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VHS Tapes and Surveillance Footage: Art by Charlotte Clermont

A still from a VHS tape in bright pink514-835-9658 (video still), VHS, video titler, video mixer and others. Sound by Julien Champagne

Charlotte Clermont creates videos and still images, drawing from the aesthetics of decaying VHS tapes and surveillance footage. Charlotte’s bright, fuzzy aesthetic holds a deeply nostalgic attraction, while also positioning itself firmly in the present era.

A still image of a black and white surveillance videoPlants Are Like People (video still), surveillance camera. Sound by Emilie Payeur…


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Possibilities of Composition: Art by Elaine Lauzon

An oil painting with overlapping blue and red tonesFriday, oil on canvas

Elaine Lauzon works in a range of media both digital and traditional, creating artworks that explore the possibilities of composition and color. In her current practice, Elaine favours bright hues and heavy, confident brush strokes, creating artworks that are bursting with energy.

A painting composed of many large colorful brush strokesFloating, acrylic on canvas

Many of Elaine’s traditional abstractions remind me of work by David Tycho, or Bruce Meberg. The artist’s…

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Surreal Narrative Images: Art by Ray Ceasar

An artwork featuring a female figure overlooking a boat in constructionOde to the Navy, canvas print

Toronto-based artist Ray Ceasar creates eerie and surreal narrative images using digital modeling and texturing techniques. The artist’s works combine aesthetics, fashions, and motifs from a variety of bygone eras, resulting in anachronistic works that seem oddly timeless.

A digital rendering of a figure in dress from a past centurySolar Calm, single piece on wood panel

Ceasar’s figures have a very distinct look – their slightly rounded faces, pale skin and…

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Picture Book Studio: Art by Valerie Lesiak

A digital illustration of a whimsical hourglassSweet Dreams: A Whimsical Hourglass

Valerie Lesiak produces illustrations for freelance clients and for herself, working under her moniker Picture Book Studio. The artist’s works are colorful and kid-friendly, often featuring animals and simple text elements as subjects.

A diigital illustration of a butterfly based on the form of the letter BB is for Butterfly


I enjoy the welcoming, whimsical tone that Valerie achieves through her digital artworks. These illustrations are built upon a simplified,…

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Pastel and Neon: Art by Blake Kathryn

A digital artwork with two stylized human handsUntitled (from series: Actualization)

Blake Kathryn is a digital illustrator and designer based in Los Angeles. Kathryn’s works utilize pastel and neon colors in new configurations, hinting both at nostalgia for bygone decades, and a thoroughly contemporary aesthetic moment.

A digitally rendered artwork of a holographic-colored carUntitled (from album/single artwork for Salen)


I love the way that Kathryn combines the new and the retro in her works. The overall look and feel is one…

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Uncanny Valley: Art by Jun Seo Hahm

An artwork composed of bulbous, organic-looking formsThe eyes, nose and mouth without a face, not a face without the eyes, nose and mouth.

Artist Jun Seo Hahm creates digital compositions that express fragmented biological components, and organic forms oddly removed from their usual context. The resulting images have a sense of the uncanny valley about them, and seem both alien and highly familiar.

Hahm does some work in commercial illustration, and often incorporates typographic elements…

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Patterns of Language: Art by Krasi Dimtch

An abstract digital artwork composed of overlapping three-dimensional formsAlien entity reveals the meaning of life, print on plexiglass

Krasi Dimtch creates digital artworks based on patterns of language. Krasi’s works are, at first glance, psychedelic, with patterns and colors far removed from any recognizable figures - but once the viewer understands the artist’s process, patterns and meaning start to appear.

An extremely complex digital abstract work made with green colorsThe Gardens of Incomplete Delights -4


I really enjoy the totally futuristic style that…

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Digitally Rendered Geometric: Art by Melissa Ann Lambert

A digital artwork with overlapping shapes in blueTriskelion

Melissa Ann Lambert is an artist who creates complex abstract compositions with digitally rendered geometric forms. Melissa’s works tend toward bright, cohesive color palettes and hard edges.

A digital artwork with stripes of blue and blackSupergravity

I enjoy the way Melissa uses a similar framing for each image – her works in a series all seem to be the same size and dimensions, which allows for the viewer to focus only on the internal composition and color of a work.…

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The Importance of Form: Art by Keshav Ramaswami



Designer, musician and artist Keshav Ramaswami creates work under the studio name AA/K/AA/R/A, a stylized form of a Sanskrit word which roughly translates into English as “formation.” Certainly, Ramaswami’s entire portfolio speaks to the importance of form.




I really enjoy the monochromatic, ultra-modern aesthetic of much of the art and design in Ramaswami’s portfolio.…

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Non-Narrative Visual Expression: Art by Jan Swinburne

A photo of an abstract light patternComplexRefraction

Jan Swinburne is a multimedia artist who is interested in the intersection of art and science. Her works explore non-narrative visual expression, frequently through the media of glitch art and abstract photography.

An abstract photograph of light refracting into a rainbowMAGICbow


I love Jan’s recent series of abstract photographs, which comprises numerous moments of light reflecting on smooth and textured surfaces, like walls. The lack of background context combined with…

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Delicate Star Fields by Lemat Works

A gif image by Lemat WorksSuper Meteor

Lemat Works is a .GIF artist who produces delicate star fields and abstract images that move and glitter through animation. Based in Japan, the artist also produces designs for accessories and works of sound art.


A gif image of golden stars fallingGolden Stars


Lemat often creates their .GIF works within a grid-like structure, often on a black background covered in a web of colored or white points, stars, and other small shapes. The resulting images have…

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Spheres of Color: Art by Anai Greog

An artwork by Anai GreogTrue Thoughts

Anai Greog is an artist and illustrator who creates colorful geometric worlds. Greog’s artworks function as self-contained spheres of color and shape, with bright, unshaded hues overlapping and interacting to create a sense of evolution and movement within the image.


A digital artwork within a rounded picture planeBeyond the Shape


I like the cohesiveness of the artist’s portfolio overall – while the shapes and colors in Greog’s works may vary, the artist…

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Headlines: Art for Votes, Stolen Sculptures, Data Art

1) Banksy Rescinds Art for Votes Offer 

A photo of the 1975 work Banksy work Girl With Balloon


Banksy was forced to withdraw an offer to provide artworks to those voting against the British Conservative Party after being informed that this could invalidate those votes. The artist had originally offered prints of his well-known “Girl With Balloon” artwork to voters who provided a photograph of their ballot. Police informed Banksy that this would constitute accepting gifts in exchange…

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Vivid, Psychedelic Dreamscapes: Art by Android Jones

A digital artwork depicting a male figure hidden in thick layers of colorGabrieal


Android Jones is a digital artist who translates vivid, psychedelic dreamscapes into highly detailed artworks. Jones combines skillful realism with a mathematical eye for color and pattern, creating images that explore the boundaries of imagination.

A digital artwork of a tiger running through a fractal landscapeSwallow Tail


I really love the way Jones combines intricate fractals with representational imagery and figures. More of than not, the artist’s works deal with spiritual and…

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Expressions of Organic Form: Digital Art by Kevin McLaughlin

A painting by Kevin McLaughlinBalloon Animals, acrylic on canvas

Digital and traditional artist Kevin McLaughlin utilizes an interesting technique that focuses on distilled expressions of organic form. Kevin’s works are colorful and have an almost alien appearance that entices the viewer with a convoluted, layered story.


A digital artwork with layered cylindrical formsWonton Abandon, digital composition


In his traditional works, Kevin covers a canvas in undulating, cylindrical forms like numerous tentacles…

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