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Airy Palettes: The Painting Portfolio of Lully Schwartz

An oil painting of a pink flowerUntitled Pink, oil on linen

Lully Schwartz is an American-born painter whose work is inspired by her rural upbringing and the experiences and settings therein. The artist’s work is largely figurative, painted with light, airy palettes, gestural marks and an impressionist eye. 

A painting of blue sky over an earth-toned landscapeUntitled 207, oil on linen


I really like the balance between detail and immediacy in Lully’s paintings. In some recent works, the artist has focused on…

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Energy and Ideas: The Art Portfolio of Allen Wittert

A painting with abstract forms on a crimson backgroundBlue Fish on red

Allen Wittert is a UK-based painter who works primarily in acrylic and mixed media. The artist’s paintings blend figurative and abstract painting in a way that emphasizes energy and ideas, with an expressionist aesthetic. 

A painting of multiple figures at a partyThe wine party


I love how much detail and colour Allen packs into each one of his paintings. The artist tends to spread form and figure across the width of the canvas plane, creating images that…

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The Art Portfolio of Sarah Trundle

An abstract painting with blue and green huesThe Bright Side, mixed media on canvas

Sarah Trundle is an artist working in painting and mixed media, producing energetic abstractions that combine bold planes of colour with textured elements and moments of line art. 

A painting of a mug on a table with a bold red backgroundBig Mug on Red, acrylic and graphite on canvas


I like the pastel colour palette that features in many of Sarah’s artworks. The artist often creates a cohesive, analogous colour scheme for her works, layering shapes…

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Spirituality and Mortality: An Art Portfolio by Sarah James

An inkjet print with blocks of colour and patternMordaith, inkjet and relief print

Sarah James is an artist who works in painting, printmaking, and photography, emphasizing large blocks of bold colour and repeating geometric patterns in her works. The artist is inspired by ideas of spirituality and mortality, and the aesthetics of historic quilting and tile-making. 

An art print with a geometric coloured patternAlhambra 2, etching


I like the sense of quiet complexity in Sarah’s prints -- though each work by itself tends…

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A Brief History of Black Pigment

Black pigment is so ubiquitous in art that artists often don’t give it a second thought. We write with it, sketch with it, and use it to create shadow, volume, and atmosphere in paintings and drawings both realistic and abstract -- but rarely do we examine the symbolic or historic concepts that we might be reinforcing or defying with our use of it.


A photograph of black pigment in cave paintings dating back tens of thousands of yearsA detail of charcoal paintings in a cave in southwest France, estimated to be around…

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The Oil, Acrylic, and Graphite Portfolio of Darren Hurst

A painting with a tree captured in an orbEros, acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas

Darren Hurst is an artist based in Fresno, California. In his practice, Darren works in traditional media including oil, acrylic, and graphite, producing figurative and abstract original works, as well as fan art of various pop culture figures.

An abstract painting with a sketched, chaotic moment at its centreTumultuous Sky, acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas


There’s an intriguing amount of variation to be seen among the works in Darren’s art portfolio. The…

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Abstract Geometric Forms: Art by Catherine Bourassa-Hébert

An abstract painting with circular and rectangular formsCSS IV Untitled 9, acrylic on canvas

Catherine Bourassa-Hébert is a Canadian artist working in both Montreal and Boston. In her practice, the artist is primarily a painter, working with abstract geometric forms and splashes of bright, varied colour. 

An artwork with circular forms and chevron shapesCSS II Untitled 12 (1 of 1), screen print on paper

Throughout her portfolio, Catherine demonstrates a great sense of visual balance in her artworks, and an eye for compositions that focus…

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Open to Interpretation: Art by Scott Ross

A painting of muscle tissue in blue tonesUntitled, oil on canvas

Scott Ross is a self-taught artist currently based in rural Connecticut. In his current practice, Scott explores processes of cognition, and the link between perception and emotion. Visually, the artist’s works are often abstracted, at least partially, while maintaining some link to recognizable forms and figures, hinting at subjects that are open to interpretation

A painting of muscle sinew in a range of bright colourUntitled, oil on canvas


In our previous…

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The Oil on Canvas Portfolio of Brent Ciccone

A painting of a row of yellow trees in front of a blue mountain rangePocaterra Sentinals, oil on canvas

Brent Ciccone is a Canadian painter working primarily in oil on canvas. In his practice, Brent captures the vastness and detail of the Canadian landscape in strikingly colourful paintings, as well as exploring a variety of other scenes and subjects. 

A pastel drawing of a buffaloGrazing, pastel on paper


I like the texture of Brent’s paintings -- in oil painting he takes advantage of the medium with soft, barely-visible…

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Mythology and Tradition: Art by Daniel T. Lopez and Dano Lopez

An abstract artwork with curving linesMusic of the Universe

Daniel T. Lopez and Dano Lopez are a pair of artists. Daniel is primarily a muralist. In his practice, the artist works with various communities and people to create striking, brightly-coloured murals that often address modern relationships to mythology and tradition

A photo of a custom mural painted at Mendocino College in CaliforniaMendocino College mural


Looking at photos of Daniel’s mural work, it’s clear to see how the artist takes a collaborative approach, involving…

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Rich, Gestural Paintings: The Art Portfolio of Ginny Paternite

A painting of a still lake in springSpring Reflections, oil on board

Ginny Paternite was raised in upstate New York and is now based in South Carolina. In her artistic practice, Ginny creates rich, gestural paintings of her local landscape, animals, and other still-life subjects.

A painting of some horses in a meadowIn The Meadow, oil


I love the way Ginny uses colour in her paintings. The artist’s works feel luxurious in their use of heavy, confident brush marks and saturated hues. In landscapes, the…

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Essential Details: The Art Portfolio of Jacquie Manning

A painting of a pair of eagles in a treeCan You See Lunch Enid?, oil on canvas

Jacquie Manning is a painter and art educator based in western Canada. In her practice, the artist captures landscapes, still-life, and various everyday scenes in a variety of painted media. Jacquie’s style is quick and gestural, capturing the essential details of a scene while leaving some to the imagination. 

A painting of two gutted boats on a shoreUntitled


I love how varied Jacquie’s portfolio is in terms of subject matter. The…

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Fantastic Favourites: Mo Davis, Susan McKenzie, Micky Renders

Today we’re taking a look at the artistic practices of Mo Davis, Susan McKenzie, and Micky Renders. These three artists all take a performative approach to art, putting their own unique spin on the idea of “performance,” and drawing on different disciplines and skill sets. Each artist’s portfolio is representative of their dedication to the craft, whether that’s acting, dance, or multidisciplinary artwork and community…

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Inspiration from Nature: The Art of Janet Pancho Gupta

A painting with symbolism of eyes and a butterflyHunger, watercolour

Janet Pancho Gupta is a painter and photographer based in Hong Kong. In her artistic practice, Janet draws inspiration from nature, balancing strict realism with abstract geometric patterns, and using flying creatures -- birds and butterflies, among others -- as a motif. 


A painting of a figure with overlapping planes of colourUniversal Affection, watercolour and pen


I like the sense of thematic balance in Janet’s artworks. The artist’s Symphony of Life series…

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A Portfolio of Pared-Down Landscape Paintings by Drew Noel Marin

An abstracted landscape painting with bright teal huesPresent Moment, acrylic on textured canvas

Drew Noel Marin is a Michigan-based artist who works primarily in acrylic on canvas. In her current artistic practice, Drew creates soft, pared-down landscape paintings with an emphasis on cool colour palettes and sparing details that suggest scenes rather than filling in every detail. 

A painting of a hazy forest with a silhouetted deerForest Haze, acrylic on textured canvas

I really like the way Drew emphasizes the atmosphere in her artworks.…

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