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Studio Sunday: Song-Ming Ang

A photo of Song-Ming Ang in his studio


Singaporean conceptual artist Song-Ming Ang is known for his work with music. Ang often utilizes actual music instruments in his practice, deconstructing and rebuilding them or forcing them into different configurations. The artist also frequently incorporates video, performance, and multimedia elements into his work.


Ang’s studio looks bright and clean, something like the studio spaces of other artists like Margaret Lee or

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Copyright and Ownership: Art by Jill Magid

A photograph of an installation piece by Jill MagidThe Offering/Tapete de Flores (installation view), natural and artificial flowers, dyed sawdust, salt, glue

American artist Jill Magid creates conceptual multimedia installations that deal with themes of copyright and ownership, as wel as the dissemination of information. Magid’s practice often incorporates performative aspects, with the artist communicating and forming relationships with various people who have access to certain…

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Hidden Signifiers: Art by Cameron McLellan

A mixed media artwork composed of planes of pigment and small marksSV8, graphite, acrylic, and gesso on canvas

Cameron McLellan is a Vancouver-based artist who works in traditional and conceptual media, exploring the hidden signifiers in the architecture and infrastructure of the city. In his recent works, Cameron has explored the tension between the old and the new, within a single building.

An installation view of a gradient panel in a gallery floorHastings + Carrall - installation view, acrylic on plywood (Interurban Gallery, Vancouver, BC)



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Visual Representation: Conceptual Art by Alinka Echeverria

A composite image of an ancient vaseUntitled (from Nicephoria)

Alinka Echeverria is a Mexican-British artist who works in multimedia, creating installations, photo-collage and more. Echeverria’s background in anthropology informs her practice, which explores different modes of visual representation.


A photo-collage of women's eyesUntitled (from Nicephoria)


One series of Echeverria’s recent work looks at the portrayal of the female figure in artwork. The field notes for the series, titled

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Headlines: Water, Dogs, STEAM

1) Artist Plans Sale of Flint Water

A video still of Pope.L discussing his Flint Water Project


Artist Pope.L is planning an ambitious piece of conceptual art for the Detroit-based gallery, What Pipeline. Pope.L’s project, descriptively titled Flint Water Project, will involve the bottling and sale of 1,200 individual bottles of water from Flint, Michigan, the town which has become infamous for its protracted struggle with area government to restore clean drinking and tap water. In order to…

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Studio Sunday: Anicka Yi

A photo of conceptual artist Anicka Yi in her studio


This Sunday we’re taking a look at the studio of Anicka Yi. Yi is originally from South Korea and now lives and works in New York. As a conceptual artist, Yi tends to work with unconventional materials, though she is perhaps best known for her work with fragrances, an exceedingly ethereal, yet pervasive mode of conveying information to the art viewer.


Given Yi’s penchant for unconventional methods and materials, it’s no…

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Writing, Performance, Installation: Art by Bogdan Cheta

Waiting Alone


Bogdan Cheta is an Alberta-based multidisciplinary artist whose body of work encompasses writing, performance, installation and conceptual thinking. Bogdan is a prolific creator whose portfolio is ever-evolving and difficult to pin down.


A photo of a woman making cologne from flowersCOLOGNE


I love the way Bogdan combines pure artistic experimentation with a sense of academic rigor in his artworks. His works address many different subjects, from introspective…

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Studio Sunday: General Idea

A photograph of General Idea's Toronto studio space


This Sunday, let’s look inside the studio and meeting space of Canadian art collective General Idea. General Idea comprised three artists: Felix Partz, Jorge Zontal and A.A. Bronson. They were active as a collective between 1968 and 1993, working in Toronto and New York.


Artistically, General Idea were highly conceptual, using formats like postcards, stamps, posters, balloons, often associated with advertising and popular media,…

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Installations and Assemblages by Monica Bovicini

A sculpture by Monica BoviciniPowder Belts, axe, black polyurethane, matt finish, leather belts, steel chains

Monica Bovicini was born in Italy and currently lives and works in Berlin. Bovicini’s recent installations and assemblages have featured heavy tools and belts, coated in black polyurethane.


A sculptural artwork by Monica BoviciniTight Cut, two chainsaws, black polyurethane, matt finish, leather belts, leather, wood


I rather enjoy the hard-edged, exaggerated masculinity that’s found in…

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Social and Sensory Experiences: Art by Pedro Reyes

An installation consisting of musical instruments made from decommissioned weaponsDisarm, instruments made from decommissioned weapons

Pedro Reyes is a conceptual artist from Mexico City. Using a wide range of materials and techniques, Reyes creates artworks that both create and comment upon social and sensory experiences.


Reyes’ artworks are often designed to be directly utilized or experienced by participants. For example, the 2013 work Cuerpomaticio takes the form of a box full of strange objects, made from…

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Headlines: Scion, Monopoly and Orlan

1) My Scion Gallery Challenges the Parameters of a Gallery Space

Abby Lloyd's Stephanie Goes for a Ride in the My Scion Gallery


Artists Taylor Hurley and Kathryn Knowlton have opened a gallery in the latter’s Toyota Scion. Dubbed the My Scion Gallery, or MSG, the Portland-based space has no fixed address, instead parking at a specified location for its openings. Those who wish to view the artwork are given a 10 minute ride in the Scion where the can properly observe the effect of the unstable…

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Headlines: Games, Trains and Shattered Statues

1) New Videogame Reads Players' Levels of Stress

Stills from the game Nevermind by Flying Mollusk

A new artistic videogame utilizes webcam and facial-recognition technology to detect a player’s level of anxiety, tailoring the game experience to freak them out as much as possible. The game, called Nevermind, is billed as a horror game but plays off the user’s anxiety in ever-evolving ways to create an immersive, sometimes therapeutic experience. Debuted at the Games for Change…

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Headlines: Frieze, the Getty and BP

1) White Woman Sues Getty for "Racial Discrimination" 

A detail from Rogier van der Weyden's painting Deposition

The Getty Foundation is being sued by a woman who claims that they unfairly rejected her application to an internship program. The woman, who is white, had applied to the Multicultural Undergraduate Internship Program - a program which, as the name would suggest, is explicitly intended to offer jobs to underrepresented minority groups. In a shamefully hilarious twist of irony,…

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Headlines: Hirst's Batcave, The T.RUMP Bus, and Hito Steyerl

1) Hirst to Construct Subterranean Batcave in London


A blueprint of Damien Hirst's proposed batcave under his London mansion



Damien Hirst is at it again, this time making headlines with a proposal to build a “batcave” under his mansion in London, England. While the artist’s plans for an underground lair have earned some derision from city officials, they have been nonetheless approved, and Hirst’s construction is set to go ahead in the near future. The subterranean expansion will reportedly…

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