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Headlines: Art Books, Islamic Patterns and Framing

1) Art Books Resist Digitization

A photo of the exhibition catalogue for Philodendron


Though advances in technology have the potential to make print books a thing of the past, many still value the feeling of holding an actual book over the simplicity and ease of digital files. Art books are no exception, an idea which is explored in this New York Times article on the existence and future of art books and exhibition catalogues. It seems that these types of books are far easier to…

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Enlightenment and Peace: Spiritual Work by Allison Rennie

A photo of several hand made conceptual maps on the groundAtlas of Rennie, maps folded in standard paper map style

Allison Rennie’s artistic practice is heavily focused on the spiritual, including both personal exploration through writing and mapping, as well as a practice involving helping others achieve spiritual enlightenment and peace.


A detail of a handmade book with collaged photographsHandmade Book: Nuthatch (Page detail)

Bookbinding comes into Allison’s practice a lot. Many times this is documentation of meditative and spiritual…

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