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The Portfolio of Mosaic Artist Linda Biggers

A mosaic artwork of three female figures dancing in moonlightBy the Light of the Moon, eggshell mosaic

Linda Biggers is a mosaic artist who uses coloured eggshells to build beautifully textured images. The artist is currently based in Upstate New York, and regularly participates in exhibitions in the surrounding region. 

An eggshell mosaic depicting a murder of crows in a treeMurder, eggshell mosaic


I’m impressed by the level of detail in these works, especially when considered in contrast to the amount of detail one might expect from a more…

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Tony Cepukas' Portfolio of Innovative Mosaics

A photo of a mosaic finger printFrick, ceramic and acrylic on wood panel


Tony Cepukas creates innovative mosaics, playing with the traditional style and aesthetic of mosaic artworks and in some cases, reinventing that style. Using a variety of fragmented materials, the artist creates mosaics both subtle and striking, small and complex.

An abstract mosaic with a repeating patternUntitled, ceramic and acrylic on wood panel


I really enjoy how Tony explores the sculptural possibilities of the mosaic medium.…

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Eggshell Mosaics: Art by Linda Biggers

An eggshell mosaic depicting a sailboat on still waterAfternoon on the Sacandaga, eggshell mosaic

Linda Biggers is a mixed media artist based in New York. Much of Linda’s artwork takes the form of eggshell mosaics, through which the artist renders landscapes and figures in a uniquely textured fashion.

A mosaic artwork of a canoe on moonlit waterSacandaga Evening, eggshell mosaic


I like the way that Linda utilizes her medium to portray a range of textures and lighting in complex scenes. For example, in a few works, the texture of…

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Prismatic Mosaics by Tony Cepukas

A mosaic work depicting Neil YoungNeil Young, ceramic and acrylic on wood panel

Tony Cepukas is an artist based in Saint Catherines, Ontario. Utilizing a variety of materials, Tony creates bright, prismatic mosaics of subjects including human figures, landscapes, and geometric mandalas.


A ceramic mandala depicting abstract patternsUntitled mandala, ceramic on fiberboard

For his artworks, Tony frequently draws inspiration from music and pop culture, which seems to add a brightness and exuberance to many of the…

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Flowing, Detailed Mosaics by Linda Biggers

A mosaic artwork made from fragments of eggshellAutumn Birches, eggshell mosaic

New York artist Linda Biggers crafts intricate mosaics out of a variety of interesting materials. Central to her practice are Linda’s eggshell mosaics, in which the artist uses coloured eggshell fragments to create flowing, detailed mosaics.


A mosaic made from chunks of slate laid over stained glassOrange, slate and stained glass mosaic

I really love Linda’s series of slate mosaics – these are something of a departure from what we normally think of as…

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