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Homage to Historic Portraiture: Paintings by Nocona Burgess

A portrait of a middle-aged aboriginal woman rendered in stark contrastFavourite Aunt - Southern Cheyenne, acrylic on canvas

Nocona Burgess, our featured artist of the day, spent most of his upbringing surrounded by art, and knew from a young age that he wanted to pursue it. Today, Nocona’s works centre around a graphic, sharply contrasted art style in which the artist pays homage to historic portraiture, and his own Comanche heritage.


A painting of a coyote hunting on a plainPlains Coyote

I love Nocona’s bright, minimalist style – most…

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Exuberant Colours: Painting by Angela R. Green

A painting of a jazz musician in bright blue and yellow tonesFeelin' Blue, acrylic on canvas

Angela R. Green is our featured artist for today! Angela’s work features bright, exuberant colours and showcases the artist’s love of music. All of Angela’s paintings seem to have a celebratory, excited mood, and the rich, warm tones that she uses bring to mind the atmosphere of a packed jazz club.


An oil-painted cup of coffee on canvas with 3-D embellishments,Peppermint Spice, mixed media and oil on canvas

The majority of Angela’s works utilize deep tones…

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Fantastical Layered Paintings by Debbie Arnold

A detailed abstract painting composed of neutral tonesContinental Drift, mixed media on canvas

Our featured artist today is Debbie Arnold. Check out Debbie’s amazing, fantastical layered paintings! I love how each of these works contains so many layers and tendrils of soft colour. They’re mysterious and familiarly dream-like all at once.


A hazy, neutral-toned painting of two horses blending into an abstract backgroundPegasus, mixed media on canvas

Some of Debbie’s paintings use a technique of pouring paint that she calls “flowfusion.” In this process,…

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Cities at Night: Paintings by Dennis Ekstedt

An oil painting of an abstracted aerial view of a nighttime cityBeacon #6, oil on canvas

Dennis Ekstedt is an artist from Montreal who uses his painting practice to explore the image of cities at night, and the vast expanse of tiny lights that now comprise a landscape from above.


If you’ve ever arrived in a city by airplane at night, you’re probably familiar with the sort of scene that Dennis paints. I love how perfectly he manages to capture such a scene, despite the relatively simple forms…

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Classical Abstraction by Addison Paige

An abstract painting with swirling charcoal linesNot My Circus, Not My Monkeys, acrylic and charcoal on canvas

Addison Paige, our featured artist for today, creates wild abstract paintings using scribbled line-art combined with large abstract blocks of colour. There is something about these paintings that is very reminiscent of classical abstraction, perhaps influenced by the work of Kandinsky, or of artists such as Cy Twombly.

An abstract painting with blue tones and charcoal linesProgress of Rain, acrylic and charcoal on canvas

Screen capture of Addison Paige's painting websiteAddison's…

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Man-made Objects in Nature: Painting by David B. Scott

An oil painting of an old truck decaying in the woodsLost and Found, oil on canvas

Today we’ll take a close look at the artwork of David B. Scott. David is highly skilled in photorealistic painting, choosing an interesting array of subject matter that seems to express the decay of man-made objects in nature.


An oil painting of some junk inside an abandoned buildingRefuse, oil on canvas

A number of David’s paintings are of rusted shells of old trucks that have been left out in fields or wooded, rural areas to slowly degrade. There is a…

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Old World Meets Abstract: Art by Eveline Wallace

A long, slightly abstracted painting of a tall young woman dressed in whiteCoquette, mixed media on canvas

Today for our artist feature we’ll look at the portfolio website of Eveline Wallace. Eveline’s works have a great sense of old-world-meets-abstract aesthetics, featuring iconic figures combined with contemporary brush marks and large planes of colour.


An egg-tempera painting of a traditional buddhaBuddha Amida, egg tempra on wood

In Eveline’s iconography series she paints familiar figures – such as various deities from Buddhism, Hinduism,…

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Painting and Playful Abandon: Art by Allyson Malek

An abstract image with pastel coloured brushtrokesWestward

Allyson Malek is an artist located on the California coast. Her paintings are primarily abstract, and use pastel colours and rounded forms to create peaceful, relaxing images that express a pure love for painting and playful abandon with materials.


An encaustic collage with images of kitchen implements and patternsMonk Memories, encaustic, toner transfers and pigments

Allyson mainly paints in acrylic on canvas, though she has also produced some interesting works using encaustic, a medium…

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Smooth, Layered Forms: Art by Ashleigh Bartlett

An abstract painting composed of flat, coloured formsBig Curl, oil on canvas

Ashleigh Bartlett, our featured artist of the day, currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts, where she creates her fabric-like and painted artworks. Smooth, layered forms dominate her paintings, which echo her canvas paper works yet are somehow more voluminous. Usually working with a mixture of acrylic and oil paint, Ashleigh paints images that are glossy and vibrant.


A sheet of painted canvas paper that has been cut and hung on a wallPink Wig, acrylic on canvas paper

I like…

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Monoliths and Portals: Painting by Rebecca Chaperon

A painting of a black parallelogram on a pinkish landscapeLogic, acrylic on canvas

Today we’re featuring the art of Rebecca Chaperon! Based in Vancouver, BC, Rebecca creates paintings and sculptures that combine dark fairytale scenes with monolithic geometric symbols.


I love the combination of different moods and tones that Rebecca puts into each painting. Her human figures, as well as her larger crystalline “glacier” forms are often somewhat whimsical, inviting and even friendly in a…

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Modern Renaissance: Art by Marco Battaglini

A classical-style portrait of a military figure set on a background of graffitiMa quanto sei bello

Costa Rican artist Marco Battaglini uses his artwork to explore the evolution of culture and knowledge. In some works, he combines classical paintings with modern pop-art references and graffiti for a modern renaissance look.  While the imagery appears almost collaged at first glance, looking at the paintings I find subtle details that really add to the ideas behind the pieces, like finding brand names tattooed on…

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Studio Sunday: Painter Gary Hume

A photo of Gary Hume working in his studio in London


On today’s Studio Sunday, we’re looking inside the studio space of London-based artist Gary Hume. Hume is notable for his paintings in which he uses glossy house paint. His painting use large, flat shapes of colour, layered over one another to create reductive, yet representational images.


The first thing I notice about Hume’s studio, located in London, is the big shelf against the wall that’s stuffed with paints! A huge…

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Mystical, Illustrative Paintings by Soey Milk


An oil on paper painting of two women shrouded in paint textureDawn, oil on paper


Soey Milk is a young artist from Hollywood, CA. She is still a student but is already being talked about throughout the art world and has had her mystical, illustrative paintings featured in the likes of Hi-Fructose magazine.

An oil painting of several human figures combined with blocks of colour and flowersYou Know the Way that I Hide, oil on canvas

Milk’s work is incredibly technically smooth, with shiny, realistic faces surrounded by and interacting with other objects such as masks, small…

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Playful, Psychedelic Paintings by Phil Cummings

A painting made to look like an endless spiral of colour and patternSpiral Abstract, acrylic on canvas

Our featured artist today is Phil Cummings. Phil’s works are extremely striking and at first might appear to have heavy outlines and simplistic shapes – but the way that the artist chooses to repeat shapes and create complex patterns out of simple figures makes these playful, psychedelic paintings almost fractal-like at times.


An ink painting of a jaguar in bright, psychedelic coloursJaguarundi, ink drawing

Phil uses a variety of media including acrylic…

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Studio Sunday: Painter Zao Wou-Ki

A photo of painter Zao Wou-Ki sitting in his studio

Today on studio Sunday we’ll visit the art-making space of Chinese-French painter Zao Wou-Ki. Zao’s works are huge, colourful landscapes that seem to blend the soft, dreamy landscapes of the French romantic painters with a sparse, highly technical eye.


Zao’s studio looks quite modest in this photo – but large enough to accommodate a few of his large paintings in process. I also love that he appears to have a fish tank in his…

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