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Hollywood Western Aesthetic: Art by Robert W. H. McCoy

An oil painting of a back room with antique western itemsThe Back Room, oil on linen

Robert W. H. McCoy creates incredibly detailed still-life paintings, often depicting items with a Hollywood Western aesthetic. Born in Colorado Springs, Robert was exposed to his family’s background on the Oregon Trail growing up, a history which informs his current practice.

An oil painting of several antique objects dating back to the American frontierSe'da


I’m really impressed by the works on display in Robert’s portfolio. The artist has developed a very distinct style that…

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Ersatz Americana: Art by Art Carrillo

A painted scene of several toys and objects on a tableASSIMILATION, acrylic on canvas

Los Angeles-born artist Art Carrillo uses acrylic paint to render scenes of ersatz Americana, depicting pop-cultural objects and toys in photorealistic dioramas. The artist draws on an education in graphic design, and influences from 20th century figure painters.

A painting of an arrangement of objects on a tableUNTITLED, acrylic on canvas


I’m really impressed by the artwork on view on Art’s portfolio website. At first glance, it’s easy to…

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Fragile Appearance: Art by Kris Knight

A painting of a young man in a floral shirtSecrets Are Things We Grow

Painter Kris Knight creates symbolic portraits of young men, often surrounding his subjects in feminine visual rhetoric like soft, pastel colored textiles and floral imagery. Knight’s subjects often have a fragile appearance, and even look fearful.

A painting of a man dressed in white, holding a bouquetThrowing Shadows


I really like the delicate, painterly style in which Kris renders his subjects. Smooth, half-blended brush strokes and lingering color…

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Eerie Partial Abstracts: Art by Mary Hayes

A painting of mysterious figures in darknessAscent, watercolor

Artist Mary Hayes creates eerie partial abstracts that delve into the history and implications of portraiture. Recently, Mary has been using her practice to explore paintings by the old masters, combining these aesthetics with pop culture elements.

A painting of Donald Trump with a mocking crown and wingsMacGuffin #6, watercolor and imitation gold leaf


I really enjoy the works in Mary’s recent series The End of the World. The two parts (thus far) of the series focus on…

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Between Disciplines: Art by James Lutzko

A painting made in dark blue hues with glossy epoxyBE-1401, oil on canvas with high-gloss epoxy topcoat

Calgary-based artist James Lutzko creates artworks that span medium and subject matter, meeting to create interesting intersections between disciplines. Much of James’ work is focused around the idea of space, and intuitive creation.

A painting made with cracked, heavily layered green pigmentGC-1601, oil on canvas with high-gloss epoxy topcoat


I really enjoy James’ into Abstract and Spatial Expressionism. The artist himself notes that

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Headlines: Sprinkles, One Basquiat, La Salle

1) Museum of Ice Cream Creates Sprinkle Crisis

A photo of a woman at the Museum of Ice Cream sprinkle pool


The Miami installation of the travelling Museum of Ice Cream exhibition is facing some steep fines after being found guilty of contaminating local waters with (what else?) candy sprinkles. Local authorities have charged the institution with $5,000 in fines for contaminating the waters and endangering local marine wildlife. The so-called Sprinkle Plague originates from a pool of…

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Tranquil Ambiance: Art by Laura Spring

An abstract acrylic painting of a wintery blue gradientWhite Nights 2, acrylic on canvas

Laura Spring draws on a background in architecture and ceramics in her art practice, creating paintings that convey a tranquil ambiance through simple color schemes and negative space. Each of Laura’s works showcases not only the artist’s hand, but the texture and material of the paints and the canvas.

A painting of an icy ocean sceneBaltic Bereeze, acrylic on canvas


I’m really taken by the works in Laura’s Blues gallery.…

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Sculptural Mosaics: Art by Karen Spears

A concrete sculpture with glass mosaic coatingStones in the Stream II, concrete with paint, iridescent glass, and stained glass

Karen Spears is an Iowa artist who creates sculptural mosaics using raw concrete and scraps of colored glass, as well as traditional landscape paintings. Painting was Karen’s first artistic medium, and she draws on related techniques and aesthetics in her sculptural works.

A tower made from concrete and covered in iridescent glassUntitled, concrete sculptures with abstract acrylic paint and iridescent glass…


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Surreal Situations: Art by Yume

A stylized painting of a mermaidDeep Thoughts... acrylic on wood

Yume was born in Osaka, Japan, and moved to Los Angeles at the age of six. Her artworks are illustrative and symbolic, often featuring female figures in surreal situations or elaborate costume.

A painting of a woman with black hairMod Girl, acrylic on paper board


I like the way Yume incorporates framing into many of her painted works. She doesn’t stop with a square panel or canvas, but surrounds solitary figures in fancifully carved and…

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Multi-Layered Pointillism: Art by Douglas Moulden

A mixed media painting of a thistleGlobe Thistle, mixed media on panel

Artist Douglas Moulden creates works of multi-layered pointillism, depicting natural subject matter like trees and leaves in gorgeous detail. The artist often works on irregularly shaped substrates, adding another organic element to the look and feel of the works.

A painting of flowing water with layered paint and panelsUntitled, mixed media and paint on panel


The recent work in Douglas’ portfolio showcases the artists increasing experimentation with…

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Imaginative New Worlds: Art by Carolina Seth

A painting of a Japanese mythological figureYuki-Onna, acrylic on panel

Born in Spain and now based in Washington, DC, Carolina Seth is a painter and illustrator who specializes in depicting imaginative new worlds and dreamlike scenes. Carolina works primarily in acrylic paint and colored pencil, with many of her works centered on human (or human-like) figures.

A painting of a female figure with blue hairPlenty, watercolor and acrylic on watercolor paper


Throughout her portfolio, Carolina sticks to a certain color scheme…

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Pooling, Melting Color: Art by Holton Rower

A monolithic artwork by Holton RowerVenus

Holton Rower creates works that hover halfway between painting and sculpture. Using layers upon layers of thin poured paint, Rower creates psychedelic patterns out of pooling, melting color.


Rower creates both two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms with this paint-pouring method. I appreciate the artist’s two-dimensional works both in the way they evidence the artist’s hand and process, and in the way that Rower edits…

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Textured, Painterly Style: Art by Ginger Garrett Arthur

A painting of trees and a path in front of a body of waterSparkling Morning

Ginger Garrett Arthur is a painter based in Philadelphia. Working in a textured, painterly style the artist captures scenes from the local landscape, including florals, seascapes, and architectural moments.

A painting of some lanterns hung in darkened treesSummer Evening Pastorius

I like looking through Ginger’s portfolio and seeing the ways in which the artist utilizes a classical sort of impressionist style to capture more contemporary scenes. The resulting works…

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Painterly Still-Life Works: Art by Kathie Selinger

An acrylic painting of some cherries in a bowlCherries, acrylic paint

West coast-based Canadian artist Kathie Selinger works primarily with figurative subjects, creating painterly still-life works and colorful animal portraits. The artist’s hand is exuberantly visible throughout her portfolio, and the works seem as much a celebration of their subjects as of the act of painting itself.

A painting of colorful treesCandy Floss Trees, acrylic paint

I really appreciate the way Kathie uses color – sometimes…

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Natural and Equestrian Subjects: Art by Debbie Hart

A painting of a rider on a white horseThe Show Horse

Debbie Hart was born in Wisconsin and currently lives and works in Illinois, where she creates photo-realistic paintings of natural and equestrian subjects. Debbie’s works utilize natural lighting and deep earthy colors to achieve a sense of brighter-than-life boldness.

An oil painting of a purple orchidPurple Orchid


I really enjoy the smooth, polished aesthetic of Debbie’s paintings. The artist seems to know exactly when to stop working a painting,…

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