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The Search for Meaning: Art by Laura Berger

A painting of several people waving patterned blanketsCeremonies for the Self

Chicago-based artist Laura Berger creates artworks that explore the search for meaning on a personal, human scale as well as on a larger, societal one. The works are figurative and tend to feature simplified human forms interacting with minimalist backgrounds and objects.


A painting patterned with similar naked human figuresTides


Though she works in many media including digital art, painting and sculpture, I find that her paintings are where Berger’s style…

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Ultra-Simplified Style: Illustration by Ben Wiseman

An illustration of a man's legs stepping on a woman's hands on a ladderUntitled

Ben Wiseman is an artist and graphic illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY.  His bright, ultra-simplified style has graced the covers of magazines including TIME and Newsweek.


I’m really impressed by Wiseman’s ability to convey an idea in the most concise possible image. A majority of his graphic works feature a single subject placed in the center of a monochromatic plane. Oftentimes, the subject itself will be reduced to a…

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Odd Facets of the Human Form: Art by Evelyn Bencicova

A photograph of a model from behindUntitled

Evelyn Bencicova was born in Bratislava, Slovakia and is currently studying art in Vienna. Working mainly with photography, Bencicova’s artworks capture the odd facets of the human form in stark view with bits and pieces of added detail.


A photograph of numerous figures in an academic theatreASYMPTOTE, collaboration with Adam Csoka Keller

In some of her recent artworks, Bencicova has been experimenting with coating the body in a type of visual “second skin,” a coat of wax…

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Scenes From Science Fiction: Digital Art by Beau Wright

A digital artwork combining mountains with rendered curvesFalls

Atlanta-based digital artist Beau Wright – working under the pseudonym Aspen Excel - creates surreal objects and scenes, using fragments of earthly phenomena and digitally rendered elements. The resulting works have the effect of incredible scenes from science fiction.


A digital artwork incorporating geometric shapes, rocks and treesTwister

I really love the blend of natural and synthetic textures present in each of Wright’s works. In recent pieces, the artist seems to display an…

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Mythology With a Modern Twist: Illustration by Camille Chew

A lithograph and acrylic painting of the Gatekeeper moon deityThe Gatekeeper, lithograph and acrylic


Camille Chew is a New York-based illustrator whose works focus on themes of fantasy and dark magic. The artist’s works are packed with visual symbolism and stylized figures that blend mythology with a modern twist.


A tarot card of The Empress designed by Camille ChewThe Empress, digital illustration

I’m really a fan of the style that Chew employs to create her illustrations. The elements of each image are rendered in a very two-dimensional…

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Detailed Yet Quiet Illustrations by Manjit Thapp

A page from a silent comic by Manjit ThappSilent Comic (detail)

Manjit Thapp is a UK-based illustrator whose detailed yet quiet illustrations range in application from book covers to comics to fashion designs. Utilizing a combination of figurative drawing and abstracted shapes and scenarios, the artist creates images that depict the everyday with a slightly dreamlike edge.


A fashion illustration by Manjit Thapp for Miu MiuMiu Miu/ Pre Fall '16


I find Thapp’s comic works quite charming – the artist is very good at…

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Casual Strokes of Color: Art by Blair Prentice

An illustration composed of colors laid over a photograph of a personUntitled, illustration

Blair Prentice is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in New York. Working in the fields of illustration, graphic design, photography, and art direction, Blair works in a distinctly illustrative style, marrying bright, casual strokes of color with sketchy line art.


In his painted works, Blair favors small details and forms packed with small details. I like the way the artist chooses to forgo strict…

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1920s and 30s Aesthetic: Painting by Jared Joslin

A painting of a flapper girl in a carnival shooting galleryShooting Gallery, oil on canvas

Jared Joslin is a painter, originally from Fort Collins, Colorado. The artist is skilled in realistic painting, and has a particular affinity for the American 1920’s and 30’s aesthetic.


I really enjoy the way that Jared combines his nods to bygone eras with more modern painting techniques and color schemes. Many of his images focus on a centrally-placed figure, with darkened backgrounds and dramatic…

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Mechanical Animals: Art by Jessica Joslin

A sculpture of a turtle made from animal bones and gold detailsUntitled


Jessica Joslin combines an arts background with training in the professional trades to create her fascinating mechanical animals. Sculpted from real and replica animal bones, as well as metals, wood and altered found materials, Jessica’s sculptures are equal parts eerie and ornate.


I find Jessica’s constructions really incredible. Each sculpture is fabricated expertly, with almost no evidence of the artist’s hand.…

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Vintage Cartoon Aesthetics: Drawing by Jeff Ladouceur

A drawing by Jeff LadouceurUntitled, ink and graphite on paper

Jeff Ladouceur is an artist who specializes in surreal drawings and illustrations that seem inspired by vintage cartoon aesthetics. Working primarily in ink and graphite on paper, Jeff creates works that are quiet, yet have an air of drama.


A drawing by Jeff LadoucuerUntitled, ink and graphite on paper


It’s nice to spend time with Jeff’s works, as they definitely reward a lingering viewer. While they may seem simple on…

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Kinetic Bubble Machines by David Medalla

A bubble machine work by David MedallaCloud Canyons No. 25, plexiglass tubing, motor pumps, alloy, water, detergent

David Medalla was a child prodigy, lecturing at the University of the Phillipines at the age of 12, then went to New York to study philosophy and Greek drama at the age of 14. Now based in London, New York and Paris, the artist is known for his kinetic bubble machines among a wide range of different media and materials.


A photo of David Medalla's Sand MachineSand Machine, polished copper and…

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Contradictory Characteristics: Sculpture by Romain Langlois

A sculpture of a wood plank with fabric-like foldsChevron

French sculptor Romain Langlois takes natural forms and adds contradictory characteristics. Combining the materiality of multiple objects into one form, Langlois’ sculptures are frequently worthy of double-takes.


A sculpture of a stone with a molten coreAttraction de L'Espace, bronze

In some of Langlois' most well-known works, natural forms like boulders and logs are imbued with a surreal beauty in the form of what looks like molten gold erupting from their cores.…

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Experimental Textile Techniques by Benjamin Shine

A portrait of Obama made from a flag woven through meshChanging States, single retired U.S. flag woven through nylon mesh

Benjamin Shine uses experimental textile techniques to create stunning and original works of portraiture. Shine frequently takes well-known public figures as his subjects, rendering them in a new and interesting light.


A fabric painting of Audrey HepburnAudrey Hepburn, acrylic net fabric through eyelets on red fabric


Most recently, the artist gained some internet attention for his “paintings,”…

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Cute and Creepy: Art by Megan Majewski

A painting of a winged skeletal woman in a pink forestAntheia, acrylic on wood

Vancouver-based artist Megan Majewski’s practice is informed by a love for all things cute and creepy, as well as the artist’s background in computer animation. Majewski’s artworks often feature cartoonish, goth-girl figures and spooky motifs such as skulls and spider webs.


The exaggerated style that Majewski uses to render her figures showcases a dramatic, artistic flair with a basis of solid anatomical…

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