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Small but Expressive Sculptures by Isaac Cordal

A photo of several sculpted old men wading through a puddleCasus Pacis

Isaac Cordal creates his artworks by producing tiny sculptural figures – small middle-aged business men, it appears, and placing them in concrete or industrial urban areas. The result is figures that look utterly overwhelmed in their space, even while expressing a certain amount of humour about the situation.


A photo of a tiny sculpted figure sitting atop a power box on the side of a buildingArtscape 2014

Cordal’s small but expressive sculptures attempt to work through the absurdity of modern urban…

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Bright, Bombastic Abstracts by Adam Daily

A painting composed of brightly coloured geometric forms

Saw 5, acrylic on sintra


Adam Daily’s bright, bombastic abstracts are the type of paintings that can catch your attention from across the gallery space! I love the solid, geometric shapes that Daily uses, and the way they fit together, each painting looking like a jigsaw puzzle of big, satisfying coloured blocks.


These paintings almost seem inspired by the more recent works of Bridget Riley, and the focus seems to alternate…

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Layered Mixed Media Artworks by Gabriela Morawetz

A printed photograph of a woman dodging throwing knives in a dream scenarioImprecisions, pigmented print on canvas and veil

Gabriela Morawetz originates from Poland and now lives and works in Paris, France. Her layered mixed media artworks combine photographed images, often of female figures, with abstract and floral forms.


A manipulated black and white photograph of a man who appears to be flyingIn Illo Tempore

I really like the way Morawetz’s artworks use a layering technique, including printing on both photographic paper, and translucent fabrics, that creates a…

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Quiet Expressions: Art By Song Kun

A blurred photograph of trees passing in the mistEscape Veloticy

Beijing artist Song Kun creates artworks that are quiet expressions of fear, confusion, desire, and happiness within small moments of daily life. Kun’s background being in China during great cultural, political and economic changes means that her works, while not overt, often have a socially critical undertone.


A photo of the back of a young Chinese girl's head, on a red backgroundMade in China

In the series Escape Velocity, Kun uses the escape velocity of Earth (the speed at which one…

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Eerily Pretty: Artworks by Claire Morgan

A sculpture in a glass case consisting of a taxidermy squirrel and suspended bluebottlesA Hanging Fog, squirrel (taxidermy), bluebottles, nylon

The taxidermy artworks of Claire Morgan serve as eerily pretty meditations on nature and the cycle of life and death. In her works, Morgan uses a mixture of natural materials – taxidermy animals, seeds and other plant matter – as well as synthetics like plastic and nylon. I find the combination of the two lends extra power to these already monumental sculptural pieces.


A taxidermy wood mouse at the bottom of a sculpture created of suspended dandelion seedsOver…

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Strange, Ghostly Works by Irby Pace

A photograph of an electric blue puff of smoke floating in a gardenFloirstics

Irby Pace makes strange, ghostly works that seem like scenes straight out of one’s dreams or nightmares. Pace creates his works by looking closely at everyday objects and machines, figuring out how things work and exploiting these processes for aesthetic and conceptual interest.


A digital print of a photo of the sky replicated four timesMulti Sky, archival digital print

In one of Pace’s most recent series, clouds of coloured smoke invade photographs of various locations,…

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Large-Scale Drawings by Yusuke Asai

An installation view of an earth-coloured drawing on the walls of a galleryYamatane, pigmented earth on gallery walls

Yusuke Asai is a Japanese artist whose work emulates the traditional and folk art styles of many different cultures, often in the form of large-scale drawings that often take up entire rooms in galleries or outdoor spaces. Aside from a high-school ceramics course, Asai is a self-taught artist, and it’s lovely to see his own personal explorations and research coming to fruition in his works.…


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Performative Process: Art by Lenka Clayton

A set of catalogues by the artist detailing objects taken from her son's mouth63 Objects Taken from My Son's Mouth, limited edition artist's book

British artist Lenka Clayton creates works that play with the everyday, bringing repetitive tasks, chores and habits of the modern world into the sphere of art, in pieces that celebrate a performative process.


A sculpture made up of library books with increasing numeric titles50 Library Books, loaned library books

I like the way that Clayton brings the desire for cataloguing and organization into places where it might not be thought…

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Physical Photo-Manipulation by Richard Galpin

A collage created of scalpel-cut strips of photographsBrace III (Breach), peeled photograph

Check out these amazing works of physical photo-manipulation by Richard Galpin! Galpin is a British artist who uses photographs as a base medium in his artworks, but takes the medium much further than we might be used to seeing. He is most well known for his works where he used a scalpel to cut photographs into thin strips, rearranging them into completely new images.


An installation of wall-mounted photos treated with sanding and paintElephant (Ten Thousand…

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Modern Renaissance: Art by Marco Battaglini

A classical-style portrait of a military figure set on a background of graffitiMa quanto sei bello

Costa Rican artist Marco Battaglini uses his artwork to explore the evolution of culture and knowledge. In some works, he combines classical paintings with modern pop-art references and graffiti for a modern renaissance look.  While the imagery appears almost collaged at first glance, looking at the paintings I find subtle details that really add to the ideas behind the pieces, like finding brand names tattooed on…

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Mystical, Illustrative Paintings by Soey Milk


An oil on paper painting of two women shrouded in paint textureDawn, oil on paper


Soey Milk is a young artist from Hollywood, CA. She is still a student but is already being talked about throughout the art world and has had her mystical, illustrative paintings featured in the likes of Hi-Fructose magazine.

An oil painting of several human figures combined with blocks of colour and flowersYou Know the Way that I Hide, oil on canvas

Milk’s work is incredibly technically smooth, with shiny, realistic faces surrounded by and interacting with other objects such as masks, small…

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