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Aesthetic Tension: Art by Angelika Merkul

A photo of an art installation by Angelika MarkulUntitled (from Excavations of the Future)

Angelika Markul is a multi-media and installation artist who currently lives and works between France and Poland. Markul’s recent works have focused on a sense of aesthetic tension between bright, clean neon lights and dark, heavy sculptural materials.

An installation photo of Angelika Markul's Excavations of the FutureUntitled (from Excavations of the Future)


Markul’s recent show exhibition, Excavations of The Future features a number of sculptural…

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Surreal Masks: Ceramic Sculpture by Johnson Tsang

A wall-hanging sculpture of a face by Johnson TsangOpen Mind II

Sculptor Johnson Tsang deals with distorted versions of the human form, creating incredibly detailed yet surreal masks and bodily figures in ceramic. Tsang frequently employs childlike figures with cartoonishly large heads that tend to produce a sense of unease in the viewer.


A distorted face ceramic sculptureOpen Mind IV


Tsang exhibits an amazing level of control over his medium. His ceramic faces are generally pale, and sculpted with a sense of…

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Painting on Water: Art by Kim Keever

An artwork made by dropping paint into waterAbstract 29039

Kim Keever is a former NASA intern who turned to art in a wildly innovative fashion by painting on water. Using a 200-gallon fish tank as the starting point for each work, Keever submerges paint pigments and other materials into the tank, captures the unique interactions between water and art materials with a camera.

An artwork by Kim Keever depicting eroding mountainsEroding Mountains 8286


Looking at these works, it’s clear that Keever has a good working knowledge of…

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Interactive Netting Projects by Toshiko Horiuchi-MacAdam

A photo of a netting project by Toshiko Horiuchi-MacAdamTakino Rainbow Nest (Installation view at Takino Suzuran National Park, Hokkaido, Japan)


Toshiko Horiuchi-MacAdam is a textile artist who has been producing interactive netting projects since the 1970s. In the 1990’s, Horiuchi-MacAdam founded Interplay Design and Manufacturing in Newfoundland, Canada with her husband, and continues to produces these huge interactive sculptures through the company.

A photo of a net project installed in Hakone, JapanHakone Forest Net (Installation…

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Monolithic Abstractions: Sculpture by Robert Schad

A steel sculpture by Robert SchadDureik, solid square steel

Robert Schad is a steel sculptor who divides his time between France and Portugal. Creating large, monolithic abstractions for both outdoor and indoor settings, Schad projects a view of steel as unexpectedly malleable and flowing.

An installation view of two Robert Schad sculptures in a galleryMevel/Pokinak (installation view), solid square steel


I love Schad’s gallery-based artworks, in which the artist seems to “draw”, with steel. Schad often utilizes what looks…

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Representations of Women: Art by Becky Kolsrud

A painting by Becky KolsrudDouble Portrait (Moon), oil on canvas

Becky Kolsrud was born in Los Angeles, California, and is currently based there where she creates works of painting and mixed media with a focus on representations of women. Kolsrud often draws from stock or catalogue images as visual inspiration for her figures, creating artworks with a sense of tension between advertising constructs and organic forms.


A series of three paintings by Becky KolsrudHeads and Gates (installation view at Tif…

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Interactive, Tactile Experiences: Art by Liz Nurenberg

A soft sculpture by Liz NurenbergUntitled (from Body, Object, Body, Mark)


California-based artist Liz Nurenberg is known for her textile works that create interactive, tactile experiences for the viewer. Intent on challenging the notion that art must be kept pristine and untouched in a gallery space, Nurenberg creates works that are designed to be handled and played with.


A photo of a sculpture by Liz NurenbergUntitled (from Conversation Pieces) photo by Jeff McLane

Nurenberg’s sculptures sometimes…

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Vivid, Psychedelic Dreamscapes: Art by Android Jones

A digital artwork depicting a male figure hidden in thick layers of colorGabrieal


Android Jones is a digital artist who translates vivid, psychedelic dreamscapes into highly detailed artworks. Jones combines skillful realism with a mathematical eye for color and pattern, creating images that explore the boundaries of imagination.

A digital artwork of a tiger running through a fractal landscapeSwallow Tail


I really love the way Jones combines intricate fractals with representational imagery and figures. More of than not, the artist’s works deal with spiritual and…

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Aesthetics of Architecture: Art by Margaret Griffith

A photograph of an installation by Margaret GriffithCommonwealth, handcut paper (installation view at Craft and Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles, CA)

Margaret Griffith is originally from Winston Salem, North Carolina. Griffith draws on the aesthetics of architecture, using elements like wrought-iron and chain-link fencing to build up new and different sculptural forms.


A sculpture made from twisted copper cut into curling shapesDerby, copper


Griffith creates sculptures, as well as drawings and public works. I’m quite taken by her sculptural…

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Medium of Spider Webs: Art by Michael Anthony Simon

A photo of a spider web lacquered by Michael Anthony SimonSmile 10.5.2013.17:47:57, lacquer on Nephila Clavata spider web

Michael Anthony Simon is from Chicago but relocated to South Korea in 2009. Still based in the Korean countryside, Simon has taken to the unusual medium of spider webs to form the substrate for his lacquered sculptural works.


A pair of spider webs that have been lacquered in pink and yellow huesPink and Yellow in Excited States, lacquer on Nephila Clavata spider web

While the process and idea of using spider webs in artwork is fascinating…

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Astrological Figures: Art by Jesse Bransford

A mixed media artwork by Jesse BransfordSic Itur Ad Astra, acrylic paint, watercolor, and ink on paper

New York-based artist Jesse Bransford creates illustrative images that often feature esoteric concepts and astrological figures, blending splashy, abstracted painting techniques with ruled lines and an almost mathematical sensibility.


A mixed media artwork featuring the outline of a tarot cardThe Door (Atu 18), acrylic paint, watercolor, and graphite on paper


I enjoy the partly minimalist, flatly-colored style that Bransford…

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Light as Circular Figures: Painting by Randall Stoltzfus

A painting by Randall StoltzfusCorona, acrylic dispersion with gold leaf on recycled polymer canvas

Randall Stoltzfus grew up in rural Virginia and later studied painting in Washington, D.C. His current practice is focused on detailed landscape paintings that view light as circular figures, creating paintings that sit somewhere between abstraction and figuration.


A painting with many overlapping circles of a blue gradientStorybook, acrylic dispersion with gold leaf on recycled polymer


Stoltzfus’ method of dividing the…

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Stylized Standing Figures: Sculpture by Gosia

A sculpture of a standing figure with painted-on featuresBeneath the Waves, polymer gypsum

Gosia is a sculptor who was born in Poland and now lives and works in Toronto, Ontario. The artist’s works often take the form of highly stylized standing figures, created with simple, pale human forms embellished with moments of color and added materials to elevate them to a new conceptual level.


A sculpture of two standing figures with blue paintInto the Ocean, polymer gypsum


I really love how much Gosia is able to convey using fairly clean and…

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Shifts in Identity: Art by Hayv Kahraman

A painting of disjointed figures on raw linenAsk one prisoner to come close to translate for another, oil on linen

Hayv Kahraman was born in Baghdad, Iraq, and is now based in Los Angeles. Her artworks often express her early experiences as an Iraqi refugee and the shifts in identity associated with coming to the United States. Kahraman’s works take the form of figurative paintings and abstract sculptures, with occasional overlap between the two styles.


A painting by Hayv KahramanHouse in Gaylani, oil…

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Light, Shadow, and Texture: Art by Arantzazu Martinez

A painting of a woman in a white dress by Arantzazu MartinezVedma, oil on wood

Arantzazu Martinez is a painter originally from Vitoria, Spain and currently residing in New York. The artist is known for her photo-realistic figurative paintings that play with light, shadow, and texture to create sumptuously deep images.


A painting of a tree growing out of a rocky outcroppingHideout, oil on linen


I’m quite amazed by not only the artist’s skill in painting the fine details of an image, but also with her range in subject matter. Martinez’s…

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