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Wild Brushes For Experimental Painters

Brush with multiple brushes attached to it


Here's a collection of lovely and unusual brushes. I love the hand-made quality - slightly wonky and very wild. A part of me just thinks they are beautiful objects and could be hung on a wall but a BIGGER part of me wants to get them ultra painty and see what they can do!


Above we have - what I am calling - the multi-brush paint brush. This would be an amazing way to paint consecutive lines or stripes simultaneously. The first…

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Synthetic Vs. Natural Paint Brushes

paint brushes


There's often a sea of paint brushes available at any art store. Did you know that some of the hairs and bristles are synthetic and others natural and that they each have distinct properties?


In some cases the synthetic brushes are obvious, the plastic strands are a bright white colour. On the other hand some of the synthetic brushes have dyed plastic fibres so they look quite natural. The dye breaks down the surface of each…

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Wait! Don't Throw Out That Paint Brush...

Brush cleaners & restorer


OK, I'll shamefully admit that I used to gleefully abandon old, crusty paint brushes. Visions of buying brand new brushes (in all shapes and sizes) danced through my head. Buying new art materials is always fun, isn't it? However a case can be made against this attitude:


A) It's not kind to the environment.

B) It's a waste of cash.

C) Those brushes aren't dead yet.


Artists are some of the most practical people I have ever met.…

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