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A Portfolio of Paper Collages by Wallace Polsom

A collaged artwork depicting the shore of a body of waterTonalist Abstraction VI, paper collage

Wallace Polsom is an artist who creates layered, well-integrated paper collages that express a variety of emotions and experiences. The artist tends toward classical imagery in his collages, blending aesthetics from renaissance painting with more modern advertising paintings and other cut-out imagery.

A collage artwork of a royal person with a jewel over their faceGod's First, paper collage


In the series Life in the Bloodstream, Polsom’s collages take on…

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A Portfolio of Mixed Media Artworks by Susan Gransby

A linocut print of architectural linesBirdman of Hong Kong, linocut

Susan Gransby’s mixed media artworks take complex architectural forms and simplify them, creating signs and signifiers in the form of streamlined, graphic imagery. The artist plays with negative space, sometimes layering small images on a large blank surface.

A linocut print of a roadway and vehiclesCassiar Connector, linocut


In our previous feature we looked at Susan’s linocuts – the artist has a knack for building imagery out of shadow…

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Colorful Mountain Ranges: Art by David Wightman

A painted and collaged image of mountains and a lakeAndromache, acrylic and collaged wallpaper on canvas

David Wightman creates intensely colorful mountain ranges in a combination of acrylic paint and collaged wallpaper. The artist’s use of wallpaper lends a fascinating textural element to his works that stands in contrast with the sharply outlined shapes and bright, flat planes of color.

A painting of a mountain in pink and yellowOndine, acrylic and collaged wallpaper on canvas


I really enjoy the overall aesthetic that…

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Queen of the Hallway: Collage by Jo Ann Tunnell Muench

A collaged image with a human figure alonside a train and mountainsUntitled

Jo Ann Tunnell Muench works under the moniker Sheena, Queen of the Hallway, creating surreal collages that call upon vintage advertising and the aesthetics of old family photographs to create narratives.

A collage with a woman fighting a bear in a hallwayUntitled


I really enjoy browsing through Jo Ann’s gallery of her “personal favorites” – collages that she’s produced that she likes. It’s interesting to see an artist’s portfolio arranged in such a way, and…

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Topological Forms: Art by Mark M. Garrett

A painting made up of collaged map pieces and mixed mediaStates of Decay #5:KaraAdrift, cut map collage and gouache

Mark M. Garret is an artist who makes a practice out of drawing with scissors. Creating collages from bits of paper and old maps, Mark references topological forms, water, trees, and numerous other landscape features as well as purely abstract compositions.

A collage and gouache work made using pieces of a mapStates of Decay: Lakota Dream, cut map collage and gouache


Mark’s most recent map paintings are quite stunning. I adore…

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Social Constructs: Art by Devin M. Morris

A collage by Devin N. MorrisUntitled, collage

Devin N. Morris creates colorful collages, as well as media works in photography and video. Morris uses his practice to express and deconstruct American social constructs in the context of his own experience as a queer black man.


A collage in black and grey by Devin N. MorrisUntitled, collage


Collages build up spaces, with small, abstracted figures – the figures in the collages are usually all monochromatic or patterned, and seem to interact loosely with a…

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Homage to Marcel Duchamp: Art by James Cortesos

A mixed media work on canvas featuring photographs and paintHomage part 2, collage on canvas

James Cortesos identifies much of his work as an homage to Marcel Duchamp. Working in collage and mixed media, James creates works that incorporate figurative photographs into a column-like composition with abstract paint and planes of color.


A colorful collage with photos and painted elementsUntitled


I find the comparison to Marchel Duchamp’s works quite interesting in the context of James’ portfolio. The works here are brightly-colored,…

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Studio Sunday: Barbara Kruger

A photo of Barbara Kruger in her studio


Here’s a great photograph of Barbara Kruger in her work space for Studio Sunday. Kruger is an American artist best known for her photo and text collage works that she began producing in the late 80’s. The works tend to deal with political and social issues including the rights of women and minorities.


In this image, the artist’s studio looks somewhat stark, but very much like the classic New York art studio that I tend to…

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Collage Dreamscapes by Tracy Jager

A collage of a young man sitting across from a chair on an ambiguous backgroundthe perfect white between words, collage from handcut vintage images

Vancouver based artist Tracy Jager (also known online as Living Feral) works in a number if mediums, including photography, drawing and collage.


From some of these collages, I get the impression of the covers of old sci-fi novels. The quality of the images that she uses makes me think instantly that these come from very old copies of National Geographic or some such…

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Simplified Forms and Cubist References: Art by Ronnie Spiewak

A collage piece with black nature silhouettes on a white background

Roundup, collage on paper


Featured artist Ronnie Spiewak is an artist currently based in Riverdale, Maryland. Her works frequently combine collaged and painted elements, simplified forms and cubist references.


A painted and collaged screen made from boardLove Bugs, paint and collage on board

I rather enjoy Ronnie’s series of screens, in which the artist has created folding screens, each decorated with a pattern of abstractions and images. The use of negative space on these…

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Collage and Assemblage by Cynthia Aaron

A photo of an assemblage artwork made from various objectsQueen of Defeat (front view), mixed media

Our featured artist today is Cynthia Aaron. This artist works with a variety of materials to create her collage and assemblage works. Cynthia was born in Littlerock, Arkansas, and is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

An assemblage artwork composed mainly of white wood and threadAnd the Bride Wore... (front view), mixed media

Cynthia’s collage works incorporate images from a wide range of media, whether it’s images of women’s bodies from…

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Maps as a Medium: Art by Mark M. Garrett

A collage and gouache art piece depicting a map covered partially in dark waterSemolina Series, scissor-drawn collage and gouache

Mark M. Garrett, our featured artist today, lives and works in San Francisco, creating collaged works that often take maps as a medium. Sometimes he changes the topography of an existing map, adding swirling cut-out shapes and painting with watercolour or gouache, while at other times he uses maps completely out of context, transforming them into anatomical diagrams and other images.


A collage artwork depicting partial human anatomy

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Darkly Humorous Collages by Serena Stevens

A collage of a doll, a glass of milk, and a page from a book among other imagesDon't Want Anymore

Serena Stevens is a painter and collage artist who currently lives and works in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Serena’s paintings mimic collages, juxtaposing black and white images and settings with bright coloured figures and backgrounds. Each image seems to be based in several different eras at once, where elements of everyday life come together with unexpected consequences.


Two collaged and painted images of old women in various environmentsWith Age, oil and collage on panel

I find…

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Weird and Wonderful Collage by Eugenia Loli

A collaged image of a huge pair of Ray-Bans on a distant beachElysian Field, collage

Check out these surreal collages by Eugenia Loli! Loli currently lives and works in California. Her weird and wonderful collage illustrations focus on the human figure, often incorporating it into otherworldly scenarios.

A collaged image of a sheriff with flowers coming out of his headZimbardo, collage

In making her collages, Eugenia starts with a base image and then builds around it. Sometimes collaged images are placed so that they appear to take on the function of another…

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The Outdoors, Walking, and Maps: Art by Marilyn Joyce

A collage piece made of strips of a cut-up map glued to birch paperIntersections #4, map strips and cold wax on birch ply

Our featured artist today is Marilyn Joyce. Located just outside of Portland, Oregon, Marilyn currently focuses her art practice on the outdoors, walking, and maps. Her soft, evocative drawings on tea-coloured paper offer a nice compliment to her collages of fragmented maps.


An art piece made of different materials collaged on tea-stained paper to look like a map45122e8, ink, tea, coffee, pencil, casein and wax on Arches paper

Marilyn’s map collages look like birch…

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