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Vintage Cartoon Aesthetics: Drawing by Jeff Ladouceur

A drawing by Jeff LadouceurUntitled, ink and graphite on paper

Jeff Ladouceur is an artist who specializes in surreal drawings and illustrations that seem inspired by vintage cartoon aesthetics. Working primarily in ink and graphite on paper, Jeff creates works that are quiet, yet have an air of drama.


A drawing by Jeff LadoucuerUntitled, ink and graphite on paper


It’s nice to spend time with Jeff’s works, as they definitely reward a lingering viewer. While they may seem simple on…

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Kinetic Bubble Machines by David Medalla

A bubble machine work by David MedallaCloud Canyons No. 25, plexiglass tubing, motor pumps, alloy, water, detergent

David Medalla was a child prodigy, lecturing at the University of the Phillipines at the age of 12, then went to New York to study philosophy and Greek drama at the age of 14. Now based in London, New York and Paris, the artist is known for his kinetic bubble machines among a wide range of different media and materials.


A photo of David Medalla's Sand MachineSand Machine, polished copper and…

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Contradictory Characteristics: Sculpture by Romain Langlois

A sculpture of a wood plank with fabric-like foldsChevron

French sculptor Romain Langlois takes natural forms and adds contradictory characteristics. Combining the materiality of multiple objects into one form, Langlois’ sculptures are frequently worthy of double-takes.


A sculpture of a stone with a molten coreAttraction de L'Espace, bronze

In some of Langlois' most well-known works, natural forms like boulders and logs are imbued with a surreal beauty in the form of what looks like molten gold erupting from their cores.…

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Experimental Textile Techniques by Benjamin Shine

A portrait of Obama made from a flag woven through meshChanging States, single retired U.S. flag woven through nylon mesh

Benjamin Shine uses experimental textile techniques to create stunning and original works of portraiture. Shine frequently takes well-known public figures as his subjects, rendering them in a new and interesting light.


A fabric painting of Audrey HepburnAudrey Hepburn, acrylic net fabric through eyelets on red fabric


Most recently, the artist gained some internet attention for his “paintings,”…

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Cute and Creepy: Art by Megan Majewski

A painting of a winged skeletal woman in a pink forestAntheia, acrylic on wood

Vancouver-based artist Megan Majewski’s practice is informed by a love for all things cute and creepy, as well as the artist’s background in computer animation. Majewski’s artworks often feature cartoonish, goth-girl figures and spooky motifs such as skulls and spider webs.


The exaggerated style that Majewski uses to render her figures showcases a dramatic, artistic flair with a basis of solid anatomical…

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Delicate Minimalist Abstractions by Ane Vester

An abstract minimalist painting with squares of baby blue and pinkReconstruction of a memory including a book about twins, 2016

Danish artist Ane Vester creates delicate minimalist abstractions that often take personal subject matter - such as memories­ – as inspiration. Vester also plays with the formal aspects of installation, in some cases painting directly on the walls of a gallery space.


The artist’s series of Wooden Post works is one that I find quite interesting. While at first glance…

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Ethereal Ink Paintings by Michelle Blade

A photo of mural art in the interior of the Facebook HQ buildingMural commission for Facebook HQ in Meno Park, CA

Michelle Blade’s beautiful, ethereal ink paintings create bizarre and dream-like worlds, with colors that are reminiscent of light reflected through a prism, or of oil slicks on still water. Based in Los Angeles, CA, Blade has exhibited throughout the U.S. and internationally.

An abstracted painting of foliage in dark colorsSovereign, acrylic  ink on canvas

I’m really enjoying the layered appearance of Blade’s ink paintings,…

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Everyday Women: Illustration by Sally Nixon

An illustration of a woman eating a slice of cake



Arkansas illustrator Sally Nixon recently enjoyed Internet fame for her series of charming illustrations of everyday women in mundane situations. Technically brilliant, these evocative illustrations have the aura of storybook images for grown-ups.


I enjoy the way that the artist renders the mundane in such detail, and with such an appealing approach. Nixon’s subjects are all women, and each one seems to be her own…

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The Act of Listening: Art by Jennie C. Jones

A painting made on a gray sound absorbing panelSoft Gray Tone with Reverberation #2, acoustic absorber panel and acrylic on canvas

Jennie C. Jones has created an artistic practice out of the act of listening. Combining abstraction, minimalism and jazz, the artist creates works in a variety of mediums that evoke actions and equipment related to music and audio.


Some of Jones’ most recent work takes the form of minimalist, monochromatic paintings that utilize soundproofing boards,…

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Anachronistic Images: Comic Illustration by Léo Quievreux

A black and white illustration of a mysterious landscapeIllustration for Le Programme Immersion

Illustrator Léo Quievreux combines classic superhero styling with contemporary comic tropes, for anachronistic images that have a great versatility in terms of subject matter.


Quievreux’s works often combine detailed line art and crosshatching with graphic planes of colour and negative space. The finished look is one that combines many classic comic book illustration styles, and has…

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Public Spaces: Painting by Rafael Sottolichio

A painting of a public space with a silhouetted figureEspace Public no. 42, oil and acrylic on canvas

Rafael Sottolichio makes narrative paintings that reference and explore public spaces. Strange, incongruous figures are often placed in anonymous public spaces that might be malls, airports or office buildings.


The artist’s most recent series, Archipels, takes inspiration from the concept of an archipelago, or many different ideas existing in a single space, but not blending together.…

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Aluminum Foil Sculptures by Toshihiko Mistuya

A tinfoil sculpture of a figure riding a birdAnonymous Relatives - Archaeologist, installation

Toshihiko Mitsuya works in two and three dimensions, though the artist is particularly known for three-dimensional aluminum foil sculptures. Featuring incredible amounts of fine detail, these sculptures often take the form of figures on horseback, in multiple editions that fill gallery spaces with sculptural armies.


A photo of an aluminum foil sculpture of a skeletal figure on horsebackAnonymous Relatives - Gardener, installation

I’m really impressed…

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Raw Materials: Art by Tonico Lemos Auad

A linen and thread sculpture of a pine cone with a tailElement with Tail, linen and thread

Brazilian-born artist Tonico Lemos Auad creates three-dimensional artworks using a variety of raw materials that are more often found in non-artistic practices. The artist alternates between showcasing the natural forms of his materials, and combining them into unrecognizable objects.


I’m quite impressed by Auad’s use of linen and thread. In a number of works, the artist uses raw or dyed linen,…

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Divisions of Space: Art by Eva Berendes

A sculptural installation that mimics the form of playground equipmentUntitled (Monday & Tuesday), steel, lacquer

Berlin-based artist Eva Berendes creates artworks that serve both as divisions of space and objects in their own right. Mimicking the forms of folding room dividers, playground equipment, shop kiosk hangers and more, the artist distills common functional designs into their basic geometric forms.

A sculptural installation of a room divider in a large warehouse spaceUntitled (Osaka), installation view at Bold Tendencies, London

I find the grid design that appears…

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Subtle Complexity: Artwork by Dirk Stewen

An artwork composed of a series of abstracted imagesUntitled, inkjet prints, ink on paper, vintage paper, fabric, steel needles

Dirk Stewen lives and works in Hamburg, Germany, creating ethereal works on paper that utilize a variety of media and techniques. His abstract works on paper exhibit subtle complexity while utilizing a desaturated colour palette.


Stewen often incorporates photographs and embroidery or thread into his works. The photographs tend to be either obscured or faded,…

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