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Abstract Geometric Forms: Art by Catherine Bourassa-Hébert

An abstract painting with circular and rectangular formsCSS IV Untitled 9, acrylic on canvas

Catherine Bourassa-Hébert is a Canadian artist working in both Montreal and Boston. In her practice, the artist is primarily a painter, working with abstract geometric forms and splashes of bright, varied colour. 

An artwork with circular forms and chevron shapesCSS II Untitled 12 (1 of 1), screen print on paper

Throughout her portfolio, Catherine demonstrates a great sense of visual balance in her artworks, and an eye for compositions that focus…

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Wire and Fibreglass Art by Steven J. Simmons

A hanging sculpture of a blue and white heartBluebonic Plague Heart

Steven J. Simmons’ art portfolio serves as a personal love letter to surfing, surf culture, and the ocean as a whole. In his practice, Steven works with various sculptural materials including wire and fibreglass, creating translucent, three-dimensional works that have a unique tactility and interact beautifully with natural light. 

A handmade lampshade with translucent, coloured material and wireLampshade Redux #3 (with light 2)


Steven’s COVID 19 Creations series…

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Coloured Textiles: The Art Portfolio of Sharon Blake

An artwork made with layers of coloured textiles1048 - Sonoma, September, organza, silk, linen

Sharon Blake has lived all over the United States, and much of her artwork draws inspiration from the various settings and scenes that she’s been exposed to via these travels. Sharon’s artistic portfolio includes abstracted landscapes created in coloured textiles, as well as sharp studio photography.

A textile-based image with a ghostly image of a house0964 - Grey House, organza, silk, linen


I really love Sharon’s series of textile…

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Visually Complex: The Art Portfolio of Pamela Pitt

A layered collage based on a city street viewWe are in the Twilight Zone

Pamela Pitt is a collage artist and photographer based in San Francisco. The artist’s work is visually complex and addresses issues from the aesthetic to the overtly political. In recent works Pamela has applied her talent for collage to current issues including the pandemic and political unrest in the United States. 

A collage with a variety of disparate elementsGorilla Girl, mixed media collage with acrylic and collage elements


I’m impressed by…

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A Portfolio of Encaustic Media by Michele Barnes

A collage with large shapes of flat colourCollage of WCU Creek

Michele Barnes was born in California, studied art in New York, and currently lives and works in Virginia. The artist is fascinated with nature and biology, and uses encaustic media to explore the aesthetics and forms of the natural world. 

An encaustic painting depciting an autumnal treeFall, encaustic


I like the way that Michele uses encaustics to her advantage in portraying not only the forms of her subjects, but also their unique textures. Encaustic -- a…

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Deep Introspection: The Art Portfolio of Kyla Slobodin

An abstract painting with deep, saturated coloursUntitled

Kyla Slobodin is an artist currently based in Victoria, BC, who works in a diverse range of traditional media including ink, paint, photography, and writing. Kyla’s current body of work is both abstract and figurative, sometimes drawing on slice-of-life subject matter and other times evoking moments of deep introspection

A drawing of several humanoid figures with abstracted detailsUntitled


I really like Kyla’s painting series “traces” -- the works in this gallery are…

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Warm, Cohesive Artworks by Jeanie Coy Auseon

A mixed media artwork with shiny pigments on mylarPlay and Wonder 1, pencil and acrylic on mylar

Jeanie Coy Auseon is an artist working primarily in two-dimensional mixed media. Drawing on a history of both personal practice and work as an art educator, the artist creates works featuring a range of subject matter, combining figuration and abstraction to create pleasantly warm, cohesive artworks.  

A mixed media artwork depicting a planet with textured matterPlanetary Play 2, acrylic and metallic paints, moulding compounds, and ink on cradled…

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A Portfolio of Community Art Projects by Sara Kaltwasser

A painting of a message spread across sheets of lined paperRe/Write, acrylic paint, ink, and graphite on wood

Sara Kaltwasser grew up in Portland, Oregon, and is now based in Baltimore, Maryland. In her artistic practice, Sara is both an artist and an educator, producing work on a personal level as well as collaborating with various public and organizational groups to create community art projects and individual works. 

A black and white photograph of water bottles with text overlayDay 26

I’m really enjoying Sara’s artworks made in 2020. The artist’s…

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Everyday City Life: The Art Portfolio of Scott Ivey

A painting of a cityscape across a body of waterharbor view, oil on canvas

Scott Ivey is a Washington, D.C.-based artist who works in oil paint, watercolour, charcoal, and other traditional media, producing works that capture scenes of everyday city life. The artist’s images are designed to capture the aesthetic of aged, sepia-toned photographs, with Scott tending to work in an additive fashion, starting with a dark-coloured canvas and adding light. 

An ink wash painting of buildings at nightnight study, inkwash



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Cool Colour Palettes: The Art Potfolio of Marion Krahn

A print of an original painting of a misty blue seascapeSalish Sea Nocturne (print)

Marion Krahn was born in Vancouver, BC, and is now based in Kelowna. In her practice, the artist takes inspiration from her local environment, capturing a hint of the Pacific Northwest landscape in large-scale paintings that are abstracted in composition and use subdued, cool colour palettes

A layered painting of a new moon over a creekMill Creek New Moon, acrylic on canvas


Water, or the suggestion of water, seems to be a common motif in Marion’s…

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Abstraction, Collage, and Colour Theory by Erin O'Brien

A mixed media collage with a central figure of a dogAccompaniment, mixed media collage

Erin O’Brien is an artist based in San Diego, California. In her current artistic practice, Erin uses mixed media to create complex abstracted works that utilize elements of abstraction, collage, and colour theory

A mixed media artwork with red and whiteOvercast, mixed media on canvas


Much of the artist’s portfolio feels like there is an emphasis on exploration -- even in works that are visually heavy, or dark, there’s a sense…

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Geometric Motifs: The Art Portfolio of Lisa Berkman

An abstract geometric painting with textured elementsUntitled

Lisa Berkman is a painter based in Seattle. In her artistic practice, Lisa is primarily an abstract painter, focused on composition and colour, building works that utilize contemporary geometric motifs and heavy, raised textures. 

A black and white abstract painting with large brush marksUntitled


There’s a great sense of weight and presence with Lisa’s artworks -- some pieces in the artist’s Black and White gallery evoke Lee Krasner, while some of Lisa’s more colourful…

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Therapeutic Approach: The Art Portfolio of Corla McGillivray

An alcohol ink painting with bright red huesUntitled, alcohol ink

Corla McGillivray is an artist from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan who takes an intuitive, therapeutic approach to her art practice. The artist’s works use a range of two-dimensional media and saturated, layered colour palettes. 

An abstract artwork with tones of yellow and purpleUntitled

Though Corla uses a variety of colour in each of her artworks, she still manages a fairly cohesive colour scheme across her entire portfolio. Blues, greens, and teals feature…

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The Art Portfolio of Debra Disharoon

An oil painting of a cloud formationClouds and Virga, oil on canvas

Debra Disharoon is an artist from Shannon, Georgia. The artist’s practice encompasses a wide range of media, from charcoal and coloured pencil to metal fabrication. Though varied in terms of style and subject matter, the artist’s portfolio as a whole exudes a sense of quiet confidence, energy, and ambition. 

A coloured pencil drawing of an orange rosePerfect Rose, coloured pencil on multimedia paper


I’m really enjoying Debra’s recent…

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An Original Visual Language: Art by Michael Kilgore

A stylized and abstracted portraitUntitled

Michael Kilgore is a mixed media artist who works in paint, pastel, collage, and other materials. In his practice, Michael builds stylized images that draw on the aesthetics of 20th century art movements such as Cubism and Expressionism, blending these styles with a modern take on traditional African art to create an original visual language

An abstracted painting of a woman in purple platform shoesWoman in purple platform shoes

I really enjoy Michael’s figurative works in mixed…

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