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Cars and Racing: Art by Tom Kenyon

A linocut print of an automobile partClip, linoleum block print

Tom Kenyon is an American artist whose current practice revolves around cars and racing. Tom has created a fictional artistic narrative that embellishes the story of his grandfather’s automotive parts shop to include car racing.


A black and white linocut print of car partsNight, linoleum block print

Tom’s artworks are varied in medium and style though the artist has a special affinity for lino-cut prints. His gallery of prints and collages is…

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History, Religious Practices and Literature: Art by Kiki McGrath

A wall collage and drawing of two mythological figuresAriadne and the Minotaur, collage drawing, mixed media

Kiki McGrath is an artist who works with loosely representational imagery and disjointed forms to explore complex ideas relating to history, religious practices and literature. Kiki’s works tend toward earthy, neutral colours and the use of traditional media such as acrylic, collage and graphite drawing.


A wall-based collage and drawing of a giant spiderArachne, collage, drawing, mixed media

The artist’s recent series

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Undulating Abstract Forms: Art by Nathan Carter

A painting with a narrow line of colour wrapping around bold shapesCOVERT CAPABLANCA HINTERTUR AND MICROFILM TRANSPARENCIES, paper, acrylic, ink, acetate colour gels, collage


Nathan Carter is a mixed-media artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Carter uses undulating abstract forms and bright, highly saturated colours to create artworks that jump off the canvas and look like two-dimensional sculptures or three-dimensional paintings.


I like the way Carter combines intense colours with stark white…

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The Meaning of Colours: Art by Ricardo Vela

A mixed media painting on glassFallen Angel, mixed media on glass

Featured artist Ricardo Vela works in many mediums with a special interest in the meaning of colours. While Ricardo’s practice spans a variety of subjects, styles and media, the artist always pays attention to the colours he uses, creating distinctly meaningful finished pieces.


A close-up photo of a red flowerRed Flower, photograph

The mixed media painting gallery on Ricardo Vela's websiteRicardo's recent paintings on his website

Some of Ricardo’s most recent artworks are painted in…

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Studio Sunday: Robert Rauschenberg

A photograph of Robert Rauschenberg working in his studio


This Sunday let’s visit the studio of Robert Rauschenberg at the height of the artist’s career. Rauschenberg was a well-known American artist who produced work around the abstract expressionism movement and contributed to the later pop-art movement.


Rauschenberg’s studio looks crowded in this photo as it’s stuffed with art objects, possible works in progress and other unique pieces. Around the time the photograph was…

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Mathematics and Abstraction: Art by Nancy Ungar

A round painting of microscopic formsPacific Atoll, acrylic and oil on canvas

Mixed media artist Nancy Ungar incorporates varied disciplines into her artworks, with visible reference to biology, astronomy and more. Nancy’s artworks use varied techniques to create images that combine mathematics and abstraction.


An abstract digital artwork with forms that reference astronomyigor 2, square, printed on paper or aluminum or backlit

 I really enjoy the way that Nancy incorporates a scientific eye into her colourful artworks. The…

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Studio Sunday: Christy Rupp

A photo of Christy Rupp in her studio in the 1980's.


It’s Studio Sunday, so let’s check out the studio of Christy Rupp! Rupp is an American artist who specializes in artworks dealing with themes of environmentalism and social activism.


The artist’s subject matter really comes to the forefront in this photo of her studio, taken in the 1980’s. The walls of the space are covered in what looks like sculptural salmon, appearing to swim upstream across her walls. Rupp was working…

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Inclusive, Multi-Media Artworks by Micky Renders

A photo of a series of monochrome paintings installed in a galleryFinding Joy (installation view at Peterborough Regional Health Centre)

Micky Renders is a visual artist, educator and our featured artist today! Micky uses her practice as a way to explore how art can help transform societies and minds. Through inclusive, multi-media artworks and help with community art projects, Micky opens up spaces for dialogue and discussion.


A painting of a bright green gradient20 Green Series (from Finding Joy)

One of the artist’s most recent…

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Underwater Plants: Abstract Art by Giuliana Grande

An abstract painting using many green tonesFloorest of the Forest, oil on canvas

Our featured artist today is Giuliana Grande. Giuliana is an abstract painter and mixed media artist with a particular affinity for forms that echo underwater plants, animals and various other natural materials. She uses oil and mixed media on canvas to create her colorful forms.


An abstract painting with the look of an orange beach sceneBirch Beach, oil and oil media on canvas

I enjoy the look of Giuliana’s paintings, especially in the way the artist…

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Formal Mimicry: Artworks by Linda Henningson

A painting of a bulbous, abstract form on a red backgroundMagnify Series #4, acrylic on canvas

Mixed media artist Linda Henningson creates abstracted artworks that express a sense of formal mimicry, often appearing deceptively close to floral and landscape forms. Linda has also recently been creating text-based works, in which hand-painted words and phrases appear on top of psychedelic backgrounds.


A mixed media artwork with a seascape washed with thin white paint6

I’m really enjoying Linda’s recent mixed media artworks – these are some of the most…

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Patchwork Abstraction: Art by Tiel Seivl-Keevers

An abstract artwork with some bright red line artIndigo Dreaming 2, mixed media on paper with hand-sewn elements

Brisbane artist Tiel Seivl-Keevers creates work with a focus on texture and form, often incorporating multiple ideas and colour schemes into a single surface for a patchwork abstraction. Tiel’s works often feature bits of line-art and half-formed figures that come to the surface in a storm of colour and pattern.


An abstract painting made up of many patches of colourPlanting Succulents, mixed media on canvas

There’s an…

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Manipulated Grids: Artwork by Esther Stocker

An optical painting with a shifted grid of black squaresO.T., acrylic on cotton

Esther Stocker works in installation, video and painting with a very cohesive, geometric aesthetic. The artist’s black and white works focus heavily on contrasting lines and manipulated grids.


Many of Stocker’s works have a definite op-art appeal to them, like the works of Bridget Riley in the 1960’s. Rows and rows of straight lines, or hard grid patterns are sometimes placed on uneven surfaces to…

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Unorthodox Mixed Media: Art by John Turner

A mixed media artwork with a raised circle of wrapped barbed wireRing #3, polyester ribbon, four-pronged barbed wire, acrylic paint, sand, dried leaves, charcoal, string, canvas, oil, industrial insulation

Today’s featured artist is John Turner. John uses a variety of somewhat unorthodox mixed media to create heavily textured abstract paintings. The artist’s works celebrate an earthy look while depicting modern and minimalist geometric subject matter.


The gallery of Ring paintings on John Turner's websiteJohn's website gallery of Ring paintings…


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Urban Living and Individuals: Art by Franck De Las Mercedes

A mixed media artwork depicting a young woman surrounded by abstract formsThe Drama of The Guilted Child, acrylic and collage on canvas

Let’s take a look at the artwork of Franck De Las Mercedes! Franck is an artist based in New York City. His works express a love for urban living and individuals therein.


An abstract painting on a deep pink backgroundCity Power, acrylic and ink on canvas

I love Franck’s use of photographic collage in some of his works from 2015. While the artist previously used human photographs and figures as a central point in…

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Current Events and Human Perception: Art by Daniel Fleming

An abstracted painting of several unfriendly objectsHymn Singers, acrylic on canvas


Daniel Fleming, our current featured artist, is an artist from Milkwaukee who creates colourful, aggressive paintings that express current events and human perception


While his style veers toward abstraction, all of Daniel’s paintings seem to have a tangible personality and narrative. In a style that is somewhat reminiscent of well-known abstract expressionist artists such as Basquiat, Daniel…

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