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Concerts, Recordings, and Publications by Robert Shea

The cover of Robert Shea's album Post LogicalPost Logical album cover

Robert Shea is a musician and writer from Vancouver, BC. Over the course of his career, Robert has produced and promoted numerous concerts, recordings, and publications, including the founding of Map Music, a Vancouver-based record company which operated from 1996 to 2002.

A photo of a guest DJ at a venue in the 90'sGuest DJ with Markem for SOL


It’s great to look through Robert’s portfolio because there’s a clear sense of the artist’s love for…

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Headlines: Music, Movies, and Replica Art

1) The Future of Restoration May Lie in Convincing Forgery

A photo of a 3D replica made by Factum Arte


Technological advancements such as 3-D printing and digital scanning and rendering may be the next -  less dangerous - step forward in the preservation and restoration of ancient or endangered artworks. This article in the New Yorker looks specifically at a few different ancient artworks including the wall paintings inside King Tutankhamen’s burial chamber, that have been…

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Producer, Promoter and Writer: Robert Shea

An album cover for Robert Shea's "Logical" with a vinyl record made from branchesLogical album cover

Our featured artist today, Robert Shea, is a producer, promoter and writer who has traveled all over the world honing his craft. Robert’s musical career began in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he hosted college radio programs and got his start DJ-ing at local clubs. He is currently based in Montreal.


The cover of the Discotext magazine compilation by Robert SheaThe cover of Discotext Magazine, Robert's self-published compilation of the magazine issues

Robert is an…

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