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Decorative Art: The Portfolio of Robert Milling

A series of framed landscape paintings inside a car dealershipLandscape murals for Lexus dealership

Robert Milling uses his skills with figurative painting and perspective to create realistic murals, faux finishes, and other decorative art projects. Based in California, Robert designs paintings to adorn spaces indoor and outdoor, in public and private.

A close-up image of a section of a muraldetail of Lexus landscape mural


I find it interesting how Robert creates a sense of depth in his works. In our previous feature of the artist’s…

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A Cosmic Approach: Daniel T. Lopez' Art Portfolio

A mural depicting Latino culture at Mendocino County CollegeMendocino College Mural (detail)


Daniel T. Lopez is a painter and muralist who takes a cosmic approach to public and community art projects. Daniel’s works, sometimes produced in collaboration with fellow artist Dano Lopez, are energetic, colorful celebrations of life and culture.

A painting of the concept of creationCreation as a constant Process


In our previous feature of Daniel’s works, we looked at the way the artist uses his practice to foster a sense of

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Local Landscapes: Art by Sharon Hunter

An abstract painting in blue huesBlue City -- Wolf, oil on canvas

Muralist and community artist Sharon Hunter collaborates with the public and fellow artists to create works that everyone can enjoy. The artist’s painterly style lends itself to large works celebrating local landscapes and populations.

A photo of a composite mural painted by grade 7 and 8 studentsWhite Pines Intermediate Mural Project - ADSB


Based in Ontario, Sharon has created several large mural works in the Attawapiskat First Nation, and along Highway 17 on…

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Headlines: Haring, Botched Restoration, Emoji

1) Restoration of St. George Effigy Draws Mockery

A side-by-side comparison of an original and restored effigy of St. George


A chapel in the town of Estella, Spain, has become the home of the second coming of Ecce Homo Monkey Christ, or “Beast Jesus,” if you prefer. A wooden statue of St. George, in armor and portrayed battling a dragon, has been rendered somewhat more cartoonish with an inexpert paint job. According to reports, the parish authorities of the Church of St. Michael may have commissioned a…

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Headlines: Reward, Rushmore, Round-Up

1) Isabella Steward Gardner Museum Offers $10 Million Reward

A photo of an empty frame at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum


The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston is searching for information regarding a 1990 art heist in which thieves made off with 13 artworks by the likes of Vermeer, Dega, and Rembrandt. The trail of the artworks has been cold for nearly three decades, and the theft remains the largest unsolved art heist in recorded history, with the value of the works totalling around…

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Depth and Dimension: Murals and Painting by Robert Milling

A photograph of a mural on an outdoorElsinore Outlet Mural Project, railroad station, acrylic on building wall

Robert Milling combines art and architecture in his works, creating stunning murals and faux finishes that add depth and dimension to even outdoor spaces. With over three decades of painting experience, the artist has been able to refine his style and work together with homeowners, designers and architects to create his works.


A mural painted inside an office space of an underwater sceneUntitled, mural

Robert paints…

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Expressive Murals by Grace Ann Piano

A wall mural of a crowded hotel sceneUntitled

Detroit, Michigan-based artist Grace Ann Piano creates expressive murals that adorn the walls of restaurants, hotels, hospitals and more. Each wall painting is tailored for its location, drawing inspiration both from the appearance and the purpose of the room.


A photo of a large art-deco mural in a restaurantUntitled

Grace’s commercial mural works have included both simple wall decorations and large, room sized painted scenes. In one work for a restaurant, an art-deco…

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Romantic Murals by Robert Milling

A mural of the sky opening up out of a ceilingUntitled mural

Robert Milling is a classical mural painter from Los Angeles, California. His trompe l’oeil painting style is reminiscent of the works of great renaissance painters. Working as a professional artist for over 30 years, Robert has had plenty of time to perfect his skill, working as a freelance mural painter for companies and private clients all over the world.


Mural paintings on the art website of Robert MillingRobert Milling's gallery of murals on his website

An oil painting of a crowd of people on a beachUnkown…

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Artists Use Wooden Blocks To Create Mural

mural made up of wooden blocks


It takes a creative mind to look at wooden blocks and think - "These will make a great horse." In this case it takes 2 creative minds as this is the collaborative result of Mexican artists Gabriela Chávez and Steffi Rocha. I admire the subdued palette because it calls attention to the simple forms of the blocks.I love the 3-d quality created by the different depths of the blocks - it gives the mural an added element that sets it…

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