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Paintings of Mosh Pits by Dan Witz

A painting by Dan Witz of a packed mosh pitBrite Nite 1, oil on canvas

Dan Witz is a New York-based painter and street artist whose work often takes the form of shadowy, or high-contrast paintings that emulate interior nighttime lighting. Witz is well-known for his series of paintings of mosh pits, where crowds of detailed figures collide across the canvas.


A painting by Dan Witz of a lamp against a dark red curtainEcono Lodge, oil and mixed media on canvas

I find Witz’s mosh pit paintings really interesting, both in the choice of…

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Interactive and Novel Media: Artworks by Serkan Ozkaya

A photo of two people lying on top of many foam figures in the bottom of a gallery spaceProletarier Aller Laender

Serkan Ozkaya is a conceptual artist who uses interactive and novel media to work outside of traditional gallery spaces, creating artworks that question the nature of art making. Ozkaya is especially interested in art appropriation and reproduction - issues concerning the true authorship of works.


Many of Ozkaya’s works take a political stance, such as Proletarier Aller Laender, an installation made up of…

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Delicate Food Portraits by Joel Penkman

A realistic painting of a gelatin dessert with whipped cream on topSummer Fruit Jelly, egg tempera on gesso board

Illustrator Joel Penkman specializes in delicate food portraits, often featuring classically British and American snack foods and sweets. Penkman was born in 1979 in New Zealand, and later moved to the UK to work as a graphic designer and artist.


An egg tempera painting of two ice cream cones with fudge and caramelIce Creams 3, egg tempera on gesso board

I love the attention to detail that Penkman gives to his works. Whether it’s taking care to depict…

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Construction and Form: Photography by Bernd and Hilla Becher

A set of nine photos depicting similar framework housesFramework Houses Slate

Bernd and Hilla Becher were a German conceptual photography duo particularly known for their grid-patterned photographic multiples of buildings and industrial structures. The majority of the works from the pair are in black and white and seem to focus intently on the construction and form of man-made objects.


The duo married in 1961 when they were both working as freelance photographers for an advertising…

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Illustrations for a Digital Age by Sachin Teng

An illustration of a woman with floral patterned skinDysphoria, illustration for Supersonic Electronic Annual

Sachin Teng is an artist and illustrator from New York. Teng holds a BFA in Communication Design from the Pratt institute. The artist’s practice is packed with bright, poppy illustrations for a digital age.


A digital illustration of a decaying bionic armBionic Decay, illustration for MIT Tech Review

Teng has provided illustrations for a variety of well-known publications including the New Yorker, Popular Mechanics, Wired…

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Light in Spaces: Installations by James Turrell

A light installation using natural and artificial white lightVeils

James Turrell is an installation artist who, in recent years, has developed a style that celebrates light in spaces. Turrell’s installations are often minimal, using lights in single saturated colours or complimentary colour combinations to create different moods and feelings within a space.


While the artist equally favors bright, neon colours and natural lighting, I really enjoy the works where Turrell enhances the qualities…

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Oddly-Shaped Canvases: Art by Tomokazu Matsuyama

A diptych on two irregularly shaped canvsesMother Ship, acrylic and mixed media on canvas

Tokyo-born Tomokazu Matsuyama is a painter who works with bright colours and oddly-shaped canvases to create works that really draw the viewer in. Matsuyama is currently based in New York.


A simplified robot shaped like the BuddhaBuddhamaton, wood, electronic motor, acrylic, metal, styrofoam, paper

 In conjunction with a sculptural and installation-based practice that uses equally bright colours and simplified, pop-culture…

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Intangible Concepts: Art by Ryan Gander

A bronzed pair of old sneakersYour Nostalgia

Ryan Gander chooses to focus on intangible concepts rather than the physicality of his works, and as such, has a practice that is extremely conceptual and equally varied in terms of medium.


In some cases, his materials mimic others, for example in I Is…, a marble sculpture of an unidentifiable mass blanketed by a white shroud. In another work, a pair of animatronic cartoon eyes is set into the wall of the gallery,…

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Alien Monoliths: Art by Dan Corson

An outdoor sculpture with several monolithic structures lit with coloured LEDsNepenthes Paisleyi, painted fibreglass, steel, LED's, sensors, GFRC

Public and installation artist Dan Corson creates large indoor and outdoor forms that look like alien monoliths. Often using curved, bulbous shapes and incorporating coloured lights, Corson’s installations are thoroughly modern.


In his indoor installation works, Corson plays with the space of the gallery itself, using lighting structures and phosphorescent materials…

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Dark and Complex: Art by Yusk Imai

A mixed media image of a bull composed on multiple imagesTake Control, mixed media on canvas


Yusk Imai is a self-taught visual artist who is currently based in Berlin. The artist’s mixed-media artworks are dark and complex, usually depicting animal forms made from human elements, or vice versa.


Each of these works carries a certain dream-like quality, particularly in the ways that the images seem to shift, growing more complex or apparently changing their meaning entirely with multiple…

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Surreal and Sculptural Paintings by Jordan Kasey

A strange painting of a person huddled under a beach umbrellaperson under a blue umbrella, oil on canvas


Contemporary artist Jordan Kasey is a painter who creates surreal and sculptural paintings, usually dealing in some way with the human body. Her latest works offer looks at human-esque forms that are proportionally skewed and off-coloured into abstraction, yet still, oddly and distinctly human.


A painting of a cluster of strange coral forms

We looked at Kasey’s paintings in a previous inspirational post. These paintings with a…

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High-Class Isolation: Painting by Andrew Valko

A painting of a drive-in movie screen showing a close-up of an actor's faceAstronaut's Wife, acrylic on panel

Winnipeg-based artist Andrew Valko creates stunning hyper-realistic paintings of drive in movies and scenes from hotels. His paintings carry with them a sense of high-class isolation and Hollywood idolatry.


I really enjoy the look of the artist’s drive-in paintings, with the stark contrast between the close-up portraits of female stars, and the cars, pictured in the half-darkness of twilight, with…

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Crisp, Clean Photographs by Sam Kaplan

A photo of a tube of lipstick embedded in a lump of rock


Sam Kaplan is a photographer based in New York. His crisp, clean photographs feature food, drinks, beauty products and other still-life objects on monochromatic backgrounds with stark, lighting.


A recent project of Kaplan’s saw the artist creating expansive landscapes out of food products. I love his pyramid of packaged cookies, and in another photograph, a deep pit of snack cakes. It’s quite interesting, the way that Kaplan…

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Aesthetics and Engineering: Art by David C Roy

A kinetic wood wall sculpture that spins through its own momentumAztec

A woodworker currently based in Ashford, Connecticut, David C. Roy creates works that are feats of aesthetics and engineering. His kinetic wood sculptures are able to spin through their own momentum for many hours.


Each of Roy’s sculptures rely on a spring that slowly releases energy, keeping them spinning like wind-up toys. This means the energy is fully kinetic and requires no batteries or plugs – Roy’s sculptures are an…

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Nature and Design: Jewelry by Britta Boekmann

A jewelry pendant from handmade resin and Australian woodHandmade chunky pendant, Australian gall and green resin

Britta Boekmann is an industrial and jewelry designer from Australia. Her most recent designs combine smooth pieces of coloured resin with found wood, creating pendants that showcase the intersection of nature and design.


I love Boekmann’s pendant designs – the artist does a wonderful job of preserving the slight imperfections and knots in the wood, while refining it down…

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