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Still-Life: The Art Portfolio of Jacqueline Janecke

A photograph of an apple treeNo. 45, photograph

Jacqueline Janecke is a photographer and stylist who creates beautifully rustic floral, food, and still-life arrangements. Jacqueline’s art portfolio is as much about showcasing individual works as it is about creating a cohesive overall aesthetic.

A photo of several floral arrangements on a tableUntitled, floral arrangements


I really enjoy the crispness of Jacqueline’s imagery. Whether she’s photographing flowers and plants out in the wild, or creating her…

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Headlines: Net Neutrality, Basel, Queer Biennale

1) What Does The End of Net Neutrality Mean for Artists?

A meme featuring FCC chair Ajit Pai


Earlier this week, net neutrality was repealed in the United States, and in the wake of the FCC’s decision many are wondering how the new internet will affect independent creators. The repeal of net neutrality means that internet service providers will now be legally allowed to slow down service to certain websites, or block certain websites from being access unless users pay…

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Cocktails to Casseroles: Food Styling by David Grenier

A photograph of some fruity cocktailsUntitled

Food photographer and stylist David Grenier has made an artistic career out of making various treats look even more tempting. The artist’s portfolio showcases his skill at creating seasonal settings for food, and enhancing the look of everything from cocktails to casseroles.

A photo of some sweet bars stacked atop one anotherUntitled


I like how David presents different types of food in accordance with the flavors, events, and season associated with that food. Fresh salads,…

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Vibrant, Fresh and Delicious: Food Styling by David Grenier

A photograph of a styled slice of chocolate pieUntitled

Today’s featured artist, David Grenier, is a food stylist as well as a food writer and recipe developer. With years of experience in the food industry and an MFA, David is skilled at making food look as vibrant, fresh and delicious as possible.


A styled photo of a dish of stew or curry on a blue tabeclothUntitled

A screen capture of a photo gallery on David Grenier's websiteBook 2 photographs on David's website

David’s photos present food in a crisp, clean light, while still avoiding an overly “styled” look. I like the way that the artist…

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Delectable Food Photography by David Grenier

Today's featured artist is David Grenier. David has a significant culinary background, which, combined with a visual arts MFA, makes him a highly skilled food styllist. David's delectable food photography is the product of his strong visual sensibilities and his clear love of cooking.

food photography of french fries and red ketchupUntitled


The photographs on David's art portfolio website are polished and clean, and yet still maintain the idea that food itself isn't perfect. These…

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