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The Advantages of Working In Seasons

Seasons for working
For the past few years I've noticed that my production and types of work that I do has settled into patterns that coincide with shifting seasons. The beginning of the year is for organizing and accounting, spring is for developing creatively, summer is for time off and mainly socializing. Fall and end of year is a very busy time. Preparing for shows - creating work - and a focus on sales.

Seeing this pattern has helped me to understand…

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An Introduction to Shipping Your Paintings

card board boxes with the word ezArtShipper on the side of them


At some point in time you may need to ship your art - this can be a bit nerve-wracking to consider and sometimes holds artists back from reaching for international opportunities. So let's take a look at how you can ease into the experience and eventually become an informed and happy shipper!


To Crate or Not To Crate:


Especially when the shipping artwork of high value you may want to look into the idea of building a wooden crate…

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