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Exploring the Present: Art by Basel Abbas and Ruanna Abou-Rahme

A multimedia work with images on a blue backgroundAnd yet my mask is powerful 2, 3D-printed masks, tables, corkboards, documents, images, drawings, books, tools, cardboard boxes, wooden pallet, bricks, dried plants, pine branches, burnt wood, log, rocks, house remains/foundations, broken ceramics, garbage, mini projections

Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme are an artistic duo specializing in video installations and media works. The artists’ body of work revolves around exploring the…

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The Importance of Form: Art by Keshav Ramaswami



Designer, musician and artist Keshav Ramaswami creates work under the studio name AA/K/AA/R/A, a stylized form of a Sanskrit word which roughly translates into English as “formation.” Certainly, Ramaswami’s entire portfolio speaks to the importance of form.




I really enjoy the monochromatic, ultra-modern aesthetic of much of the art and design in Ramaswami’s portfolio.…

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American Wastelands: Art by Marc Trujillo

A painting of a Costco interiorUntitled


Los Angeles artist Marc Trujillo paints portraits of American wastelands. Trujillo’s delicately rendered images of wholesale stores, fast-food restaurants, and gas stations are somehow stately, yet desolate.

A painting of a strip of road with fast food restaurantsUntitled

Trujillo’s paintings are quite impressive in the level of detail that the artist is able to capture. The paintings of Costco interiors in the artist’s North American Purgatory series are especially…

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Pared-Down Cubism: Art by Rob Bailey

An illustration of various product bottles on a neutral backgroundSake Beauty product

U.K.-based illustrator Rob Bailey specializes in clean lines and large planes of color. The artist’s highly contemporary mode of pared-down cubism lends itself to editorial and advertising purposes, to which Bailey is no stranger.

A digital artwork depicting Kirk and Spock from Star TrekKirk & Spock (Zeit Magazin)


I quite enjoy the overall upbeat tone of Bailey’s illustrations. Though the subject matter varies widely from lighthearted to more serious, and while each…

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Contemplative Alterations: Art by Stev'nn Hall

A mixed media artwork based on a photograph of flowersFALLEN GRACE No. 2, photography, acrylic, and ink on birch panel

Stev’nn Hall is a Toronto-based mixed media artist. The artist’s recent landscape works center on familiar places, taking a photographic base to which the artist adds his own contemplative alterations, aiming to produce a particular mood.

A painting of clouds rising over a blue skyFEVER DREAM No. 3, photography, oil, and ink on birch panel

The recent landscape works in Hall’s portfolio seem to reference…

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Delicately Composed: Painting by Pang Jiun

A painting of a setting on a Chinese riverGuilin Scenery, oil on canvas

Pang Jiun is a Taiwanese painter whose works take a contemporary approach to traditional Chinese painting styles and subject matter. Jiun’s works are delicately composed and tend toward very desaturated color schemes.

A painting of misty mountains surrounding a riverMisty Mountains, oil on canvas


I love the sense of calm in most of Jiun’s works – natural landscapes and architecture feature prominently, but the images are devoid of human figures…

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Pop-Culture and Fantasy Figures: Painting by Clark Filio

A painting of a ghostly bicycle by Clark FilioUntitled

Clark Filio is a New York-based painter who works with a loose figurative style. Filio’s paintings of late have been concerned with depicting pop-culture and fantasy figures, drawing from a cinematic color palette and sense of composition.


A painting of a character from the TV series, Twin PeaksUntitled


I really enjoy the level of detail that Filio incorporates into his paintings – his style is a little splashy, and absolutely gestural, but with enough fine detail to…

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Social Constructs: Art by Devin M. Morris

A collage by Devin N. MorrisUntitled, collage

Devin N. Morris creates colorful collages, as well as media works in photography and video. Morris uses his practice to express and deconstruct American social constructs in the context of his own experience as a queer black man.


A collage in black and grey by Devin N. MorrisUntitled, collage


Collages build up spaces, with small, abstracted figures – the figures in the collages are usually all monochromatic or patterned, and seem to interact loosely with a…

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Vast Ink Drawings by Manabu Ikeda

A pen and ink drawing by Manabu IkedaRebirth, pen and ink

Japanese artist Manabu Ikeda is known for vast ink drawings on a scale rarely seen in this traditional media. Encompassing cascades of small details and figures, Ikeda’s works reveal themselves over time, on prolonged viewings.


A huge pen and ink drawing of a Japanese sceneHistory of Rise and Fall, pen and ink


It’s very impressive that all of this is done in the relatively simple medium of pen and ink. Each artwork takes a central station on the paper…

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Visual Representation: Conceptual Art by Alinka Echeverria

A composite image of an ancient vaseUntitled (from Nicephoria)

Alinka Echeverria is a Mexican-British artist who works in multimedia, creating installations, photo-collage and more. Echeverria’s background in anthropology informs her practice, which explores different modes of visual representation.


A photo-collage of women's eyesUntitled (from Nicephoria)


One series of Echeverria’s recent work looks at the portrayal of the female figure in artwork. The field notes for the series, titled

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Ghostly Portraits: Watercolors by Graham Dean

A watercolor painting of a figure holding up a digital screenScreen

Watercolor painter Graham Dean utilizes the blotches and washed-out fields created by his medium to produce ghostly portraits and figurative paintings. Combining watercolor techniques with collage, Dean makes images that are imbued with a sense of mystery and wonder.


A watercolor collage of a marathon runner590

The artist produces traditional watercolors with an interesting technique, painting separate sheets of paper with different colors and thicknesses of…

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Astronauts and Dinosaurs: Painting by Scott Listfield

A painting of an astronaut in front of a terrestrial structureSutro, oil on canvas

Scott Listfield is a painter from Boston, Massachusetts, who specializes in the seemingly anachronistic subjects of astronauts and dinosaurs. Listfield’s realistic painting style takes on a surreal edge where the artist includes sly nods to classic science fiction, comic books, and his own imagination.


A painting of an astronaut in front of a strange geometric formationWinter Moon, oil on canvas


I really love the amount of detail and care that Listfield seems to put into each…

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Delectable Treats: Illustration by Kendall Hillegas

A drawing of two colorful ice cream coneTwo Ice Cream Cones, mixed media on Rives BFK

Kendyll Hillegas is an artist and illustrator based in Boston. Hillegas’ current practice focuses on photorealistic images of delectable treats like candy and ice cream, with the artist seeking to explore the narrative properties of food.

A drawing of three lollipopsNeon Lollipops, mixed media on Rives BFK


I’m really impressed by the level of detail even in the texture of these foods – things like hard candy…

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Delicate Star Fields by Lemat Works

A gif image by Lemat WorksSuper Meteor

Lemat Works is a .GIF artist who produces delicate star fields and abstract images that move and glitter through animation. Based in Japan, the artist also produces designs for accessories and works of sound art.


A gif image of golden stars fallingGolden Stars


Lemat often creates their .GIF works within a grid-like structure, often on a black background covered in a web of colored or white points, stars, and other small shapes. The resulting images have…

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Spheres of Color: Art by Anai Greog

An artwork by Anai GreogTrue Thoughts

Anai Greog is an artist and illustrator who creates colorful geometric worlds. Greog’s artworks function as self-contained spheres of color and shape, with bright, unshaded hues overlapping and interacting to create a sense of evolution and movement within the image.


A digital artwork within a rounded picture planeBeyond the Shape


I like the cohesiveness of the artist’s portfolio overall – while the shapes and colors in Greog’s works may vary, the artist…

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