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Getting Disturbed While You Are Having a Creative Breakthrough

Comic depicting a snarky artist at work
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Take Advantage Of The Present: Draw Something Now

drawing of rabbit with vines along the border and text in the middle

Art by Chuck Groenink


Each day we seek balance - the type of balance that in turn supports our creative practice as artists. It's laundry, personal accounting, groceries, cleaning  In our efforts to manage our daily tasks and responsibilities we don't get the opportunity to create art as much as we'd like. A type of pressure builds up - for me I can start to feel anxious if I don't think I'll have time to work within the next 24…

Artists: On Doing What You Love


When I worked at the art supplies shop I met many people who gave me practical advice about being an artist. The one that stuck with me the most is that it is important to be persistent in your dreams of being an artist. In other words, don't give up. Over the years of working there I met many people who were returning to art at an older age. They were another reminder to me - be persistent and don't give up. I was amazed at their…

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Alla Prima: Ride The Wave Of Inspiration, Complete A Piece in One Sitting

surfer on a wave with text overlay that says surf the wave of creativity


Sometimes we loose our determination and energy when we are making art. Production slows down and we spend a great deal of time looking at the unfinished work and pondering the next step. We loose the direction in which we thought we were "going" with a piece. In general we get lost. 


Try the technique alla prima or something similar. Alla Prima is an art term used for art that is created in one sitting. In Italian it means 'at…

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4 Bonuses of Developing Different Bodies of Art Work

photograph of an apple and orange that has text overlaid that says creating variety

Some artists shy away from creating distinct bodies of work. Worried that their fans may get confused or that they won't seem consistent. As artists we are born to explore, so why not develop a variety of methods and mediums within your practice? Here are 4 bonuses of developing different bodies of artwork within your art practice.


1. The freedom of exploration and experimentation. You can try switching to a different medium…

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The 5 Point Manifesto For Trying Something New (For Bad Ass Creatives)

graphic artwork of the word try overlaid many times in repetition


It's time. Time to try something new. And by doing this I mean having a little hint of defiance aimed at your self-identity as an artist. If you really want to learn at an exponential level you have to take risks and this is really no different. 


I urge you to take a look at what you are making and question how would you like to make something different.  This isn't about experimentation. This is about really trying, risking…

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The Benefits of Making it Bigger: Scale Up the Size of Your Work

small water color artwork of an iceberg with a ruler beside it to show scale


So recently I created 3 versions of virtually the same painting. Why? No I'm not crazy!  I did three sizes of pretty much the same painting because the small version was so interesting and it basically then served as a preliminary study for a larger piece on paper. Once that was complete I wanted to see how it would translate onto canvas and on an even larger scale. 


So what can you gain from this practice? 


1. The…

What It's Like To Tattoo Your Art

woman getting a tattoo on her arm


Have you ever been curious about what it might be like to tattoo your art on someone? This art medium connects artist to client through an intimate process.The tattoo world is a vast and interesting place these days. People of all ages and cultures have embraced this medium and a wide array of artists with distinct styles have emerged as it has grown larger.  I had a chance recently to talk to a tattoo artist about the creative…

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