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Borrowing Formal Aspects: Art by John Dante Bianchi

A sculptural painting by John Dante BianchiTorqued Panel, acrylic and aluminum on panel

John Dante Bianchi is a mixed-media artist whose paintings, sculptures and installations occasionally blur together, borrowing formal aspects from one another. Recently, Bianchi has been working in a subdued yet warm color palette, while playing with the structure of traditional painting.


A sculptural painting with a pinkish wash on its surfaceTorqued Panel, acrylic and aluminum on panel

In Bianchi’s recent works, the idea of the canvas as a…

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Environmental Hopes and Fears: Art by Kate Shaw

A painting by Kate ShawFjallkonen (mountain woman), acrylic and resin on board

Kate Shaw is an Australian artist who uses innovative techniques to create intensely colorful abstract landscapes that explore our environmental hopes and fears. Using acrylic paint along with various mixed media, Shaw’s works have a unique, otherworldly texture.


A painting made by cutting sections of dried acrylicAphrodite (Mururoa: France), acrylic and resin on board

Shaw’s process reminds me a little of the way Helen…

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Collaged and Sewn Compositions by Erika Hickle

A photograph of an artwork by Erika Hickle


Erika Hickle lives and works in New York. Her large, collaged and sewn compositions often feature hand-painted text and female figures, fragmented and abstracted until they are difficult to recognize.


A photo of an artwork by Erika Hickle


Hickle’s recent works are mostly in black and white, and are quite large – though instead of being imposing, each wall-hanging work is draped lazily in place apparently on the verge of collapsing under its own weight. I like…

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Gigantic Photo Prints by Andreas Gursky

A photograph by Andreas Gursky of an Amazon distribution centerAmazon


Photographer Andreas Gursky is known for his gigantic photo prints of landscapes and architectural features. Gursky tends to photograph his subjects from high vantage points, offering panoramic viewpoints of his subjects.


Gursky’s works often showcase interiors or exteriors with similar forms that appear in repeating patterns. His recent photographs, for example, include interior images of an Amazon distribution center and…

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Installations and Assemblages by Monica Bovicini

A sculpture by Monica BoviciniPowder Belts, axe, black polyurethane, matt finish, leather belts, steel chains

Monica Bovicini was born in Italy and currently lives and works in Berlin. Bovicini’s recent installations and assemblages have featured heavy tools and belts, coated in black polyurethane.


A sculptural artwork by Monica BoviciniTight Cut, two chainsaws, black polyurethane, matt finish, leather belts, leather, wood


I rather enjoy the hard-edged, exaggerated masculinity that’s found in…

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Bright, Experimental Artworks by Eduardo Infante

A diptych by Eduardo InfantePaintings in Love: El Mar Es Más Que El Cielo, acrylic on canvas/ pastel, tape and spray on cardboard

Eduardo Infante is a mixed media artist from Spain. Using a variety of types of paint as well as other materials, he creates bright, experimental artworks that combine figure-making with splashy abstraction.


A mixed media artwork by Eduardo InfanteMyth, oil, collage and digital print on paper

In many of his works, Infante uses a very loose, almost naïve style, utilizing…

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Cartoons and Expressionism: Art by Ryan Coleman

A painting by Ryan ColemanGenesis (Purple Cloud), oil and acrylic on canvas

Ryan Coleman’s paintings are inspired by classic cartoons and expressionism. Having worked in animation for a short period, Coleman infuses his paintings with an aesthetic that comes straight out of a pre-digital animation studio.


A Cel Painting by Ryan ColemanPeek, ink and acrylic on acetate and paper


I really enjoy looking at Coleman’s Cel Paintings series. While the works are abstract, they feature…

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Installations of Pure Light by Anthony McCall

A photo of a New York installation by Anthony McCallDoubling Back, Installation view at the 2004 Whitney Biennial. Photo by Hank Graber

Anthony McCall is an artist who creates sculptural installations of pure light. Born in England and currently based in New York, McCall has exhibited his volumetric light objects all over the world.


An installation by Anthony McCall at Sean Kelly GalleryFace to Face, installation view at Sean Kelly Gallery, New York


I’m really amazed by McCall’s use of a medium that few would consider for this type…

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Stark Yet Stylized: Photography by Shirin Neshat

A photograph of a female figure with Arabic writingNida (Patriots), from The Book of Kings series

Ink on LE silver gelatin print 


Photographer and filmmaker Shirin Neshat was born in Iran and now lives and works in New York. The artist’s photographs offer stark yet stylized portrayals of middle-eastern culture.


I enjoy the bold contrast that appears in many of Neshat’s photos. Portraiture factors strongly into the artist’s portfolio. Sometimes she creates straightforward,…

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Obtuse Categorizations: Art by Marco Maggi

A wall collage made from small white stickersAbecedario Venecia (detail), sticker mosaic, archival stickers on museum board

Marco Maggi was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, and now splits his time between Uruguay and New York. The artist’s works act like obtuse categorizations and utilize mundane and temporal materials including office paper, tinfoil and apples.


An art installation of pencils holding strings against a wallPutin's Pencils (detail), 9 Soviet-era color pencils and bowstrings


I enjoy Maggi’s paper works – they tend…

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Wire Sketches: Sculptures by David Oliveira

A wire sculpture that looks like a drawing of a womanUntitled

Born in Lisbon, Portugal, David Oliveira is a sculptor who is known for his wire sketches that mimic rough drawings in three dimensions. These sculptures function only when seen at a particular angle, and otherwise dissolve into abstraction.


A wire sculpture created around a chair to look like a woman sittingUntitled


I’m really impressed by the attention to detail in Oliveira’s works. Looking at online images of these, some of them definitely achieve the look of a drawing hastily…

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Expressionism With Minimalism: Art by Heike-Karin Foell

An abstract painting with splashy blue marksNature is a Style

Contemporary artist Heike-Karin Foell currently lives and works in Berlin, creating abstract paintings that blend expressionism with minimalism. In her exhibitions, Foell has been known to display her paintings alongside found objects and books that offer conceptual clues.


A painting made with deep blue colors and fast marks#3

Foell tends to paint on raw canvas, using thinned painted layered on in loose, gestural brush marks. Though the work is truly abstract, each…

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Delicately Detailed Illustrative Paintings by Goto Atsuko

A painting of a woman with green hair among red flowersAsobi No Tochu, cotton cloth, glue, pigments, gum arabic, ink, lapis lazuli

Japanese artist Goto Atsuko creates delicately detailed illustrative paintings, often featuring somber-looking female faces. Using a pale, desaturated color scheme and great attention to fine details, the artist builds up cold, ethereal beauty.


A painting of a human face wrapped in vines and other foliageDream Monster V, cotton cloth, glue, pigments, gum arabic, ink, lapis lazuli

Atsuko uses an interesting range of…

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Perfectly Sketchy: Artworks by Will Barras

A black and white drawing of a figure and a large black catUntitled

Illustrator Will Barras’ artworks are rendered in a perfectly sketchy fashion, with contoured lines curling like tendrils of smoke to form objects and figures. The artist works with deep, saturated colors, as well as sketchbook offerings in black and white.


An outdoor mural by Will BarrasOutdoor Mural


The sense of movement in Barras’ sketchbook artworks is quite wonderful, where different figures seem interconnected by the same lines, and the…

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Symbolically Figurative Works by Caitlin Keogh

A painting of a blue figure with leaves emerging from itUntitled (Leaves), acrylic on canvas

Caitlin Keogh is a painter and illustrator who’s symbolically figurative works dredge up the uncomfortable parts of fashion and femininity.


A painting of a headless figure in a suitThe Guest Lecturer

Female figures often appear in Keogh’s paintings, though they tend to be headless or otherwise removed from all humanity, becoming objects as much as any other items that appear in the images. The artist often makes visual allusions to…

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