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Bombastic Style: Art by Mary Streepy

An artwork with bright paint and an attached wooden barHow Babies are Made, acrylic, ink and jigsaw-cut wood shapes on wood box frame

Mary Streepy’s artworks span a variety of styles and subject matter, ranging from detailed illustrations to abstracts that combine line work, bright colours and sometimes three-dimensional elements that are attached to a flat image. Streepy’s bombastic style is consistent throughout her media and subjects.


I enjoy Streepy’s abstract works,…

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Aerial Photographs of Vibrant Landscapes by Georg Gerster

An aerial photograph of an oil field in IranAhvaz

Georg Gerster is a Swiss photographer who specializes in aerial photographs of vibrant landscapes. Gerster’s photography has a scientific, documentarian feeling to it, while the images themselves often take on the appearance of huge abstract paintings.


A photograph of an island in IranHormoz Island

Gerster’s photography captures landscapes on all continents from all over the world. From the height that the photos are taken, it’s difficult to pinpoint the…

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Undulating Abstract Forms: Art by Nathan Carter

A painting with a narrow line of colour wrapping around bold shapesCOVERT CAPABLANCA HINTERTUR AND MICROFILM TRANSPARENCIES, paper, acrylic, ink, acetate colour gels, collage


Nathan Carter is a mixed-media artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Carter uses undulating abstract forms and bright, highly saturated colours to create artworks that jump off the canvas and look like two-dimensional sculptures or three-dimensional paintings.


I like the way Carter combines intense colours with stark white…

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Surreal Storybook Style: Art by Hannah Greely

A tempera painting of disembodied legs dancing in the airThe Party


Sculptor and painter Hannah Greely creates artwork in a surreal storybook style. Her sculptures echo the tone and appearance of her paintings, bringing the images to life in a three-dimensional format.


The artist favors the medium of tempera on paper in her two-dimensional works. It’s a medium that often appears in school art classes, and the style that Greely utilizes seems to reference this origin, in part, though her…

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Geometric Precision: Painting by Tom Hackney

A geometric abstract painting of a chess matchChess Painting No. 71 (Marcel Duchamp vs. E.H. Smith Hyeres, 1928), gesso on linen with oak frame

Tom Hackney employs geometric precision on both two-dimensional and three-dimensional surfaces, creating works that seem to jump off the walls – sometimes literally. The relatively subdued colour choices that are favored by the artist seem to add to the sharpness of his lines.


An abstract painting with many pixels of colour4096 Hours of Daylight, oil on aluminum panel

In his most…

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Visual Patterns and Grids: Painting by James Ulmer

A painting with a grid of white figures on a blue backgroundBlue and White Grid

Brooklyn-based artist James Ulmer’s practice is highly involved with visual patterns and grids. The artist’s works tend to be figurative, but his paintings follow a delineated geometric pattern in their composition. The result is an interesting blend of abstracted, naïve-style figurative painting and simple, mathematical composition.


A painting of abstracted figures with reference to beach activitiesSummer Highlights, acrylic on canvas

I really enjoy the contrast between the…

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Artworks of Pure Light by Carlo Bernardini

A light installation by Carlo BernardiniSpatial Code, fiber optic installation at Villa del Grumello, Como 

Italian installation artist Carlo Bernardini creates artworks of pure light, using fiber optics, prisms and sculptural elements to form laser-like geometric schematics that stretch across galleries and other spaces.


I love the way that a single sculpture by Bernardini fills a space. The artist might manipulate his materials to stretch from corner to corner of a room,…

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Nightmarish Pastries: Sculpture by Scott Hove

A cake sculpture by Scott HoveUntitled

Scott Hove creates installation artworks and sculptures using traditional cake decorating techniques. The resulting objects are nightmarish pastries that look like a scene that was left out of Alice in Wonderland.


While Hove’s artworks aren’t actually made from sugar, butter and flour, the artist uses materials that are meant to closely mimic the texture and colour of actual pastry. He even goes so far as to create the…

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Ocean Conservation: Artworks by Courtney Mattison

A wall installation of ceramic coralsOur Changing Seas III

Installation artist Courtney Mattison uses her artwork to advocate for ocean conservation. Bizarre and beautiful sea creatures and their varying forms make up many of her works, lending a unique, otherworldly aesthetic to the art.


A gallery installation featuring a structure covered in ceramic coralsOur Changing Seas II

In Mattison’s ongoing series Our Changing Seas, the artist uses ceramic techniques to sculpt hand-made coral reefs, installing them on the walls and in the middle…

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Patchwork Abstraction: Art by Tiel Seivl-Keevers

An abstract artwork with some bright red line artIndigo Dreaming 2, mixed media on paper with hand-sewn elements

Brisbane artist Tiel Seivl-Keevers creates work with a focus on texture and form, often incorporating multiple ideas and colour schemes into a single surface for a patchwork abstraction. Tiel’s works often feature bits of line-art and half-formed figures that come to the surface in a storm of colour and pattern.


An abstract painting made up of many patches of colourPlanting Succulents, mixed media on canvas

There’s an…

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Contemporary Pointillism: Art by Sheri Bakes

An abstracted painting of a dark treeFalling for the Sky, oil on canvas

Sheri Bakes is a painter based in Vancouver, BC. Her paintings have a soft look that’s built up using multitudes of tiny brush marks, for a look of contemporary pointillism. Sheri often takes trees, flowers and grass as her subject matter, though many times the ethereal nature of her paintings causes them to exist as abstractions.


A triptych of paintings of a golden field of grassMessengers of the Heart, oil on canvas

In many of Sheri’s…

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Manipulated Grids: Artwork by Esther Stocker

An optical painting with a shifted grid of black squaresO.T., acrylic on cotton

Esther Stocker works in installation, video and painting with a very cohesive, geometric aesthetic. The artist’s black and white works focus heavily on contrasting lines and manipulated grids.


Many of Stocker’s works have a definite op-art appeal to them, like the works of Bridget Riley in the 1960’s. Rows and rows of straight lines, or hard grid patterns are sometimes placed on uneven surfaces to…

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Grotesque Cartoon Aesthetic: Sculptures by Paolo Del Toro

A felt sculpture of a contorted faceBaba of the Woods, felt sculpture

Paolo Del Toro is a sculptor and two-dimensional artist based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Del Toro’s felt sculptures combine realism with a grotesque cartoon aesthetic, resulting in works that depict bizarre, sometimes nightmarish faces and figures, yet still have a strangely inviting texture.


A felted wool sculpture of a face with wide eyesThe Other World Becomes Visible, coloured wool

I’m really impressed by the fine detail that Del Toro is…

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Layered Representational Art by Michal Mraz

A painting featuring several images layered over each otherEscape 2, airbrush and oil on canvas

Slovakian painter Michal Mraz creates layered representational art in a desaturated colour palette, often portraying several subjects or scenes at once using a technique that mimics the look of a double-exposed photograph.


A painting with several black and white figures at a tableBanality, acrylic and oil on canvas

Many of the works have a messy, DIY aesthetic, something like the work of Ronan Boyle, but the subject matter of Mraz’s paintings seems…

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Silhouette Paintings by Glen Rubsamen

A painting of a simplified billboard and silhouetted treesThe Roots and the Flowers, acrylic on panel

Glen Rubsamen received his BFA and MFA from the University of California in Los Angeles, and has exhibited his works in solo shows throughout Europe and New York. The artist creates silhouette paintings of billboards and trees that could be in California but are removed from all context, creating odd snapshots of half-remembered places.

A painting of a yellow colour gradient billboard and a silhouette street lightThe Riddle of the Universe, acrylic on panel

I really…

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