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Studio Sunday: Ian Wallace

A photo of a photo: Ian Wallace's studio


Our Studio Sunday feature this week is Ian Wallace. Wallace is a Canadian photographer and painter who is known for combining the two disciplines into uniquely conceptual works. One of the artist’s better-known projects is his series of works titled “In the Studio,” which present a unique view of his personal work space.


Wallace is somewhat known for creating his own brand of institutional critique, and his studio artworks…

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Intersections of Color: Art by Bruce Meberg

A painting of concentric squares in different huesRectangle Alpha, acrylic on canvas

Artist Bruce Meberg creates colorful abstractions, using intersections of color and media to explore other earthly systems on a micro and macro scale. Bruce allows space for gravity and accident in his process, creating works that are equal parts meticulous and intuitive.

A painting of abstract shapes that seem to form dancing figuresPrimal Dance, acrylic and texture on canvas


I enjoy Bruce’s resin compositions on wood – the shiny, glassy quality of the…

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Eggshell Mosaics: Art by Linda Biggers

An eggshell mosaic depicting a sailboat on still waterAfternoon on the Sacandaga, eggshell mosaic

Linda Biggers is a mixed media artist based in New York. Much of Linda’s artwork takes the form of eggshell mosaics, through which the artist renders landscapes and figures in a uniquely textured fashion.

A mosaic artwork of a canoe on moonlit waterSacandaga Evening, eggshell mosaic


I like the way that Linda utilizes her medium to portray a range of textures and lighting in complex scenes. For example, in a few works, the texture of…

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Unpolished and Frank: Art by Ronan Boyle

A mixed media artwork with a concrete-like backgroundConcrete3

Artist Ronan Boyle is a self-taught artist currently based in Vancouver, BC. Ronan’s art style borrows from punk and street art movements, finding an aesthetic that’s deliberately unpolished and frank.

An artwork made with imagery laid over a concrete-like backgroundconcrete4


I especially enjoy the aesthetic of Ronan’s series Concrete. The color scheme in these works is subdued or nonexistent, leaning more into black and white monochromes. In our previous feature we looked at the

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Collage and Assemblage: Art by Gary Eleinko

A mixed media artwork depicting a slice of forestInto the Woods 2, oil, wood, branches on bamboo

Mixed-media artist Gary Eleinko utilizes a range of materials in his works, resulting in an aesthetic that references collage and assemblage art forms even in two dimensions. The artist’s recent works tend to focus on warm hues and strong, sometimes-figurative shapes, layered to bring each into sharp focus.

A triptych artwork featuring textured plant life and paintJungle Fever (triptych), oil, wood, mixed media

A number of Gary’s most recent…

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Imagery of the Mind: Art by Hisham Akira Baroocha

A piece of hand-dyed fabric with a loud patternDrowning Flamingo, hand-dyed found fabric on panel

American musician and visual artist Hisham Akira Baroocha creates works in photography, collage, and gallery installation. Much of Baroocha’s work revolves around themes of memory and emotion, with a focus on the transience and chaos that is inherent in the imagery of the mind.

A collage composition with abstracted imageryUnforeseen Conversations 2, collage and ink on paper


I really enjoy the way Baroocha weaves collage pieces…

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Studio Sunday: Shirin Neshat

A photo of Shirin Neshat at work in her studio


In today’s Studio Sunday, we’ll look at the studio of Shirin Neshat. Neshat was born in Iran and later moved to the United States to study at UC Berkeley, before relocating to New York, where she is now based. The artist’s work explores themes of Iranian and western identity, the Muslim faith, and public versus private through photography and video.


The artist’s studio is located in her home, a loft in New York’s SOHO…

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Weighty, Tactile Abstractions: Art by David Ferguson

An abstract mixed media artwork with strong textureBRANCH WATER, cast cotton, gold leaf, acrylic on board

Painter and choreographer David Ferguson creates weighty, tactile abstractions and equally expressive patterns of movement. Often working in collaboration with other dancers and choreographers, David participates in both the behind-the-scenes production and the performance of his dances.


RUSH OF WATER/ RUSH OF AIR (working draft 2012), collaboration with Jung ah Chung, Robb…

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Gestural Works and Abstractions by Guy Grogan

A painting of greenish stripes of color with an interesting textureShowing My Stripes #1, mixed media on gesso board

Artist Guy Grogan creates gestural works and abstractions that seem infused with deep feeling. Working in paint, drawing, and sculpture techniques, Guy uses a distinctive color palette and a talent for building volumes to evoke mysterious concepts.

A painting with black and pale glossy stripesShowing My Stripes #10


I’m really enjoying looking through the works in Guy’s Showing My Stripes series. The works here are easily…

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Bright Figurative Images: Art by Frans Geerlings

An oil painting of a battle at seaBattle at Sea Dutch VS British, oil paint


Frans Geerlings was born in the Netherlands and is now based in Salem, Oregon. In his artistic practice, Frans creates bright figurative images combining oil paint with chalk and pastel.

A painting of a barn framed with barn woodOld Barn, acrylic paint in authentic Texas barnwood frame


I enjoy the way Frans showcases most of his works in frames on his website. The borders add an extra dimension to the works, and make it seem as…

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Melting Ice Cream: Art by Deirdre Hofer

A photograph of an ice cream cone on the groundCone Pour

Vancouver-based artist Deirdre Hofer creates multimedia artworks that explore memory and sensation. Deridre takes unexpected objects as motif, often utilizing melting ice cream cones and snowmen to express the passage of time, among other concepts.

A mixed media artwork depicting six ice cream conesSix Cones 2, collage, acrylic and graphite on illustration board


I rather enjoy Deirdre’s work with ice cream cones. Whether she’s utilizing real ice cream, photographing or…

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Studio Sunday: Gabriel Orozco

A photo of Gabriel Orozco's home work space


This Sunday let’s take a look at the studio of Gabriel Orozco. Orozco is a Mexican artist who works in a range of media including photography, drawing, sculpture, and installation. Orozco divides his time between Mexico City, New York, and Paris.


The artist has said that he doesn’t actually have a dedicated “studio” but instead devotes a space in each of his homes to creating artwork on a smaller scale.  The above photo…

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Exaggerated Human Figures: Art by Stylianos Schicho

A painting of two partially obscured faces in a circleUndisclosed-Recipients, charcoal and acrylic on canvas

Stylianos Schicho is a painter from Vienna, Austria. Working in charcoal and acrylic paint, the artist creates layered images that combine exaggerated human figures with overlapping geometric constructs.

A painting of a human figure and an owlThe Garden is Closing in 10 Minutes, charcoal and acrylic on canvas


I enjoy the illustrative aesthetic that comes from Schicho’s use of charcoal in addition to paint. While the…

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Energetic Abstracts: Art by Franck De Las Mercedes

A painting made up of similar patterns and bright colorsBaby Demons, acrylic on canvas

New York artist Franck De Las Mercedes works with painting, collage, and mixed media elements, creating energetic abstractions that are compositionally and conceptually dense. With overlapping fields of highly saturated color, Franck creates psychedelic imagery that draws the eye across the entirety of the substrate.

An abstract painting with bright colors and white highlightsHigher Worlds, acrylic on canvas


The works in Franck’s recent series Feeling Center

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Comanche and Kiowa Heritage: Art by J. NiCole Hatfield

A photo of a pair of hand-painted wooden boxesHand painted wooden boxes

J. NiCole Hatfield is a self-taught artist based in Oklahoma. NiCole draws on her native Comanche and Kiowa heritage in her works, often incorporating imagery of traditional tribal dress and text from native languages.

A pair of earrings made from carved dentaliumDentalium earrings


I appreciate the diversity of media and style in NiCole’s art portfolio. From wearable art to two-dimensional paintings, a number of different art styles are represented.…

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