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A Portfolio of Choreography, Dance, and Performance by Brice Noeser

A photo of a dancer performing on a stage

Alphabête (photo by Llamaryon)


Brice Noeser is a Quebec-based contemporary dancer who uses the body as his artistic medium, producing works of art and choreography that endeavor to build a new language for dance. The artist’s body of work includes choreography, dance, and performance, with Brice often blending all three. 

A photo of two artists performing a live workRuminant Ruminant 


The artist’s chosen medium is naturally collaborative, and as such many of the…

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Ethereal and Performative: Art by Susan McKenzie

A photograph of a dancer in mid-movementDuet by choreographer Connie Moker Wernikowski. Dancers: Carleigh MacDonald, Natasha Molnar-Fluter. Photo: Tien Johnson

Susan McKenzie is an artist, teacher, dancer, and choreographer based in North Vancouver, BC. Susan’s works are often ethereal and performative, blending dance with other conceptual ideas. The artist often takes a collaborative approach to work and life, and sits on the board of directors of Vancouver’s Southeast…

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