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Surreal and Sculptural Paintings by Jordan Kasey

A strange painting of a person huddled under a beach umbrellaperson under a blue umbrella, oil on canvas


Contemporary artist Jordan Kasey is a painter who creates surreal and sculptural paintings, usually dealing in some way with the human body. Her latest works offer looks at human-esque forms that are proportionally skewed and off-coloured into abstraction, yet still, oddly and distinctly human.


A painting of a cluster of strange coral forms

We looked at Kasey’s paintings in a previous inspirational post. These paintings with a…

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High-Class Isolation: Painting by Andrew Valko

A painting of a drive-in movie screen showing a close-up of an actor's faceAstronaut's Wife, acrylic on panel

Winnipeg-based artist Andrew Valko creates stunning hyper-realistic paintings of drive in movies and scenes from hotels. His paintings carry with them a sense of high-class isolation and Hollywood idolatry.


I really enjoy the look of the artist’s drive-in paintings, with the stark contrast between the close-up portraits of female stars, and the cars, pictured in the half-darkness of twilight, with…

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Crisp, Clean Photographs by Sam Kaplan

A photo of a tube of lipstick embedded in a lump of rock


Sam Kaplan is a photographer based in New York. His crisp, clean photographs feature food, drinks, beauty products and other still-life objects on monochromatic backgrounds with stark, lighting.


A recent project of Kaplan’s saw the artist creating expansive landscapes out of food products. I love his pyramid of packaged cookies, and in another photograph, a deep pit of snack cakes. It’s quite interesting, the way that Kaplan…

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Aesthetics and Engineering: Art by David C Roy

A kinetic wood wall sculpture that spins through its own momentumAztec

A woodworker currently based in Ashford, Connecticut, David C. Roy creates works that are feats of aesthetics and engineering. His kinetic wood sculptures are able to spin through their own momentum for many hours.


Each of Roy’s sculptures rely on a spring that slowly releases energy, keeping them spinning like wind-up toys. This means the energy is fully kinetic and requires no batteries or plugs – Roy’s sculptures are an…

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Nature and Design: Jewelry by Britta Boekmann

A jewelry pendant from handmade resin and Australian woodHandmade chunky pendant, Australian gall and green resin

Britta Boekmann is an industrial and jewelry designer from Australia. Her most recent designs combine smooth pieces of coloured resin with found wood, creating pendants that showcase the intersection of nature and design.


I love Boekmann’s pendant designs – the artist does a wonderful job of preserving the slight imperfections and knots in the wood, while refining it down…

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Dark Symbolism and Morbid Humour: Art by Andra Ursuta

An installation view of Andra Usruta's WhitesWhites, installation view

Andra Ursuta was born in Romania but moved to New York to study in 1997. Her works of sculptural installation are rife with dark symbolism and morbid humour.  


Ursuta often derives the conceptual basis for her works from headlines and photos found on the internet. As such, the subject matter of her work is often slightly dark – with terrorist plots, domestic violence and other violent crimes often coming…

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Bright Colours and Gestural Marks: Art by Archan Nair

A digital painting of a man with colours and ribbons emerging from his handsAlchemy Resonance, digital

Archan Nair’s illustrations and digital art rely on bright colours and gestural marks. Since he began painting in 2006, the artist has collaborated with numerous private individuals and companies for advertising elements and visual projects.


I find it fascinating the way that Nair incorporates different images and textures into his artworks. Each image is a mixture of various media and a single work by the…

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Medical Aesthetic: Artwork by J.D. Doria

A close-up photo of blending pigments on a sheet of glassPetri Dish 2014-2

J.D. Doria is an artist from Tel Aviv, Israel. Doria’s works often mimic a microscopic, medical aesthetic, with imagery of specimen slides and the cellular structure of various organisms. Using a variety of different media, the artist explores the nature of the process while pigments and liquids move organically, allowing each work to “grow.”


A close-up photo of dark red liquid pigments mixing togetherLogic of Nature 9

In one of the artist’s most recent projects,…

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Atmospheric Sounds: Art by Matt Parker

Reflections on Collection, sound walk and audiovisual guide for the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts (video and words by James Lewis)


Matt Parker is an audiovisual artist and composer from the U.K. Parker’s works frequently focus on background sounds and noises that are made by working machines. His interest is in the sorts of atmospheric sounds that can’t be heard unless the listener is searching specifically for them.…


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Alien Technologies: Painting by Jean-Pierre Roy

A surreal painting of two mysterious buildings against a blue skyThe Burden of the Illusionist, oil on canvas


Jean-Pierre Roy is a painter originally from Santa Monica, California. The artist is a painter who works in a surreal fashion, creating near photo-realistic images of strange, far-off universes, alien technologies and human figures in unlikely scenarios.


A painting of a strange glacier under northern lightsMeet Me at the White Mountain, oil on linen

I am really impressed by the way the artist treats landscapes. His paintings are rarely…

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Highly Stylized Minimalism: Art by Geoff McFetridge

A black and white drawing of three men standing on each other's headsUntitled

Geoff McFetridge is an artist and graphic designer from California whose style could be described as highly stylized minimalism. While the artist’s works are generally figurative, McFetridge pairs his subjects down to their most basic colours and shapes, creating images that sometimes seem like abstractions at first glance.


A CD cover for Death Cab for Cutie with Magick*Magick OrchestraAlbum layout for Death Cab for Cutie and Magick*Magick Orchestra Live LP (Cover View)

The artist’s…

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Bright and Bubbly Artworks by Clara Fialho

An abstract painting with bright colours and rounded shapesWorried Shoes, oil on canvas

Clara Fialho makes bright and bubbly artworks that express psychological and experiential concepts that vary among viewers.


Her works on paper are usually created with watercolour and ink. Each image is different and abstract but all carry a common visual theme of rounded shapes coming together and forming larger masses. They are often reminiscent of soap suds, collections of tiny bubbles, each different…

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Ghostly Images: Art by Gary Simmons

A ghostly chalk image of the Madison Square Garden signFright Night, enamel on wood

Gary Simmons was born in New York and continues to live and work there. The artist’s work frequently incorporates text and a sense of movement, with images and words that seem I the process of moving quickly across a surface, leaving lines and trails of paint behind them.


A chalk and enamel mural painted in the Dallas Cowboys stadiumBlue Field Explosions, installation view in Dallas Cowboys stadium

Simmons frequently uses text stencils that seem to be smudged, as…

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Classical Influence: Art by Claudio Parmggiani

An installation consisting of ornate bells and a room filled with sootInstallation in Ex Oratorio di San Lupo, Italy

Claudio Parmiggiani is a mixed media and installation artist whose works present often mundane objects that have been removed from their context and tweaked into a strange, unrecognizable state.


An installation consisting of hundreds of loaves of bread cast in ironChi mangia questo pane vivrà in eterno, iron-cast bread loaves


Uses interesting materials such as smoke and soot in his wood panel works. The soot is used in much the same manner as charcoal,…

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Space and Time: Art by Mariko Mori

A white, twisting sculpture of a shape reminiscent of a Mobius stripEkpyrotic String II, fiberglass


Mariko Mori is a Japanese artist who is interested in the cosmos. A number of her works have centered around translating scientific research on physics and space into art.


Recent works take the form of fiberglass sculptures that express physical concepts, twisting and bending like the material of space and time. Some are twisted vertically, evoking the shape of DNA helixes, while others circle the…

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