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Headlines: Scion, Monopoly and Orlan

1) My Scion Gallery Challenges the Parameters of a Gallery Space

Abby Lloyd's Stephanie Goes for a Ride in the My Scion Gallery


Artists Taylor Hurley and Kathryn Knowlton have opened a gallery in the latter’s Toyota Scion. Dubbed the My Scion Gallery, or MSG, the Portland-based space has no fixed address, instead parking at a specified location for its openings. Those who wish to view the artwork are given a 10 minute ride in the Scion where the can properly observe the effect of the unstable…

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Headlines: Games, Trains and Shattered Statues

1) New Videogame Reads Players' Levels of Stress

Stills from the game Nevermind by Flying Mollusk

A new artistic videogame utilizes webcam and facial-recognition technology to detect a player’s level of anxiety, tailoring the game experience to freak them out as much as possible. The game, called Nevermind, is billed as a horror game but plays off the user’s anxiety in ever-evolving ways to create an immersive, sometimes therapeutic experience. Debuted at the Games for Change…

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Headlines: Frieze, the Getty and BP

1) White Woman Sues Getty for "Racial Discrimination" 

A detail from Rogier van der Weyden's painting Deposition

The Getty Foundation is being sued by a woman who claims that they unfairly rejected her application to an internship program. The woman, who is white, had applied to the Multicultural Undergraduate Internship Program - a program which, as the name would suggest, is explicitly intended to offer jobs to underrepresented minority groups. In a shamefully hilarious twist of irony,…

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Headlines: Hirst's Batcave, The T.RUMP Bus, and Hito Steyerl

1) Hirst to Construct Subterranean Batcave in London


A blueprint of Damien Hirst's proposed batcave under his London mansion



Damien Hirst is at it again, this time making headlines with a proposal to build a “batcave” under his mansion in London, England. While the artist’s plans for an underground lair have earned some derision from city officials, they have been nonetheless approved, and Hirst’s construction is set to go ahead in the near future. The subterranean expansion will reportedly…

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Interactive and Novel Media: Artworks by Serkan Ozkaya

A photo of two people lying on top of many foam figures in the bottom of a gallery spaceProletarier Aller Laender

Serkan Ozkaya is a conceptual artist who uses interactive and novel media to work outside of traditional gallery spaces, creating artworks that question the nature of art making. Ozkaya is especially interested in art appropriation and reproduction - issues concerning the true authorship of works.


Many of Ozkaya’s works take a political stance, such as Proletarier Aller Laender, an installation made up of…

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Academic Explorations: Art by M. Simon Levin

A diptych of photographs of waterfronts in Vancouver and DubaiXXXIX - Rubble-Creosote Diptych - visual for Maraya project

Our featured artist M. Simon Levin is based in Vancouver, BC. Simon’s works are conceptual and academic explorations of issues ranging from social and political to artistic and philosophical.


Maraya, a recent collaborative artwork by Simon, Henry Tsang and Glen Lowry, takes the form of a body of research more than a single tangible work or exhibition. Focused on the…

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Headlines: Guerilla Girls, David Bowie and Shadows

1) Guerilla Girls Appear on the Late Show



Noted feminist art collective the Guerilla Girls appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert Wednesday night, to discuss the ongoing battle for gender equality in the art world. The anonymous artists appeared on the show wearing their signature gorilla masks. Throughout the interview, the group continued to debunk notions that gender inequality and misogyny in art is a problem that’s…

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Installations in Natural Spaces by Tania Willard

A photo of an outdoor installation with a pound or hashtag symbol spray painted on the ground#BUSH, land marking spray paint on land

Our featured artist today is Tania Willard. Tania works in various media and also has a notable curatorial practice. Her works explore First Nations identity, recently using installations in natural spaces to address critical issues.


A fabric and chalk artwork featuring a highly stylized mask

Simluations, acrylic and chalk on printed cotton fabric

Tania’s ongoing collaborative work Bush Gallery explores an outdoor space through the lens of media…

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Traditional Meets Commercial : Art by Sonny Assu

A graphic image emulating a popular style, showing traditional indigenous art stylings.There Is Hope, If We Rise #3

Montreal-based artist Sonny Assu is well known for his body of work that uses the iconography of traditional indigenous art, while still working with contemporary materials and aesthetics, and tackling important, socially charged subject matter.


A series of prints on foam core, putting an activist spin on well-known cereal mascotsBreakfast Series, digital print, foam core


#NoFilter Artwork on Sonny Assu's website#NoFilter on

Much of Sonny’s materially varied work comes from a conceptual standpoint of…

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Contemporary Artist: Roman Ondak

A photograph of black sharpie on a white gallery wallMeasuring the Universe, performance


Roman Ondak is a Slovakian artist who specializes in performance and conceptual art. He doesn’t necessarily produce his works in a studio, but rather composes them, often with large groups of people, sometimes in a gallery and sometimes in public.


A photo of a series of sculptural representations of satellitesEnter the Orbit, installation


One of Ondak’s most famous pieces is called Measuring the Universe. In this piece, Ondak takes the white walls of…

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Nearly Abstract Works by Daniel Fleming

abstract painting of a manA Wise Man Once Stayed Silent, acrylic and pastel on canvas

Daniel Fleming creates expressive, nearly abstract works that use a naïve style yet are conceptually dense. In his artist’s statement, Daniel discusses his desire to create accessible, relevant art that will speak to as many people as possible. His artwork suggests an interesting approach to these goals. The almost childlike execution of his images adds a familiarity to the…

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