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Blocky, Colourful Abstractions by Jeanie Gebhart

An abstracted painting of a flower on a green backgroundFlowers in the Corner, oil 

Jeanie Gebhart is our featured artist today! Jeanie is an abstract painter, represented by galleries in Colorado and Wyoming. The artist creates blocky, colourful abstractions using palette knives and oil paint.


An orange and blue abstraction of a window with flower potsFlower Pot and Window, oil

The last time we featured her palette knife paintings, Jeanie was frequently working in one highly saturated colour over her entire work surface, with small details…

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Land and Seascapes by Brian Buckrell

An impressionist style painting of a rocky, forested landscapeFrom the Escarpment, acrylic

Today’s featured artist is a former professor at the University of Guelph, and now a full-time acrylic and oil painter located in Comox, BC. Brian Buckrell paints en plein air and in the studio, creating land and seascapes as well as classical portraiture.


An impressionist style painting of a stream flowing through a forestAutumn Stream
A gallery of landscape paintings on Brian Buckrell's websiteBrian's portfolio of recent paintings


Brian’s work tends to be slightly impressionistic, a trait that seems to be evolving into…

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Atmospheric Paintings: Art by Ian Fisher

A painting of a cloud featuring tones of blue and creamAtmosphere No. 63 (Laurel), oil on canvas

Our featured artist today, Ian Fisher, specializes in atmospheric paintings of cloudy skies. Ian was born in Nova Scotia and is now based in Denver, Colorado.


A painting of clouds with bright pink lightingAtmosphere No 64 (Convertible), oil on canvas

I love the way Ian combines a minimalist aesthetic with photo-realistic painting. His cloud paintings are stunning close-ups of various skies, and they all seem to portray distinctly…

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Studio Sunday: Charline Von Heyl

A photo of Charline von Heyl working in her studio


This week’s Studio Sunday focuses on the work space of Charline von Heyl. Charline moved to New York from Germany in 1994 after her first solo show in New York. The artist’s style is referential to many different art movements of the past and contemporary art history, though it never seems as though she is copying or appropriating. Painting exclusively in abstraction, she resists having a narrative applied to her works, while her…

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Quirky Spiritual Essence: Paintings by Jeffrey Newman

A painting composed of a wall of red text with paint splashed across itSamurai Joker, acrylic on canvas

Our featured artist today is Jeffrey Newman. Combining frantic text and splashes of colour, Jeffrey creates paintings that have a quirky spiritual essence to them.


When we last featured Jeffrey, we looked at the chaotic colour of his artworks. He tends to use an almost Jackson Pollock-esque method of splashing paint across a canvas, although these blobs of colour tend to be a bit sparser, sharing space…

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Pointillist-Like Style: Painting by Douglas Moulden

A painting of a forested pathway made with small brushmarksBehind the Scenes, acrylic on panel

Today let’s take a look at the artwork of Douglas Moulden. Douglas uses a finely detailed, pointillist-like style to create paintings of trees and nature. Composed of many tiny marks, Douglas’ tree branches are sharp and shadowed and his backgrounds exist as lovely gradients.


A painting of an oak tree on a bright backgroundLive Oak, acrylic on panel

I especially like the way that Douglas often opts to paint of surfaces that are not regularly…

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Alien Technologies: Painting by Jean-Pierre Roy

A surreal painting of two mysterious buildings against a blue skyThe Burden of the Illusionist, oil on canvas


Jean-Pierre Roy is a painter originally from Santa Monica, California. The artist is a painter who works in a surreal fashion, creating near photo-realistic images of strange, far-off universes, alien technologies and human figures in unlikely scenarios.


A painting of a strange glacier under northern lightsMeet Me at the White Mountain, oil on linen

I am really impressed by the way the artist treats landscapes. His paintings are rarely…

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Vibrant Forest Landscapes: Art by Claire Cepukas

A painting of two horses grazing in a colourful landscapeHappy Horses, acrylic on canvas

Our featured artist today, Claire Cepukas is an artist whose work is influenced by the great outdoors and her time spent tree planting in remote Canadian wilderness. Claire’s paintings and photographs express vibrant forest landscapes all across Canada.


A colourful painting of a rocky mountain rangeMountains, oil on canvas

The gallery of acrylic paintings on Claire Cepukas' portfolioClaire's portfolio of acrylic paintings

I find that Claire’s paintings are reminiscent of classic Canadian art from the…

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Movement and Light: Paintings by Donna Bruni

An abstract painting with red, yellow and grey tonesDays in October 1, oil paint and tinted gesso on canvas

Donna Bruni is an abstract painter and our featured artist for the day! Donna’s abstract paintings express movement and light patterns from various locales, and from places that exist only in the artist’s mind.


An abstract painting composed of a textured light pink canvasUncovering Beauty, oil and tinted gesso on custom canvas

The artist often uses milder pastel colours in her works, creating paintings that are like fragments of…

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Bright and Bubbly Artworks by Clara Fialho

An abstract painting with bright colours and rounded shapesWorried Shoes, oil on canvas

Clara Fialho makes bright and bubbly artworks that express psychological and experiential concepts that vary among viewers.


Her works on paper are usually created with watercolour and ink. Each image is different and abstract but all carry a common visual theme of rounded shapes coming together and forming larger masses. They are often reminiscent of soap suds, collections of tiny bubbles, each different…

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Self-Contained Abstraction: Art by Emil Harko

An abstract painting with lines of deep red and orangeUntitled 4

Today’s featured artist is Emil Harko. Emil’s painted works are highly cohesive as a series, each a small, self-contained abstraction that seems to express a city viewed flying by from the inside of a car or train.


Each of the paintings has a dominant colour, though they are far from monochromatic. I like the way Emil utilizes the colour of choice in a given painting to express a certain mood or temperature. Some of his…

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Gothic Cartoon Sensibility: Art by Zara Spence

A pin-up style drawing of a woman wearing poison ivyPoison Ivy,  coloured pencil

Today let’s look at the artwork of Zara Spence, a painter and illustrator who specializes in highly stylized figurative works in acrylic and coloured pencil. The artist does caricature-style commissioned portraits as well as original works of her own design.


A triptych of paintings, each featuring a woman dressed as a sweet treatThree Sweet  Ladies

Zara’s works depict human, often female figures drawn with large anime-style eyes and a dark, gothic cartoon sensibility.…

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Studio Sunday: Chris Johanson

A photo of Chris Johanson at work in his studio


Our Studio Sunday artist this week is Chris Johanson. Johanson is based in California and known for his simplified, sketchy street art and painting style. He began his artistic career in his early twenties after moving to San Francisco, where he became a part of a larger group of young street artists.


The above image of Johanson’s studio depicts the space as a long, rather narrow room that has few windows but seems well lit all…

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Studio Sunday: Elizabeth Peyton

A close-up photo of Elizabeth Peyton's desk in her studio


It’s Studio Sunday! Let’s take a look inside the cute studio of Elizabeth Peyton. Peyton is an American artist, best known for painting portraits of friends and family members as well as celebrities and European royalty. Her small studio is located in New York.


The artist’s work desk is furnished with paintbrush holders, a tiny easel and a record player. Having a record player right next to one’s work desk like this seems…

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Adorable Anthropomorphized Foods: Art by Cindy Scaife

A painting of malt vinegar with his wife, fish and children, chipsMalt Vinegar

Cindy Scaife is our featured artist for today! Cindy’s body of personal work frequently revolves around creating images of adorable anthropomorphized foods and placing them in storybook settings – sometimes complete with lines of dialogue similar to what might be seen in a book for young children.


A painting of poutine wearing a dress and walking on icePoutine, acrylic on canvas

A screen capture of the True Patriot Grub gallery on Cindy Scaife's websiteCindy's True Patriot Grub painting gallery

I’m really enjoying the illustrative nature of…

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