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Speculative Tech: Art by Tom McDowell

A digital artwork of a mech on a landing padMech Delivery

Tom McDowell is London-based concept artist who works with ideas and aesthetics from science fiction. The artist’s works range from highly detailed three-dimensional models of space ships and other speculative tech, to more stylized drawings and character concepts.

A sketch of a futuristic characterUntitled, from Sci-Fi Doodles series


I’m really enjoying browsing through McDowell’s collection of “doodles” – though many are just a single…

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Concept Art and Storyboard Art by Hendrik Gericke

A floral wall mural designed with colored and black and white elementsRather Tart illustrated wallpaper

Hendrik Gericke creates concept art and storyboard art under his studio name The Flying Dutchman. Using mostly digital art techniques, Hendrick’s works set the stage for future polished animations, short films, and advertisements.


The Flying Dutchman art showreel


I enjoy seeing a collection of work that is so focused toward a final vision. Looking through Hendrick’s portfolio is like looking…

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Headlines: Louvre, Sobey and the Wall

1) French President Proposes Safe Storage for Threatened Artefacts

A photo of Francoise Hollande at the Louvre Lens


French president Francoise Hollande has proposed that Louvre may help to safely store artefacts that have been rescued from war-torn areas. The statement is relevant to the planning of the Paris museum’s new storage facility in Liévin, near the Louvre-Lens, a satellite museum located around 200 kilometers north of Paris. Hollande was opening an exhibition at the…

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Wildly Imaginative Realms: Concept Art by Ken Henderson

A characters design for a young cyborgMech Kid

Ken Henderson of Head Cheese Entertainment Inc. is an illustrator and concept artist who has worked a variety of high-profile projects in the video game and entertainment industries – he’s also our featured artist today! Ken’s works combine wildly imaginative realms with reality-grounded design.


A digitally rendered image of an angry yetiYeti Concept

While in our last feature we looked specifically at Ken’s concept art and worlds, I really like looking through…

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It Pays to Map Out Your Ideas: Original Disney Conceptual Art

map drawing of disneyland from aerial perspective


Check out these original art concepts that Walt Disney used to pitch his idea for Disneyland. These are the pieces of art that helped to wrangle investors to fund his unique vision. The ability to share your vision as an artist is highly valuable and can result in financial support for making a creative vision a reality. It's amazing to compare this concept art to what we now know as Disneyland.


2d map drawing of Disney Land


Image source [1]

Image source [2]

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