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Bright Figurative Images: Art by Frans Geerlings

An oil painting of a battle at seaBattle at Sea Dutch VS British, oil paint


Frans Geerlings was born in the Netherlands and is now based in Salem, Oregon. In his artistic practice, Frans creates bright figurative images combining oil paint with chalk and pastel.

A painting of a barn framed with barn woodOld Barn, acrylic paint in authentic Texas barnwood frame


I enjoy the way Frans showcases most of his works in frames on his website. The borders add an extra dimension to the works, and make it seem as…

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Melting Ice Cream: Art by Deirdre Hofer

A photograph of an ice cream cone on the groundCone Pour

Vancouver-based artist Deirdre Hofer creates multimedia artworks that explore memory and sensation. Deridre takes unexpected objects as motif, often utilizing melting ice cream cones and snowmen to express the passage of time, among other concepts.

A mixed media artwork depicting six ice cream conesSix Cones 2, collage, acrylic and graphite on illustration board


I rather enjoy Deirdre’s work with ice cream cones. Whether she’s utilizing real ice cream, photographing or…

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Studio Sunday: Gabriel Orozco

A photo of Gabriel Orozco's home work space


This Sunday let’s take a look at the studio of Gabriel Orozco. Orozco is a Mexican artist who works in a range of media including photography, drawing, sculpture, and installation. Orozco divides his time between Mexico City, New York, and Paris.


The artist has said that he doesn’t actually have a dedicated “studio” but instead devotes a space in each of his homes to creating artwork on a smaller scale.  The above photo…

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Exaggerated Human Figures: Art by Stylianos Schicho

A painting of two partially obscured faces in a circleUndisclosed-Recipients, charcoal and acrylic on canvas

Stylianos Schicho is a painter from Vienna, Austria. Working in charcoal and acrylic paint, the artist creates layered images that combine exaggerated human figures with overlapping geometric constructs.

A painting of a human figure and an owlThe Garden is Closing in 10 Minutes, charcoal and acrylic on canvas


I enjoy the illustrative aesthetic that comes from Schicho’s use of charcoal in addition to paint. While the…

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Energetic Abstracts: Art by Franck De Las Mercedes

A painting made up of similar patterns and bright colorsBaby Demons, acrylic on canvas

New York artist Franck De Las Mercedes works with painting, collage, and mixed media elements, creating energetic abstractions that are compositionally and conceptually dense. With overlapping fields of highly saturated color, Franck creates psychedelic imagery that draws the eye across the entirety of the substrate.

An abstract painting with bright colors and white highlightsHigher Worlds, acrylic on canvas


The works in Franck’s recent series Feeling Center

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Comanche and Kiowa Heritage: Art by J. NiCole Hatfield

A photo of a pair of hand-painted wooden boxesHand painted wooden boxes

J. NiCole Hatfield is a self-taught artist based in Oklahoma. NiCole draws on her native Comanche and Kiowa heritage in her works, often incorporating imagery of traditional tribal dress and text from native languages.

A pair of earrings made from carved dentaliumDentalium earrings


I appreciate the diversity of media and style in NiCole’s art portfolio. From wearable art to two-dimensional paintings, a number of different art styles are represented.…

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Studio Sunday: Elizabeth Murray

A photo of Elizabeth Murray in her studio


Elizabeth Murray was a Chicago-based artist who was active in the American contemporary art scene throughout the 1970’s, 80’s, and 90’s. She was best known for abstract paintings that evoked the suggestion of figures, and for painting of bizarrely shaped canvases.


I’m taken by how colorful Elizabeth Murray’s studio looks in this photo – though the walls and floor are the same white hue as many artist’s studios, the…

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Studio Sunday: Tal R

A photo of Tal R in his art studio


Studio Sunday artist Tal R was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, and grew up in Denmark, where he studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. R is known for wildly colorful paintings that express simplified, almost naïve-style figures in a straightforward manner. More recently the artist has also delved into abstract sculpture.


R’s studio looks like a fun place to be, in the above photo. It’s packed with bizarre sculptural…

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Between Disciplines: Art by James Lutzko

A painting made in dark blue hues with glossy epoxyBE-1401, oil on canvas with high-gloss epoxy topcoat

Calgary-based artist James Lutzko creates artworks that span medium and subject matter, meeting to create interesting intersections between disciplines. Much of James’ work is focused around the idea of space, and intuitive creation.

A painting made with cracked, heavily layered green pigmentGC-1601, oil on canvas with high-gloss epoxy topcoat


I really enjoy James’ into Abstract and Spatial Expressionism. The artist himself notes that

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Fragmented Images: Art by Michael David Kozlowski

A painting of an interior sceneA Single Point of Failure

Michael David Kozlowski creates dark narrative paintings that deliver fragmented images of interiors and figures. The artist’s works tend to have an almost surreal, half-abstracted appearance, lending them the sense of memories or dreams.

An abstract painting with bright focal point shapesContemplation


I really enjoy the way Michael creates his compositions, seemingly dividing the painted plane into subtle shapes and sections. Many of his paintings are…

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Steampunk Assemblages: Art by Linda Cohen

A mixed media artwork with steampunk imagerySteampunk, mixed media on canvas-wrapped board

Missoula, Montana-based artist Linda Cohen creates unique steampunk assemblages from a wide range of materials and textures. Linda has a background in professional floral arrangement, and uses this knowledge of layering to create her current works.

An art piece made with discarded computer parts and wooden gearsUntitled, wooden gears and found computer parts on wood tray


I’m really enjoying browsing through the galleries on Linda’s website. While…

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Surreal Situations: Art by Yume

A stylized painting of a mermaidDeep Thoughts... acrylic on wood

Yume was born in Osaka, Japan, and moved to Los Angeles at the age of six. Her artworks are illustrative and symbolic, often featuring female figures in surreal situations or elaborate costume.

A painting of a woman with black hairMod Girl, acrylic on paper board


I like the way Yume incorporates framing into many of her painted works. She doesn’t stop with a square panel or canvas, but surrounds solitary figures in fancifully carved and…

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Embedded Symbolism: Art by Susan Keown

A drawing of abstract lines in blue and pink huesUntitled

Susan Keown creates busy, detailed abstractions with a focus on distilling physical and intellectual experiences into an artistic object. Susan’s works have a sense of spirituality and deeply embedded symbolism.

A collage image made from strips of magazines overlappingUntitled


I really enjoy looking through the different medium galleries on Susan’s website and exploring the unexpected connections that she’s able to form between vastly different art processes. In her drawings,…

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Spaces in Between: Art by Rachel K. Bury

An artwork made from rolled-up tubes painted with an imageNo Need for Other Worlds (for precisely the same reasons), acetate, acrylic, matte medium, wood

Rachel K. Bury creates abstract artworks that toe the line between sculpture and painting, exploring the notion of spaces in between. Rachel’s paintings consist of a series of cylindrical that arranged on a wall to form a “flat” surface.

A painting made on rolled up acetate tubesIts Path (inner eye), acetate, acrylic paint, matte medium, wood


I enjoy the tension between two…

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Scrapworks: Art by Gary Jenkins

A work made from cardboard adhered to a canvasScrapworks #2, cardboard on canvas

Artist Gary Jenkins creates paintings and mixed-media assemblages – or, “Scrapworks” – drawing from an appreciation for pure formal abstraction. Gary’s works in all media showcase a genuine appreciation for a wide range of artforms, and have an experimental, often playful tone.

An artwork made from cardboard attached to a canvasScrapworks #7, cardboard, burlap, acrylic paint on canvas


I’m enjoying looking through Gary’s gallery of 2017…

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