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Organic Aura: Artworks by Bernard Dick

A mixed media artwork of some European architectureEutopia, giclee print of pastel and acrylic painting on Hahn German Etching watercolor paper

Bernard Dick’s paintings are packed with movement and color. The Rochester, NY-based artist rarely seems to paint a straight line, leading to works that have a warm, organic aura and a great sense of narrative.


A digital painting of a town in BurgundyTown in Burgundy, giclee print of digital painting


Bernard creates many of his works using a technique that combines traditional…

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Retro-Futuristic Digital Illustrations by Rik Oostenbroek

A digital image by Rik OostenbroekKarma (design for

Dutch artist and designer Rik Oostenbroek specializes in retro-futuristic digital illustrations as part of a personal practice and client-based work. Using a deep, almost psychedelic color palette and intricate, flowing lines, Ooostenbroek creates dynamic images that reference both modern aesthetics and past trends.


A set of typography designs by Rik OostenbroekTypography


I like the effect that Oostenbroek gets by using bright colors that work…

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Conscious and Subconscious: Digital Art by Douglas Zest

An abstract digital image with warm colorsFeng Shui

Douglas Zest is an Ontario-based digital artist who creates dreamlike compositions that address the tension between conscious and subconscious. Douglas’ works have a sleek yet varied aesthetic, each prompting a very different reaction by the viewer.


An abstract digital image with dark colors and bulbous formsCarnival

I really enjoy Douglas’ abstract works – in this area of his portfolio he seems to excel with experimentation, pushing the digital medium to discover where it…

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Futuristic Schematics: Art and Design by Ash Thorp

An illustration for Ash Thorp's project Lost BoyIllustration for Lost Boy

Ash Thorp is a graphic designer, illustrator and digital artist who has worked on a number of video games and films. Ash’s work tends to have a gritty tone favoring futuristic schematics and computer graphics.


A digital reel of Thorp's work thus far


Because of the collaborative nature of Thorp’s work, he often takes on different roles in each project, leading to a finished product that may look…

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Headlines: Ad Space, Tilt Brush and Arts Investment

1) Artists  Fill Ad Space With Artwork

A public artwork by Adam Wallacavage installed in an ad space in Brooklyn


This week marks the launch of Art in Ad Places, a year-long campaign by a number of artists to put artwork in spaces normally reserved for advertising. The campaign will see art installed in bus shelters and payphone booths throughout New York City. Though the works are not all explicitly anti-advertisement, the organizers of the campaign see the artworks as a way of questioning and protesting…

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Vibrant, Obscured Images: Art by Vesa Peltonen

An edited photo of a Fender guitarMy Ole Fender

Vesa Peltonen is an artist and designer based in Eastern Canada. The artist was born in Finland but came to Canada as a child where he developed his unique style of vibrant, obscured images that showcase the hidden beauty in all manner of scenes and subjects.


An edited photograph of jazz musician Sunnyland SlimSunnyland Slim

Many of Vesa’s works come in the form of edited photographs. The artist starts with an image and adds extra effects or digitally-drawn lines and…

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Scenes From Science Fiction: Digital Art by Beau Wright

A digital artwork combining mountains with rendered curvesFalls

Atlanta-based digital artist Beau Wright – working under the pseudonym Aspen Excel - creates surreal objects and scenes, using fragments of earthly phenomena and digitally rendered elements. The resulting works have the effect of incredible scenes from science fiction.


A digital artwork incorporating geometric shapes, rocks and treesTwister

I really love the blend of natural and synthetic textures present in each of Wright’s works. In recent pieces, the artist seems to display an…

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Exploration of the Internet: Art by Sara Kaltwasser

A .gif image of abstracted hands trembling#Tremor

Sara Kaltwasser is a multimedia artist based in Portland, Oregon. Her practice is complex and deals with many overlapping concepts and aesthetics. Featuring both traditional and digital media, Sara’s portfolio is an exploration of the Internet age.


A sketch of a face with some abstract linesGrey Book (sketch) 


I’m really excited by the series of .GIFs that the artist has created, under the series name #Tremor. The name is a perfect fit for these vague,…

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Art News: Space Travel, The Internet, and Pharmacy

Deep Face by Douglas Coupland, 2015



This article in Wired covers Electronic Superhighway, an exhibition that recently opened at the Whitechapel Gallery in London. Inspired in part by the 1966 New York exhibition 9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering, in which artists teamed up with engineers to realize technically complex visions, the show at Whitechapel looks at the continued and evolving history of art using internet and computer technology. With artists including…

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Headlines: Van Gogh, Video Games and Viruses

Rent a Replica of Van Gogh’s Bedroom on AirBnb


A photo of the Chicago Art Institute's replica of Van Gogh's bedroom


If you wanted to be inside a Van Gogh painting, now’s your chance! The Art Institute of Chicago has created a life-sized replica of the room depicted in Van Gogh’s 1889 painting The Bedroom, and is letting visitors rent out the space for a very reasonable $10 per night. The AirBnB property is in an apartment building a short walk away from the AIC, where visitors can view the…

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Classic Pin-Up Style: Art by J. Aton

A manipulated image of Lynda Carter as Wonder WomanWonder Lynda

Digital illustrator J. Aton enjoys depicting pop-culture figures and celebrities in a classic pin-up style. Based in Louisiana, Aton uses Photoshop techniques to depict superheroes, TV personalities and more in a glamorous style.


A manipulated image of Michael Keaton as BatmanBatman Keaton
A screen capture of the front page of J. Aton's websiteThe front page of Aton's website

I like the bright colours that Aton uses, and his smooth digital painting style. Some images appear more hand-painted while others seem like the…

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The Hidden Imagery of Language: Art by Krasimira Dimtchevska

A digital image made from an encoded sentenceLife has Many Symptoms, digital print

Today’s featured artist is Krasimira Dimtchevska! Krasimira holds a Master’s degree of Arts from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Art in Poland, and has been creating work based on the hidden imagery of language for the past several decades.


A digital print made using language run through a computer programThe Word Takes Sides, digital print

I am really entranced by the artist’s method of working – she has devised a patented and unique system of taking a…

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Explorations of the Self: Art by Melissa Ann Lambert

An abstract digital artwork with a dark background and fine detailingMatrix

Let’s take a look at the artwork of Melissa Ann Lambert. Melissa creates amazing works of art in a variety of media, focusing on concepts as diverse as physics, psychology, mythology and geometry. The works she produces all seem to function as deep explorations of the self from a variety of angles.


A digital artwork with  geometric and abstract qualitiesQuark

A screen capture of Melissa Ann Lambert's gallery of works on paperMelissa's gallery of works on paper

I like seeing some of Melissa’s self-portraits in her online portfolio – they are…

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Charming Minimalist Compositions by Jason Murphy

A UV print image of an abstract black form on a white backgroundGE-05-render-surrealists-07, UV direct on 3mm Sintra

Today’s featured artist is Jason Murphy. His two-dimensional, oddly charming minimalist compositions create a quiet, meditative viewing experience.


The artist’s latest project, Gravity Engine, looks specifically at the concept of social media and the overwhelming volume of content therein, attempting to “capture and reconcile the weight of meaning” of individual posts. The…

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Digital Sculptures by Maxim Shkret

A digitally rendered three dimensional foxFox

Russian artist Maxim Shkret creates stunning three-dimensional digital renderings of animals and human figures. His unique layered style allows the viewer to focus on every contour of the figure, while adding a tactile, sculptural quality to the otherwise smooth digital work.

A digitally rendered image of a white wolfUntitled

Shkret’s digital sculptures are depicted in close up, with the eyes of the face often serving as the focal point. The artist renders the eyes with a…

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