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Art With Healing Practices: Gallery 555

An artwork by Stacey SprouleYou turned it on the world, that's when you turned the world around, gel pen on paper by Stacey Sproule

Located on Bloor Street in Toronto, Ontario, Gallery 555 is a contemporary gallery space focused on showcasing emerging artists. The space combines art with healing practices including in-house acupuncture and yoga workshops.

An artwork by Rebecca ChaperonGather, acrylic on paper by Rebecca Chaperon


I’m really enjoying looking through the catalog of current…

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Headlines: South Korea, Voyager, Catalonia

1) China Lifts Ban on South Korean Art

A US missile defense system installed in South Korea


China has lifted its ban on South Korean art after nearly a year. The ban, which included not only visual art but other cultural exports like Korean music and television, was originally put in place by China after South Korea installed a series of U.S. air defense systems in Seongju, just south of the capital, Seoul. The defense systems were installed in response to the increased missile threat…

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Marketplaces and Exhibitions at Blackberry Gift Shop

An image of a paper cutting by Yolanda CheungSilent Tiger, matted and framed paper cut, Yolanda Cheung

Port Moody-based Blackberry Gift Shop and Artist Co-Op offers local British Columbia artists a chance to display and sell their works. Founded in 1997, the society puts on numerous annual marketplaces and exhibitions, as well as regular operation of the gift shop.


A pair of ceramic jars by Pauline DoyleAnnie and John, ceramic, Pauline Doyle

The Blackberry Gift Shop website includes examples of work by member…

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Jocelyn's Fine Art Gallery: Art and Curation by Jocelyn Duchek

An alcohol ink paper primarily in green tonesA Life That's Good, alcohol ink on Yupo paper (Jocelyn Duchek)

Jocelyn Duchek is the owner of Jocelyn’s Fine Art Gallery in Esterhazy, Saskatchewan. The gallery is home to several resident artists including Ducek herself, who has recently been working with the media of alcohol ink and acrylic paint.


A painting of trees and stumps in a woodRoom to Breathe, acrylic on canvas (Branta Studios)


I really like seeing the contrast in Duchek’s artworks between her acrylic…

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Headlines: Edit-a-Thon, Violations and Day Jobs

1) MoMA to Host 4th Annual Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon

A photo of participants in the 2016 MoMA Art and Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon

This March 11th, MoMA will once again be hosting its annual Art + Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon, an event which will feature panels and discussions about online information and accurate research. The goal of the event, which is being put on the for the fourth consecutive year, is to create more Wikipedia pages for women artists. Edit-a-Thons are also being held in March at various other…

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Headlines: Matthew, Dash Snow and Frieze

1) Five Dutch Paintings Returned After a Decade Missing

The painting Lady World by Jacob Waben
Five artworks from the Dutch Golden Age have been recovered and returned to the Westfries Museum in Hoorn, Netherlands, after being stolen in January of 2005. The original theft, which is thought to have been perpetrated by thieves who hid in a coffin that was being displayed in the museum until after closing, included 24 paintings and 70 pieces of silverware, worth a total of about…

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Headlines: Basel, Roski and Brexit

1) Adrien Brody Attends Art Basel as an Artist

A photo of Adrien Brody at Art Basel Miami Beach in 2015



The Art Basel art fair took place in Germany over the weekend, and one notable attendee appears to have been Hollywood star Adrien Brody. While other celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio frequently attend the fair with the intent of purchasing for their collections, this time around Brody singled himself out by calling himself an artist. While Brody did indeed have artworks at…

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Headlines: Hong Kong, Witchcraft and Rocks

Designer Turns a Mondrian Painting into a Game of Pong

A still frame of MondriPong by Kristiana Hansen



It’s Friday! Why not enjoy a fun art-based diversion with this playable Pong game, modeled after the form of a Piet Mondrian painting. The artistic community website B3ta originally set out a challenge for creators to turn famous artworks into videogames. After a user submitted a .GIF fittingly titled “Pongdrian,” designer Kristiana Hansen decided to make the game a…

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Artist-Run Organization: Blackberry Artist's Society

A watercolour painting of numerous flowersA Bright Bouquet, watercolour on paper, Elizabeth Wallace

The subject of today’s feature is the Blackberry Artist’s Society, based in Port Moody, British Columbia. Blackberry is a fully artist-run organization dedicated to supporting the work of its members through gallery shows and sales at the Blackberry Gift Shop in Port Moody.


A front page screen capture of Blackberry Artist's Society's websiteThe front page of the Society's website

Silk scarves, wood carving, ceramics and jewelry are just…

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Headlines: Art, Politics and a Disobedient Camera


1) San Francisco Artists Protest Gentrification

A photo of several artists protesting the Google bus in April 2014


Last week we saw that an arts group in Berlin are protesting for more affordable studio space in the city. It would seem the lack of affordable space for artists is becoming a worldwode trend. This week, artists living in San Francisco, CA protest the gentrification of the city that's pushing out the artists and performers that it has previously been so well known for. 


2) Bernie…

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Local Fine Artwork at Jocelyn's Fine Art Gallery

An interior view of Jocelyn's Fine Art Gallery in SaskatchewanAn interior view of the gallery

Today’s feature is a whole gallery full of artists! Jocelyn’s Fine Art Gallery in Esterhazy, Saskatchewan, showcases local fine artwork and also offers a selection of art supplies and classes for beginners.


An abstract alcohol ink painting with bright green tonesEmerging, Alcohol ink on Yupo paper, Jocelyn Ducheck

The artists represented by the gallery are all local to the town of Esterhazy and produce a wide variety of interesting artworks, from oil…

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Hot Topic: Vanity Galleries

Art of woman at a vanity table


Soooo......What the heck is a vanity gallery?


These galleries offer their gallery space for a fee which must be paid up front. Unlike other galleries this fee often pays the bills for the business so they don't need to worry as much as regular commercial galleries about selling the art. This means that there is less concern about the style and quality of the work. 


In truth the term vanity gallery is a bit derogatory. This is…

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Why Going to Galleries is so Important

You're an artist, or you want to be. You love art! You love seeing art! But of course, sometimes life and work gets in the way and it's hard to find the time to stop in at galleries and check out work by fellow artists. Here's a few more reasons to motivate yourself.


You'd want people to see your shows...right?


This is the most obvious reason. It goes both ways - you as an artist would want people to come out to your openings and…

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What is an Artist Run Centre?

You've probably heard the term a lot: artist run centre - or, if you live in the US, artist run space, or artist run inititative in other countries - but what is an artist run centre? How does it differ from a regular art gallery? How does it benefit you as an artist?


The idea of artist-run centres started in the 1960’s, and since then, thousands of small institutions have been founded, built and run by artists and for artists all…

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