockets of an old coat run throughout her body of work.


A box made of translucent rubber, filled with cardboard and papersAll The Names III, silicon rubber, paper, cardboard


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Rustic Wood Aesthetic: Sculptures by Martin Puryear

A large bulbous, smooth wooden sculptureIn Sheep's Clothing, pine

Martin Puryear is an American sculptor who works primarily in wood. His artistic career currently spans over thirty years, and he is known as one of the foremost artists associated with the post-minimalist movement.


A large bulbous wood sculpture painted blackUntitled, painted red cedar and pine

Puryear places a lot of importance on his process, and the hand of the artist plays a big role in his work. His sculptures often appear as large, bulbous…

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Sculptural Reconstructions by Robert Gober

A sculpture of a household sink with strange, disproportionate legs where the pipes should beUntitled, plaster, beeswax, human hair, cotton, leather, aluminum pull-tabs, enamel

Based in New York, Robert Gober is well known for his sculptural work, which is the subject of an upcoming exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art. His works are often sculptural reconstructions of things one would find at home, memories of his childhood, and occasionally human legs.The sculptures are incredibly realistic yet slightly absurd when removed…

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Faith and the Human Experience: the Art of Mircea Cantor

A sculpture of a roughly-made coffin with a coin slotWith a Free Smile, terracotta

Mircea Cantor was born in Romania and now lives and works on “Earth” – according to his CV. His works span a variety of media, though he has a particular fondness for film and installation pieces.


A video still of a young boy lining up three knives on a table topWind Orchestra (stills), HD video

Cantor ‘s works often explore themes of faith and the human experience, using mundane materials in combination with mediums like film and animation, or traditional…

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Interactive Art by Karina Smigla-Bobinski

A photo of a large plastic balloon with charcoal sticks attachedADA, analog interacive installation/kinetic scculpture/post-digital drawing machine

German artist Karina Smigla-Bobinski is a sculptor and performance artist. Smigla-Bobinki creates artworks that allow for audience interaction and participation, making the gallery space more exciting than static.


In her work, Ada, Smigla-Bobinski places a large, clear plastic, helium filled membrane in the centre of a white-walled gallery room. The…

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Reductive Digital Art by Richard Kolken

A digital image of a mysterious red objectRed Plastic Thing, 3D model

Richard Kolken is a multimedia artist who is lately exploring the ambiguities of digital art and the internet, often using a combination of photography and digital manipulation to create his artworks.


A 3-dimensional blueprint of a mental institutionBodmin, 3D model


One recent series of Kolken’s that I really enjoy is called Asylums. The work consists of 3-dimensional renderings that are created from floor plans and aerial photographs of the…

Youthful Alienation and Aggression: Art by Stephen Shearer

A drawing in red crayon of a long-haired, bearded man blowing bubblesBubbles, crayon on paper

Based in Vancouver, BC, Stephen Shearer is an artist who works in the traditional mediums of painting, drawing, photography and collage. He began his artistic career among the artists now associated with the Vancouver School of photo-conceptualism, and while he is not directly affiliated with them, their influence is palpable in his practice.


A painting of two male "heavy metal"  figures in various muted tonesThe Fauves

Shearer is most noted for making work that explores…

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Curatorial Art by Willem de Rooij

An image of four Dutch classical paintings in a gallery

Paintings by Melchior d'Hondecoeter, part of Intolerance exhibition

Dutch artist Willem de Rooij is an installation artist most known for exploring ideas of museum and art history by creating exhibitions and installations incorporating the works of other artists, both living and dead.


De Rooij has a fascination with classical painting, in particular romanticized images of animals and nature. In one of his more recent exhibitions,…

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Polished Photography by Christopher Williams

A close-up photograph of a person putting on a red sockUntitled (Study in Red), photographic print on paper

Christopher Williams studied at the California Institute of the Arts in the 1970’s, securing his position as one of the first and most well-known west coast conceptual artists. A photographer, Williams’ current practice consists of highly polished, minimalist photographs – most of which are staged, and taken in studio.


A photograph of a model wearing yellow next to a photographic colour guideKodak Three Point Reflection Guide / © 1968, Eastman…

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Artful Detritus: Tom Fruin

A photo of a house made of small sections of stained glassKolonihavehus, steel, found plexiglass, paint

Tom Fruin lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, where he creates artwork that utilizes found objects and street detritus in bright, attention grabbing installations and sculptures. Some of the material that Fruin uses could easily be seen as garbage to the layman – his Treasure Map, R.V. Ingersoll work is effectively a quilt, sewn of plastic Ziploc bags that once contained illicit drugs.…

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Found-Object Constructions by Florian Slotawa

A photo of a potted plant sitting atop a wooden construction in the plainLocal Plants (Strelitzia), C-print

Florian Slotawa is a German artist who frequently uses found objects in his compositions, placing them in foreign environments to create contrast between the constructed and the coincidental.


I really love Slotawa’s series titled Local Plants, where the artist has photographed his constructions in the Arizona desert – potted plants atop constructions of prefabricated furniture, looking out at the…

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Music Appreciation: The Artwork of Christian Marclay

A photo of a projection installation featuring a close-up hand playing a pianoPianorama, installation

Represented by London’s prestigious White Cube gallery, Christian Marclay is known for creating works that bridge the gap between music and visual art. From an early period when he was still in school, Marclay has experimented using vinyl records and turntables as performance and sculptural materials.


A blue-coloured photo of several casette tapes with the tape pulled outUntitled (Sonic Youth, David Byrne, R.E.M. and Three Mix Tapes),

Some of Marclay’s earliest works are a…

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Digital Meets Traditional: Painting by Michiel Van Der Zanden

A painting of a restaurant made to look like a computer modelRecreation #4, oil and acrylic on canvas

Michiel Van Der Zanden’s paintings and sculptures are a bizarre marriage of realistic painting and computer generated imagery. Van Der Zanden frequently uses a computer modeling program to compose the sketches for his paintings, taking real objects and settings and isolating them in an uncanny digital space, where the laws of physics and architecture seem somehow less rigid than in reality.…


A painting of a temple made to look like a computer generated image

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Firey Poems by Robert Montgomery

A black and white photo of letters on a wire frame burning16

Another artist who uses text as his primary medium is Robert Montgomery. Robert’s text pieces are generally displayed in public and often feature longer blocks of text, devoid of punctuation, that tend to read as lengthy, shouted rants as much as they do complex poetry.


While the content of Montgomery’s messages is an undeniably important part of the work, I really adore his “fire poems.” These works are poems as well, made…

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Digitally Nostalgic art by Hollis Brown Thornton

An image-transfer piece of a young boy standing in front of a nintendo arcade gameNintendo Fun Club, pigment transfer on paper

The contemporary world and its focus on digital interaction is one of the primary focuses of Hollis Brown Thornton’s artworks. Born in Aiken, South Carolina, received his BFA from the University of South Carolina, before working for a number of years as a gallery director and preparatory. He now works as a full-time professional artist and is still located in Aiken.


A painting of a pixellated VHS tapeVHS, acrylic on canvas…

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