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Studio Sunday: Michael Arntz

A photo of Michael Arntz working on a pottery piece in his studio


Ceramic sculptor Michael Arntz is our Studio Sunday feature this week! Arntz is best known for creating ceramic artworks on a monumental scale, building artistic compositions from massive amounts of clay. The artist is best known for his monumental artworks that combine architectural forms with those more organically-inspired.   


Arntz shares a studio space with Penny Arntz, though it looks like the space pictured above is…

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Studio Sunday: Sharyl Boyle

A photo of Sharyl Boyle in her studio


This week’s Studio Sunday artist is Sharyl Boyle. Boyle was born in Scarborough, Ontario, and currently lives and works in Toronto. The artist is known for her work in a range of media, including sculpture, painting, drawing, and even performance art. The artist’s sculptures are figurative in a surreal way, with Boyle using vividly painted ceramics to bring her imagination to life.


Boyle’s studio is wonderfully bright, and…

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Vicky Smith's Portfolio of Wood-Fired Ceramic

A wood-fired clay sculpture of a birdLift Off, stoneware with porcelain slip, wood-fired

Vicky Smith is an artist and sculptor who works primarily in wood-fired ceramic. The artist’s recent works use birds as a motif, incorporating winged specimens as free-standing sculptures, as well as more subtly into the forms of vessels.

A shallow vessel with a bird sculpted designUntitled


I enjoy the unpolished, natural aesthetic that Vicky employs in her works. Many of the artist’s works use recognizable shapes in such…

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Functional Yet Sculptural Ceramics by Kathryn Ruckman

A ceramic object designed to hold flowersFlower Brick

Kathryn Ruckman’s artistic practice spans the media of ceramics, painting, and outdoor sculpture. Based in Edmonton, the artist’s focus is on functional yet sculptural ceramics, made with an intuitive approach.

Two sets of ceramic candle sticksTwo sets of candlesticks


We looked at some of Kathryn’s rustic, functional vessels in our previous feature of the artist’s work. I enjoy the sturdy look and feel of each of these pieces, and the way that…

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Strong Planes: Art by Dick Roberts

An abstract oil painting with blue and white huesTime Flies, oil and mixed media on canvas

Dick Roberts is a painter and ceramic artist who works in abstraction, creating smooth, blended images with strong planes of primary and secondary color. In his most recent paintings, Dick has focused on a simple, streamlined style of abstraction with a focus on the texture and materiality of paint.

A painting using deep blue tones and accentsBlue July, oil and mixed media on canvas

I really enjoy the works in Dick’s current painting…

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Uniquely Organic: Ceramic Works by Bent Oaks Pottery

A tall sculptural vaseUntitled

Working under his studio name, Bent Oaks Pottery, Danny Young creates uniquely organic ceramic artworks. Bent Oaks’ ceramic works include purely sculptural items as well as vessels and household objects.

A vase with crossed darkened linesUntitled


In our previous feature of Danny’s invitingly tactile ceramics, we looked at how the artist utilizes organic-looking forms and color schemes to lend a natural look to his pottery works. The artist seems to…

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Studio Sunday: Betty Woodman

A photo of Betty Woodman at work in her studio


This Sunday, let’s take a look inside the studio of Betty Woodman. Born in Norwalk, Connecticut in 1930, Woodman was a ceramic artist who was known for her wild, sculptural ceramic works that combined cubist and abstract expressionism aesthetics, sometimes borrowing forms from mass-produced, household ceramic objects, and sometimes juxtaposed with paintings.


Woodman’s studio, pictured above, looks cool and pleasantly…

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Unique, Handmade Ceramics: Crain Art Studio

A ceramic box adorned with bright colors and patternsTall Tree Box

Cathy Crain, along with her daughter Carie and granddaughter Sharae, create work under the umbrella of Crain Art Studio. With a focus on unique, handmade ceramics, Crain produces custom works at the request of customers, as well as original, personal artworks.

A photo of two ceramic horsesPaint Horses - small, hand-sculted, Raku-fired clay


I’m quite taken by the overall aesthetic of the Crains ceramic works. While the trio does produce vessels and…

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Invisible Patterns: Art by Ikuko Iwamoto

A set of three large sake jugsLarge Sake Jug

Ikuko Iwamoto is a U.K.-based ceramics artist who uses her craft to explore the microscopic and invisible patterns of organic forms. Ikuko’s works often feature a very subdued color palette, and oscillate between perfectly formed repeating patterns, and distorted, plant-like shapes.

A set of ceramic vases with contrasting texturesMococo vase set


Ikuko’s ceramic works have a wonderful sense of tactility to them – the artist uses many different techniques to…

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Handmade Vessels: Art by Goertzen Pottery

A wood fired ceramic vessel with matching bowlsUntitled

Goertzen Pottery is a pottery studio based in Goshen, Indiana. The studio specializes in earth-toned, handmade vessels for use in the home.

A photo of two wood-fired clay vesselsUntitled


I really enjoy the look of the items on the Goertzen Pottery website. Each vessel seems very unique, and tactile – even seen through a computer screen. Deep earthy oranges and browns make up the bulk of the pottery studio’s color palette, lending many of the vessels a warm…

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Hagenclay: Ceramic art by Erika Pazmandi Hagen

A sculpted vase encircled by female figuresMe and my girls

Erika Pazmandi Hagen grew up in Hungary and later moved to California, where she now lives and works. A self-taught ceramic artist, Erika creates highly detailed works -- under the moniker Hagenclay -- in which tiny ceramic figures interact with, and become part of, household vessels.

A handmade vase shaped like a tree trunkUntitled


I find the works in Erika’s gallery of vases really interesting. It seems that the nature of this type of vessel allows the…

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Headlines: Ceramics, Social Media, 2018

1) Ceramicist Betty Woodman Dies at 87

A 2006 retrospective of Betty Woodman's artwork at MoMA


Beloved ceramicist Betty Woodman passed away on Wednesday at the age of 87. Woodman was born in Connecticut and began working with ceramic as an art medium at the age of 16. Early in her career, the artist worked professionally as a ceramicist, creating functional objects, but after travelling to Italy in the early 50’s, Woodman started experimenting with the aesthetic possibilities of the…

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Realistic Yet Surreal: Sculpture by Matthew Dercole

A sculpture of some avocados filled with earthwormstwo and a half avocadoes in a generic white bowl with raised designs, stoneware, underglaze, polymer clay, ink, resin

Matthew Dercole is a ceramic artist and sculptor who works on a small scale, creating realistic yet surreal models of a wide range of subjects. Matthew has studied and honed his craft at institutions throughout the eastern United States, and is currently teaching at the Hartford Art School in West Hartford, Connecticut.…

A sculpture of a cake slice with earthworms throughout

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Smooth Curvature: Ceramic Art by Elaine Clapper

A photo of a set of ceramic piecesblue creamer and sugar bowls

Today’s featured artist is ceramicist Elaine Clapper. Elaine’s ceramic practice is centered around vessels and other household objects, including bowls, jars, cups, and plates made with smooth curvature and earth-toned glazes.

A ceramic bowl with a sculpted leaf detailRed bowl w leaf


I enjoy the manner in which Elaine subtly introduces textural and sculptural elements into her ceramic objects. On some jars and cups, the exterior surface is…

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Surreal Masks: Ceramic Sculpture by Johnson Tsang

A wall-hanging sculpture of a face by Johnson TsangOpen Mind II

Sculptor Johnson Tsang deals with distorted versions of the human form, creating incredibly detailed yet surreal masks and bodily figures in ceramic. Tsang frequently employs childlike figures with cartoonishly large heads that tend to produce a sense of unease in the viewer.


A distorted face ceramic sculptureOpen Mind IV


Tsang exhibits an amazing level of control over his medium. His ceramic faces are generally pale, and sculpted with a sense of…

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