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Strengthen Your Vision of Art Success

text about doing your own thing 

There are so many artists out there.


That statement can have both a positive and a negative effect on you when you read it. The negative: feeling like you are lost in the masses of artists, not sure how to stand out or succeed when so many are in pursuit of a career in visual art. The positive: each of those people have differing ideas of what success means to them and your vision is unique to you. Many artists don't think about…

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Paying the Bills: How to Work to Support your Art Career without Squashing it

When you first start out as a professional artist, you shouldn't expect to support yourself solely on your artwork. Once you have a solid body of work you can apply for grants, but what if you are right at the beginning of your career and want to see where it takes you before you apply for a formal project grant? A part-time job that allows you to set aside time for your art will be ideal in the mean time.


A job with flexible hours is…

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