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Kenyon Motor Co: The Art Portfolio of Tom Kenyon

A paper collage with a car design375VX, linoleum block print on newspaper

Tom Kenyon is a car and automotive racing enthusiast who is using a combination of collage, paint, sculpture, and other mixed media to weave a fictional narrative surrounding his grandfather’s car parts shop, Kenyon Motor Co. The artist’s body of work can be appreciated from an individual perspective, and as a complete narrative. 

A linoleum print with red and black coloursBustle, linoleum block print


It’s really interesting to…

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Deeper Meanings: The Art of Laura Munteanu

A painting of abstracted colours pouring out of a bottle shapeMessage in a bottle, mixed media on wooden canvas

Laura Munteanu is a Romanian-born artist currently based in Switzerland. The artist works in finance by day, practicing art as a mode of self-expression, and a way of exploring ideas and imagery with deeper meanings

A painting with abstracted, sea-creature-like formsNew Day, mixed media on canvas paper


I like the relatively loose, gestural brush strokes and dreamy colour palettes that Laura employs in her paintings. Though the…

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Knick-Knacks and Contemporary Kitsch: Art by Susan Parrish

A sculpture with the suggested appearance of a faceCall for Entry

Susan Parrish is an artist and sculptor who works primarily with found objects, metal, and ceramic. The artist’s pieces are an interesting blend of antique knick-knacks and contemporary kitsch, and encompass sculptures, household objects, and jewelry. 

A sculpture of a fish made from varied mixed mediaBlue-eyed, Curly Finned Fish

It’s really neat to see Susan’s aesthetic sensibility translated into the medium of handmade jewelry. The artist has a knack for…

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Layers of Colour: The Art Portfolio of Linda Henningson

A painting made with hues of blue and whiteMidnight, acrylic on canvas

Linda Henningson works in paint and mixed media, creating artworks that emphasize bright colour and pattern, using recognizable landscapes and still-life scenes as the basis for psychedelic works combining geometric patterns with flat layers of colour

A painting of a landscape with panels of geometric patterningThe Visit, acrylic on canvas


I really enjoy the bright, eye-catching look of Linda’s works, and the way the artist employs hard outlines and clearly…

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Plein Air and Studio-Based Art by Edward Bear Miller

A painting of an earthy mountain rangeOlana View, oil on panel

Edward Bear Miller is based in Tarrytown, New York, where he maintains a painting practice that is equal parts plein air and studio-based. The artist’s portfolio includes lush landscape paintings as well as portraiture and political artwork. 

A painting of men in suits standing in a conference roomTeam Players, oil on panel


Edward paints in a loose, gestural style that emphasizes the texture and materiality of the paint itself as much as the image created by the…

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Earthy Colour Palette: Art and Jewelry by Tina Tavolacci

A close-up photo of an enamel pendant necklaceEnamel necklace

Tina Tavolacci is a Michigan-based artist who works in paint, mixed media, and jewelry-making. The artist’s works combine a rich, earthy colour palette with enameled jewel tones for striking works both wearable and wall-hanging. 

A bangle made from metal and enamelEnamel bangle


It’s really fun to browse through Tina’s jewelry galleries and see the artist’s creative range. Many of Tina’s works have an interesting balance of natural and…

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Quick-Sketch Aesthetic: Art by Jonathan Hertzel

An abstract painting made with yellow and purple tonesInversion 1

Jonathan Hertzel is a painter and sculptor who works in a gestural, abstracted style. The artist’s works embrace a frenetic, quick-sketch aesthetic while suggesting all manner of figures and objects. 

An abstract painting with strokes of bright colourInversion 10


I really enjoy the recent paintings in Jonathan’s Inversions series -- the works here are reminiscent of early expressionist abstractions, using colour palettes that evoke wild bursts of energy and growth.…

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A Portfolio of Uniquely Contemporary Artworks by Amber Petersen

A painting primarily made up of pink hues with floral detailsHello Darkness, mixed acrylic medium on stretched canvas

Amber Petersen is a Canadian artist who lives and works between Toronto, New York, and BC’s Sunshine Coast. In her artistic practice, Amber is primarily a painter, utilizing a wild array of bright colours and illustrative stylistic choices to create uniquely contemporary artworks

A pink-hued abstract painting with birdsBirds of a Feather, mixed acrylic medium on stretched canvas


I really love Amber’s recent…

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HeART Haven Studios: The Art Portfolio of Linnie Aikens

A painting of seaside cliffs made in acrylicSunburnt Seacliffs, acrylic

Linnie Aikens creates works in a variety of media for her HeART Haven Studios. The artist creates works for her personal portfolio in oil, acrylic, watercolour, and even ceramics and photography. Outside of her own personal practice, Linnie also teaches art to school-age children. 

A painting of chairs arranged in a dense gardenAfternoon Repose, oil on canvas


I really like the way that Linnie varies her stylistic choices to the advantage of whatever…

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Fantastic Favourites: Linda Lang, Bill Hayner, Colby Brewer

Today, let’s look inside the art practices of Linda Lang, Bill Hayner, and Colby Brewer. Working in paint, mixed media, and installation, these artists take very different approaches to their media and subjects, but all arrive at polished works that are equally evocative and visually engaging. 


Linda Lang
A painting of a body of water on Baffin Island

Colours of South Baffin, oil on canvas


Linda Lang is a painter and muralist who creates works of art depicting settings in…

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The Portfolio of Traditional Artist Jan Marie

A watercolour painting of a trainKettle Moraine Train, watercolour on watercolour paper

Jan Marie is a traditional artist who works in a variety of media including watercolour, acrylic paint, and felt-tip marker. The artist is currently based in Arizona. 

A painting of a purple flower on a round canvasPurple Paradise, metallic acrylic on round stretched canvas

It’s interesting to browse through Jan’s portfolio and see the wide variety of media that the artist experiments with. In Jan’s gallery of acrylic…

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Inside the Art Studio of Ruth Asawa

A photo of Ruth Asawa in her studio


Ruth Asawa was a Japanese-American artist. An American citizen, the artist was forced into a Japanese internment camp for 18 months at the age of 16. During this period, Asawa took up drawing, maintaining an evolving art practice that lasted for the remainder of her life. The artist worked in a wide range of media, often focusing on abstract constructions with a geometric edge. 


Asawa’s studio looks like an ethereal alien world…

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Momentum and Energy: The Art Portfolio of BJ Keith

A painting of abstract organic formsOrganic 8, oil on gallery-wrapped canvas

BJ Keith is an abstract artist who works in both two and three-dimensional media. In her current practice, BJ explores ideas of momentum and energy, with the artist’s abstract imagery reflecting an intuitive, experimental, unexpected artistic process. 

A painting with geometric forms and bright coloursGeometrics 12, oil on gallery-wrapped canvas


I really like the way that BJ explores a variety of shapes and compositional styles while…

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Expertise with Visual Rhetoric: The Art of Don Moore

A painting of a young woman as a Woodstock commemorationWoodstock Anniversary

Don Moore is an artist based in Salisbury, North Carolina whose decades-spanning practice includes a wide variety of realistic subject matter. Outside of his artistic practice, Don has been a long-time teacher and educator, and his artworks capture an expertise with visual rhetoric honed by practice and teaching others. 

A painting of a room with a window reflecting on the floorSpace With a View

I really enjoy the style that Don employs in many of his works, one that…

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An Explorative Approach: Art by Elaine Lauzon

A mixed media painting with abstract forms in two different stylesNo. 7 (diptych), watercolour and pen on paper

Elaine Lauzon is an artist who works in mixed media on paper, as well as digital media, to produce artworks that range from dense, colourful abstractions to delicate landscape sketches. The Canadian artist takes an explorative approach to her work, incorporating a wide variety of textures and colours into each work. 

A drawing of poppies with a lot of negative spacePoppies, watercolour and markers on paper


I really enjoy the works in…

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