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Fragments of Film: Art by Guillaume Valleé

A still image from Guillaume Vallee's Analog HellraiserAnalog Hellraiser (still)

Multimedia and video artist Guillaume Valleé produces layered, disorienting fragments of film aimed more at creating a mood than at conveying a narrative or series of events. Guillaume’s works often feature a kaleidoscopic array of colors, overlaid with dense, sometimes aggressive soundtracks.

A still from Analog HellraiserAnalog Hellraiser (still)

I’m enjoying viewing Guillaume’s recent works dealing with the horror film Hellraiser.…

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Partnerships and Communities: Art by Bill Basquin

A video still of a nature sceneField Notes, #1-3, video still

Bill Basquin is a San Francisco-based artist who works in film and video as well as installation art. In his practice, Bill focuses on a meaningful, methodical approach to art making, involving partnerships and communities rather than the artist in isolation.

A still from a video about Death ValleyDeath Valley Love Letter, video still


It’s interesting to see the fragments of video that Bill chooses to make available on his website. Still…

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Impressions of Film and Video: Art by Sonya Stefan

Jan/13/chor de, 16 mm (for Annuaire series)


Sonya Stefan is a video and media artist who creates impressions of film and video, often utilizing non-traditional or anachronistic techniques. Using the medium's inherent versatility of style, the artist maintains a collaborative, interactive practice.

An installation photo from LCD TeardownLCD Teardown (installation view)

I find Sonya’s installation works quite interesting in relation to her overall body of work. In LCD…

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Hard-Edged and Fiercely Political: Media Art by John Douglas

Cloud Mountain


John Douglas’s artwork spans different decades and media, though it’s always hard-edged and fiercely political. Specializing primarily in film and media-based works, John uses his work to express his experience and constantly changing knowledge of the world.


A photograph of a text-based art piece advocating anti violenceNo Killing, print

Getting his start in political filmmaking, John has frequently used his filmmaking to explore cultural issues through the 60’s, 70’s,…

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Nature and Materiality of Film: Art by Guillame Vallée

Sacred Bloom (excerpt), hand-processed cameraless Super 8 film, collaboration with Andrée-Anne Roussel


Montreal-based artist Guillaume Vallée uses experimental film-based media to capture and explore the true nature and materiality of film. His works use a variety of analogue equipment and editing techniques to create abstract photos, installations and media artworks.


A collage based on a black and white photo of two young girlsUnknown, collage and Aquarelle on paper

This artist’s…

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Fragmented Bodies: Film Art by Alexander Headley

A film still of a woman dancingStill from "Tiny Dancer #2"

Our featured artist of the day, Alexander Headley, works primarily in film. Alexander’s recent works frequently feature washed out white lighting and fragmented bodies that seem reduced to objects rather than people. His recent short film Shaved explores themes of masculinity and identity by looking at the practice and meaning of shaving.




The artist has also worked as a director, costumer…

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Film Landscapes by Sonya Stefan

Black Givre & Sonya Stefan, AV performance


Our featured artist today is Sonya Stefan. Sonya is a dance, media and performance artist and is currently completing her MFA at Montreal’s Concordia University.


Sonya creates a variety of media in her practice, including documentary films, video installations, and digital images. As a co-founder of Montreal-based art collective Groop Index, Sonya’s works are frequently collaborative.…

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Experiments in Film and Animation: Guillaume Vallee

An abstract painting on a film negative with bright, strange coloursUntitled Collision IV, paint and collage on 35mm film negative

Guillaume Vallee is a French-Canadian artist who takes a particular interest in film and animation and experimental techniques involving the technology used to create these moving pictures.


A website of abstract landscape photos by Guillaume ValleeLandscapes from Mexico on

An installation view of a projector screen showing film negatives that have been painted and scratchedSouvenirs de sable a la ferme, installation

In Guillaume’s style I see an appreciation for digital mediums, and an eagerness to manipulate…

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