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The Portfolio of Textile Artist Michael Shyka

A custom silk textile made with hand-painted dyesFeathers, dye on silk

Michael Shyka is a textile artist and fashion designer who creates his own fabric designs by painting directly onto silk. Michael also works in watercolour, creating paintings that bring the artist’s fashion-minded aesthetics into the realm of landscape and portrait painting.

A hand-painted silk textile with a basket-weave patternsbasket weave print, woven


I love Michael’s floral designs on silk textiles. As we saw in our previous feature of Michael’s

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Professional Looks: The Portfolio of Stylist Karen Kleber

An actress styled by Karen Kleber for a magazine spreadTalia Balsam for Angeleno Magazine

Stylist Karen Kleber works with clients in fashion, music, advertising, and other industries all over the world. In her practice, Karen creates polished, professional looks, shifting easily between red-carpet glamour and functional, everyday clothing.

A photo of a woman standing in front of a window in a large red coatUntitled


I like the way that Karen tailors her styles to both the context -- whether that be an advertising video, a gala, or a magazine shoot -- and…

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Fanciful Custom Hats by Fifilabelle

A photo of a model wearing a floral garland hatFloral garland

Fifilabelle founder Fiona Menzies designs and creates fanciful custom hats. Currently based in London, England, Fiona creates her hat designs on a commission basis, helping customers put the finishing touches on formal outfits of all varieties.

A hat designed for a young girlA little girl's hydreangea hat


I love the variety of designs to browse through on the Fifilabelle website. Fiona’s designs range from simple and elegant to more whimsical, and…

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Studio Sunday: Bjarne Melgaard

A photo of Bjarne Melgaard's art studio


Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard is currently based in New York, where he produces works in paint, sculpture, and most recently, fashion. The artist is as noteworthy as he is controversial, particularly in his homeland where he’s been called “the most famous artist since Edvard Munsch.”


The studio space as presented here looks quite wild -- numerous mannequins and figures sit and stand on whatever floor or table space can be…

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Professional Hair Styling: Art by Boyd Tizenor

A mixed media artwork of a colorful butterflyJOY, mixed media on wood

Boyd Tizenor is an artist and a professional hairdresser. In his personal practice, the artist creates energetic abstraction on wood panels and surfboards, drawing on this artistic energy in his professional hair styling work.


A professional hairstyle for a photoshootUntitled, hairstyle


It’s really interesting to see the types of hairstyles that Boyd produces, alongside his personal body of paintings. While the two media are very different,…

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Sleek and Modern Sensibility: Styling by Karen Kleber

A photo of a musician wearing smart black clothesHarmony Keeney

Fashion stylist Karen Kleber has over two decades of experience dressing both celebrities and private clients. Karen's styles have a sleek and modern sensibility, fitting perfectly on both the red carpet and in advertising.


A photograph of Talia Balsam styled by Karen KleberTalia Balsam  HBO "Divorce", 2016


In our previous feature of Karen’s work, we focused on her sense of color and clean lines. The stylist has a good sense of focus on her design choices,…

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Headlines: Gingerbread, Art Handlers and Bikes

1) New York Art Dealer Charged With Selling Smuggled Artworks


Some of the antiquities seized by border control regarding the Nancy Weiner case


Nancy Weiner, a New York-based art dealer whose clients include Sotheby’s and Christie’s auction houses, has been charged with selling stolen and smuggled antiquities. According to the Manhattan District Attorney, Weiner may have been buying illegal artefacts and creating fake paperwork to cover up dubious provenance since 1999. Weiner’s process may have even…

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Headlines: Asteroids, .GIFs, and The Met

An image of the new logo for the Metropolitan Museum of Art



People are still up in arms over the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s logo change. Amid insults and jokes by critics and everyday museumgoers alike, the New York institution released a statement about the new branding, which will go into effect on March 1st. The museum claims that its new logo reaches a wider possible audience than its old one, which comprised a stylized “M” amid geometric shapes. The new one does, admittedly,…

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Stark, Provocative Portraits by Jared S. Rosenbaum

A diptych photo of a young woman in front of a plain wallUntitled

Our featured artist today is fashion and model photographer Jared S. Rosenbaum. Located in Toronto, Jared specializes in stark, provocative portraits of models in a variety of environments ranging from the bizarre to the mundane.  


Jared’s models often seem somehow removed from their context. He often shoots with his subject looking directly into the camera, creating the feeling that the subject of the photo is completely…

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Colour and Clean Lines: Fashion Styling by Karen Kleber

A photo of a model wearing a patterned sweater and black pantsUntitled

Karen Kleber is a New York-based fashion stylist, and she’s also our featured artist today! Karen has styled numerous clients from well-known personalities like Whoopi Goldberg and Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, as well as athletes and private clients.


A promotional photo of Liza Minnelli surrounded by other performersUntitled

Karen’s styles capture the individuality of her subjects, as well as helping to emphasize the mood and tone of the photograph as a whole. In the Music gallery of…

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Melvin Sokolsky's Whimsical Bubbles


Whimsical bubbles meet fashion in this photograph from 1963. This surreal scene was created by photographer Melvin Sokolsky. The above photo is titled Bubble on the Seine. I imagine it as a futuristic form of travel or perhaps the result of too much daydreaming. Does the bubble keep the real world out? Is that why her expression is so bemused? She certainly seems carefree with one hand in her pocket, gazing out across the Seine. I…

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Art and Fashion Collaboration

three fashion models with artwork designs on their clothes standing in front of matching Piet Mondrain artwork.

 1965 Piet Mondrian Collaboration with Fashion Designer Yves Saint Laurent


Fashion and art have collided throughout history, here are some great examples to get you inspired. Maybe you will start scoping out designers that you might want to work with. You can print your art on fabric at this website:


Above is the collaboration between artist Piet Mondrian and Fashion Designer Yves Saint Laurent. The simple dress…

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