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Delicately Detailed Illustrative Paintings by Goto Atsuko

A painting of a woman with green hair among red flowersAsobi No Tochu, cotton cloth, glue, pigments, gum arabic, ink, lapis lazuli

Japanese artist Goto Atsuko creates delicately detailed illustrative paintings, often featuring somber-looking female faces. Using a pale, desaturated color scheme and great attention to fine details, the artist builds up cold, ethereal beauty.


A painting of a human face wrapped in vines and other foliageDream Monster V, cotton cloth, glue, pigments, gum arabic, ink, lapis lazuli

Atsuko uses an interesting range of…

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Humans and Objects: Art by Stephanie Cormier

An abstract image representing a strange, esoteric tool05.Tool To Understand Mountains

Stephanie Cormier currently lives and works in Toronto, where she creates works of installation, sculpture, collage and more. Among other things, Stephanie’s works examine the working relationship between humans and objects.  


A wall-hanging sculpture based on a large pink sheet of materialTransitional Object 01


For a recent project, Toolbox in The Head, Stephanie first created a series of descriptions of “tools” – metaphysical objects with esoteric…

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Bright and Structured Artworks by Graham Hall

An abstracted painting of architectural formsDowntown, acrylic on canvas

Graham Hall lives and works in Montreal, Quebec, where he creates bright and structured artworks, often utilizing architectural forms and geometric elements.


A painting of an architectural form in bright colorsBetter Architectures: Shimmering Vista, acrylic on canvas


Graham’s Better Architectures series seems to reference some of the aesthetic sensibilities of the Russian Constructivist movement of the early 20th century. Graham’s works, however, have…

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Perfectly Sketchy: Artworks by Will Barras

A black and white drawing of a figure and a large black catUntitled

Illustrator Will Barras’ artworks are rendered in a perfectly sketchy fashion, with contoured lines curling like tendrils of smoke to form objects and figures. The artist works with deep, saturated colors, as well as sketchbook offerings in black and white.


An outdoor mural by Will BarrasOutdoor Mural


The sense of movement in Barras’ sketchbook artworks is quite wonderful, where different figures seem interconnected by the same lines, and the…

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Texture and Materiality: Art by Barry Scanlan

A painting of a young woman in a blue jacketBlue Jacket

Barry Scanlan began painting prolifically in response to the stresses of working as a trauma response coordinator. Since then, the artist has been developing his practice using a variety of painted media to create loose, thick paintings with a heavy sense of texture and materiality.

A painting of a farmhouse with silhouetted whales in the skyWhale Farm

I like the way Barry’s style seems to fluctuate, depending on the subject matter. In some cases, particularly human figures, objects…

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Grotesque Human Figures: Art by Jon Duci

A painting of a horrific-looking human faceMutant #3, acrylic on canvas

Artist Jon Duci explores grotesque human figures, painting with a rainbow of hues that call to mind dusty neon signs. Many of the artist’s works verge on abstraction, using fragmented figures layered on top of and across one another.


A painting featuring many bizarre human facesMysterium, acrylic on canvas

Recently, Jon has been working on a series of paintings of “mutants.” Each painting depicts a bizarrely distorted human face, with an…

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Otherworldly Crystal Paintings by Rebecca Chaperon

A painting of a crystal on negative spaceAurora Crystal 16, acrylic on canvas

Vancouver-based artist and illustrator Rebecca Chaperon creates dreamy fairytale artworks and otherworldly crystal paintings.


A painting of a blue crystal on grey paperDeep Ice Crystal #14, acrylic on paper


I’m really a fan of Rebecca’s recent series of crystals. The series, titled Tesseract, encompasses numerous portraits of individual crystalline forms, each presented with oddly imperfect facets rendered in hues of blue, green and…

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Shapes Upon Shapes: Art by Ashleigh Bartlett

An abstract with layered forms and deep blue colorsNight Moves, acrylic on canvas

Ashleigh Bartlett is a mixed media artist and painter who builds up shapes upon shapes to create colorful, layered compositions. Ashleigh’s paintings all seem to have distinct, almost anthropomorphic personalities.


A watercolor painting with layered abstract shapesHeart Shaped Sunnies, watercolor on paper

Where many of Ashleigh’s older works rely on smooth, layered forms that are completely opaque, more recently the artist has been working with…

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Fallingmoss: Art by Sarah Martin

A bulbous abstract form made from various textilesMound series, shibori dyed wool and silk

Sarah Martin works under the moniker Fallingmoss, creating mixed media artworks that incorporate unaltered natural materials as well as man-made artistic media. The resulting works are often surreal and alien takes on our own surroundings and environment.


An artwork made from a drape of buried cotton fabricFabricated Memories, buried cotton, fabric, thread

I’m quite taken by some of Sarah’s recent textile works. The artist has constructed a…

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Interactions of Color and Texture: Art by Radhika Matthews

A painting made with acrylic and sari fabricNamaskārām, acrylic and silk on linen

Radhika Matthews uses interactions of color and texture to explore the material nature of artworks, and her own ancestry. Radhika’s mixed media works are often composed using fabric from saris that have been worn by women in her family.

A painting with a raised pattern textureUNTITLED #8, acrylic on wood panel

Radhika’s artworks take the form of abstract paintings that, at a closer glance, are made up of not just strokes of vibrant…

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Abstract Structural Forms: Art by Susan Hefuna

An abstract sculpture with the form of an odd buildingBUILDING A, cast bronze, black patina


Susan Hefuna favors intertwining lines and abstract structural forms in her work. Hefuna spends her time in Cairo, Düsseldorf and New York, creating works of sculpture, drawing, photography and more.


I like seeing the way Hefuna’s drawing practice translates into her sculpture practice. In many cases, it seems as if the two-dimensional subjects in the former come to life as three-dimensional…

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Studio Sunday: Korakrit Arunanondchai

A photo of Korakrit Arunanondchai working in his studio


Originally from Bangkok, Thailand, Korakrit Arunanondchai creates multidisciplinary work, often incorporating fashion, painting and video installations all at the same time. The young artist currently works out of a studio in New York.


In the above photo, Arunanondchai’s studio appears small and simple. The works on the wall may be some of the artist’s “denim paintings” – that is, sheets of denim that are treated with…

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Queen of Tape: Art by Anna Dominguez

An image of Frida Kahlo made entirely from adhesive tapeFrida

Anna Dominguez works under the moniker Queen of Tape, and for good reason. All of the artist’s pieces are creating using adhesive tape as a medium.


An image of several city skylines depicted in colorful strips of tapeNYC LONDON PARIS (Skyline), adhesive tape on canvas

Anna’s works have a wonderfully graphic edge to them, as the nature of her chosen medium allows her to create many clean, well-delineated planes of color in each image. The artist often uses a wide range of different types and…

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Whimsical, Organic Aesthetic: Art by Kathleen MacGregor

An abstracted painting of some plant forms on a colorful backgroundWalking Into the Forest, acrylic on canvas

Kathleen MacGregor makes art across a wide range of media, all of it with a whimsical, organic aesthetic. Whether she’s working with painting, photography or print, the artist captures the softness in the forms of trees, flowers, birds and other animals.


A print of a patterned bee on a flowerBee Sun 1

It’s interesting to see how Kathleen’s style translates into different formats throughout her portfolio. In her gallery of…

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Softly Textured Impressionism: Art by Anastasia O'Melveny

A still-life painting of shells on a blue backdropStill Life with Shell-Blue

Anastasia O’Melveny is a visual artist working primarily in paint, though she also experiments with other media such as photography. Anastasia uses a certain softly textured impressionism in her works, creating a body of work that brings together a wide array of subjects.


A painting of sheep sleeping in a fieldSleeping Sheep on Grassy Beads, book illustration


The artist’s gallery of animal and pet paintings is one I find particularly…

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